Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Avoiding the necessary

So....I have to prepare to meet my husband in a few days .Much...much earlier than anticipated.We THOUGHT he was coming in June..We had it all planned:
We were going to steal away for the night, then return home in the wee hours if the night.The kids will not have a clue that he is home.THEN in true Vannell fashion, we were going to have vannell begin to cook breakfast and sing with joy, as if he never deployed.We knew the kids would think they were dreaming, and or going crazy...
Well that plan got nixed for a different one.So now I have to pack, not knowing how long I will be gone for.Thank God my mother is here...and Glynnis make sure you check too..
The thing is, I know exactly what I want and need to pack...I just don't feel like it.
So I am just sittin here waiting till I get the phone call, then imma do the Flinstone shuffle to get the hell outta dodge to see Mr.Until then I will reinvent my list in my head...over and over again.
I am, however , excited about seeing Mr.I cannot wait to see his smile, hear his laugh, and smell his cologne...he always smells soo good.I thank God for a pretty boy on most days....getting ready for church can be hell though...lol.
SO as my journey to Walter Reed unfold, I will try and keep you that follow this blog posted.
Thankfully, he is not in critical or immediate danger.Thankfully, whatever is the problem was found before it became an even bigger problem or became fatal.
I am happy he is coming home, but as we say, wish it was not on these terms.
It's funny, because knowing what I am gonna have to face gettin him all cared for, I am thinking of ways as to how I can make a difference in the lives of soldiers that will be, and have been there for a long time....talkin about selfless(not to toot my own horn...just want to make a difference)
With that being said, I thank God for his love, because he saw pass what he was going to loose and gave us his son, so we might live.That's love, and with the same love that is shown to me and my family, I want to give back to other men and women in the military...including my husband.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bloggin' Keeps Happenin' in My Head

*sing to the tune of Raindrops are Fallin' on My Head*

I seriously think that this day and age of internet social networking is never going to come to an end.Unlike the Members Only Jacket, Swatch Watch and the Pet Rock, the various social networks are evolving daily into this beast of education, recreation, fights, fueds, love and hate....to name a few things that occur on these sites....lol.
I will admit in a hurry that I participate in a few of them...ok several.I always have, even when it was unpopular.I have always had the group of people, some I never met, some, I have a common bond of the military with...others train as hard as I do...a nd some eat the way I do....I have at least three from high school, Homeschooling, stay at home moms...ohh the list goes on...
I said all that to say that I have "literally" been bloggin this post ...in my head ....virtually...for weeks.I have been meaning to come here to update my blog...and to my distracted mind, I have been busy online with my other sites, I have neglected my blog...lol.*Insert violin music here*
Then when I hit home page, I keep seeing the last post was April....the begining there of...lol....sad.
So in a nutshell,this is what has happened as I remember...
Well we had Spring break, went on vacation to waterpark...weather has broke...it has been great..Kids got flu...church is church...Vannell is fine...sent at least 4 boxes since last post...yadda yadda......my life as I know it is the same...virtually and realisticlly.
I have already vowed not to join another social networking group...UNLESS I get rid of one that I already have...lol.
It is addictive, yet fun, and entertaining...
So as I post this I am wondering about a tweet, whether Myspace has new messeges...have I been invited to yet another mafia...is there a quiz to take...

Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring Has Sprung

April Showers bring May flowers...Rain Rain go away...
and any other saying one can think of, resembles the crazy ,unpredictable and inconsistant weather we have here in Watertown/Fort Drum NY.We are not sure which saying applies to our weather.As soon as we say one...another situation happens.
So we went from lower thirties last week to sixties yesterday, to rainy fifties today.
I remember when I was younger in Miami, and when it was in the 60's we practiclly had to close school.One was definately wearing boots and a jacket......at least till 12:00pm , when the weather promised to be well above the degree that displayed earlier that am.
So it was funny and like an out of body experience, when we checked the weather Wed.Night(as you HAVE to here.,....one never knows if they are gonna get snow or hail here in NNY)anyway, we check the weather, and you would have thought we all hit the lottery!!!!
60 degrees!!!!!!!!!and possible higher!!!!!!!
Everyone that was able to plan an outfit/ day did.I mean I saw the iron, and capris and shorts...it was hilarious.
Even Radiant , the lone homeschoold one, ran and got her books, in order to do the next days work, in hopes to spend(what she so slickly requests on a weerkly basis)"Mother daughter time..... at the MALL"....lol.
So as the ironing was takin place, and acessories organized, Radiant sat there and did all her work for the next day.When she was done, she handed it in for me to grade/ check....and of she went....first two fingers of the right hand in their common place.....she ran to get her outfit together.
Where she was going...IDK?!But she was going as well.
Need less to say, it was a nice day....nice...very nice.
We went out and hit the mall,Walmart, the park and had lunch at Pondersosa.It was a nice refreshing day!

All that, and to wake up to gloomy and rainy skies today;(
There is no wonder in my mind as to why everyone is hackin and coughing all over the place.I am tryin to avoid it all, like the plague.
I have my spray hand sanitizer, my gel hand sanitizer,Lysol and bleach.I feel like MONK right now.I really don't like to be sick, nor am I fan of sick babies.
I guess nature is telling us, that we must take the weather as we get it.When summer finally comes, we don't enjoy it full because we are anticipating the winter.After this winter, I think I am going to bask in all the sun, warmth and mild weather we get!
The good news is that MrB will be home this winter!
good timez

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

To Whom Do I Owe This Honor

It is 9:47pm, Wednesday March 25, 2009....and ALL My Children are sleep...and have been for a minute.
*angelic harp music*

ahh calgon take me away........................far

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Why do you RUN to a KIT KAT when life is so BUSY it makes you SICK and all you want to do is SLEEP??

So as usual when you confess to having a busy life, the laws of nature makes you live up to it!
The past weekend was a mess of Bronchitis, sniffles, upset stomach and diarrhea....and its not ova.I guess with a family this size, it takes time to float from person to person.
So My weekend started off ok...
The usual...until I felt like I was gonna throw up and fall off the Eliptical on mile five...So at first I thought, maybe I was over doing it.Impossible...when I have been working out at this pace for awhile.I felt a wave of nausea for about three days prior.
So then I continued my workout, hit the sauna...and left my safe haven....heading back home....the jungle.
So anyway, I decided to stop by and get some food, since I didn't feel like cooking.
I ate it, and in about 5 minutes FLAT...I was hovering over the toilet in pain....it was a mess.
SO needless to say, I was in bed from Sat to Monday.In the mean time, number 5 decided he wanted to retry the Bronchitis symptoms...So I was up with him AGAIN.
Now it's Monday, and I ended up having to send one of my daycare kids home ....the runs....
Well now it's Tuesday, and number 5 is still sounding like ...Don Corlioni(The God Father) and number 4 decided she wanted a "run" for her money.....She actually was quite proud of her participation in the "run".....proclaiming with excitment as I walked in the door this evening...."Mommy, i'm sick..../I had di-a-weea"...GREAT.
So I will have DON Corlioni and Princess Runny Pants at home tomorrow!!!!Good times!
On top of all that, as Global Warming and leap year would have it...my cycle is doin it's own thing...I swear I am hearing from other people...at least 3 other people that they are getting their cycles twice a month.Sooooo I GUESS that's why I HAD to stop at the shoppette and get a KIT KAT .....after coming from the gym...I HAD to have it!
If I have not mentioned it this week/ month....I miss my man...RR can not get here fast enough.Imma sleep for a day.
Glynnis you KNOW I can do it....rotflol.
SO life as I know it continues.I am working on about 2 hours sleep...I am feeling my high subside.SO my goal tonight is to sleep....nothing more or less.
Until the next time...I bid all readers of this blog whether purposfully or through thing mega giant called google.....good night!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

5 Miles of FuN

As the day of the Shamrock run approached I began to get excited.I was not sure what to expect.I had not done something this challenging in YEARS.Never to this magnitude.I was uncertain about the weather.I prayed the sun would shine at least.
I continued to train even when I went on vacation. It was always on my mind.I continued to eat well, and excersize.I was NOT about to get my booty handed to me as a result of letting it all hang loose while on vacation.So while I did eat and drink things I normally pass on....I did not over do it:)
So the night before the race, I encouraged my team to stretch and stretch some more.I layed my clothes out.(sign of excitement)and headed off to sleep.Surprisingly enough I awoke to one of my team members/ children taking a shower, preparing for their day.(wow...they were as excided as I was!!)
Camera in hand, eating a banana,cell phone, and ipod in tow...I headed off to get the last memeber of the team.(oh yeh..I did have water...important things first though...lol)
We got her about 8:00am(if you know me you know that was impressive for a Saturday...aaannnd it was not shoe sale related)...anticipating a long line of people checking in.The military wife in me would have it no other way.
(One thing MSG Wifey forgot to do...very important....RECON route BEFORE the race....details to come)
We checked in, and got our numbers and was set to go...only problem was that the race did not begin until 10.But as we waited and stretched, we were happy we showed up early and beat the long line that was forming.
So what did we do???What anyone with a camera and a facebook/ ,myspace account would do...PICTURESSSSS!!

me all smiles BEFORE the run.
Pam all smiles...as usual


Allyn....silly as usual

So it was finally time to head out in the 40 something degree weather to line up for the run.We saw some people that impressed us before the run even began.I mean they were ready!They taught us novice a thing or two.The gear, the gadgets and the get ups were impressive.I mean they were set.We headed off, unsure...but READY.Confident..aand all smiles.
So while we waited.....yes....more pictures!!
Allyn trying to present his "im a serious runner look"

That's that Northern NY wussup through the mitten...


Pam and her " G"...pose

It was cold....

And the stretch and play before the horn sounds...

As instructed the fast runners made their way to the front of the pack.Those of us that were doing a little walking and running were behind them.The stroller moms followed us.So yeh...in true organized run fashion...The horn sounded.And like a lightening bolt...they were off...only thing was that we underestimated the amount of runners, so we were actually in the pack of fast runners.In order to avoid getting trampled or cursed out...we ran....and kept running..I was like ,"what the heck???"Now.... we had anticipated running, but not off bat....I was NOT ready for that...it was hilarious....run or get ran over.As serious as those runners were...I choose to run....The air was cold, my running song was not on...I was a mess.So we jogged as far as our bodies took us...long enough for the show offs...I mean fast runners... to get well ahaead of us.
We maintained a brisk pace, and as cold as it was, we began to grow accustom to the cold.
So we walked...and walked....then we saw a mile marker...YES!!!!.The thing is that the majority of the people chose to do the 2 mile run...we were among those that chose the 5 mile.So as we saw them turning around....heading back...we had to keep on to our turn around point.As they smiled as us, and waved, because they knew their run was almost over.Even when we were on the 5 mile route it was impressive to see the fast runners already heading back.It was pure encouragment for me!We cheered them on...and kept our eyes on our goal.My main goal was to get my time and not come in last.
I chose the 5 miler because I wanted to push myself to do something I had never done before.I knew I could do it...and I wanted to prove it to the part of my brain that said "duuuude....no way".
I never workout in the cold,not much for hanging out in it for that matter, so it must have been shocking to my system to breath in the cold air, because I had a lil "snot issue" from jump....lol.On top of that...as stated before MSG Wifey did not recon the route, so I was unaware of the many hills...beastly hills that led the way.And on top of that...when we suppose to be on flat ground...it was not.I discovered Watertown roads are not completely flat.
Pam and I mainatined our pace, passing those that were ahead of us, and looking back for noone...

Allyn would stay with Gemini, them sprint ahead of us...then I think he got mad and just left us all.You know the good kind of mad....like what am I doing?Let's knock this out.That rush!!!

I don't think Pam stopped smiling the whole time..She danced,skipped, hopped and cheered....are you kiddin me???(Her husband disclosed her secret later, she worked out that morning, right before we got there....so mentally she was ahead of our game...cheater...lol) but I was mad...lol.Mad it takes all this to get in shape...lol...mad at the cold..mad at the snot...mad at the roads...BUT I was loving every step I took towards my goal.I meant business.(this picture makes me look fat..I had a front pouch full of junk.

ahh....sweet Jesus....the end...the finish line.Where is the crowd of people...cheering???I guess they say you are on your own...it's cold!The main crowd was there to cheer the finishers of the 2 miler...and probably the first of the 5 milers.In their defense it was cold...People were there , but not like you see on tv...lol.That's ok..I was my own cheerleader...and Pam of course.

Still smiling....Are you kiddin me???Did she just do 5 miles like I did...

You see Pam?? Now have a look at me.I was mad...lol...not really...but my nose began to BURN real bad...real bad..and the mucus was outta control.Good news is, I finished...and made the time I wanted.AND I did not feel broke down afterwards.But do you see my expression....I might have been sayin, as I looked at Pam...What the hell is she on????

All in all it was a wonderful time.It was hilarious to see "Pumpy Pam" react as I let out my signature, "whooohooo" as we worked it out.My whoooo is like a hoooah or my personal cadence to keep me goin....that second wind.She was like...you alright?I was like yeh...lol....don't mind me....i'll "whoooo lawd" ya in a min. if I am workin out to my max.
Afterwards, we got refreshed and had a victory lunch in the 'Cuse...I craved Olive Garden salad...something fierce.
Well there is more in store for Team BeMoShanksWins.It was a good ride...looking forward to many more. I was impressed with myself the next day, and even now...not broke down at all...it actually pushed my workout to another level.
Things I learned:
*You just can't go from working out indoors to outsdoors in the cold ....hence my nose issue...been sneezin since.
*make sure my playlist in tact...when ur workin out that hard...fumbling with an ipod touch is not good
*I layered from head to toes very well
*recon the route if possible...always good to know where you are going...its a mind game to me...once I hit the turn around point, it was easier menatlly because I knew where the finish line was
*There is a hat that I can get that has a whole for my pony tail....cute.
*use my ipod arm holder thingy....convenient.
*get another pair of running shoes...these were bought a size to big...not good to have feet sliding..
*give Pam a sedative...or two.
*Cute went away real quick.What is that when you are working your booty off....you got a snot nose, it's cold, my hands were freezing and my butt was yelling at me to kill the hills.....lol

I want to say a special hoooah to my 2 teenage team mates.Allyn who finished ahead of us...a former tubby turned athlete...and Gemini....who finished for the team.We got worried there for a minute.We didn't see her behind us.I was going to go get my truck and follow the route until I found her...because all I could imagine was her in the middle of the road(they did not block it off to traffic...was not good...they drove like maniacs)Sitting there , stubbornly refusing to go a pace further.BUT....HOWEVER....To our surprise, she finished...for the team....big ups!!!!
Again, this was something I would have never guessed I'd do about 6 months ago.EVER...especially in that weather.It probably was good that I didn't recon the route, because I probably would have defeated myself from the start.
It speaks volumes of my effort that I completed the race,and was not broke down afterwards.I had my rest day on Sunday and restarted my workout on Monday!
Thank you Glynnis for the encouragement and compliments!
Thanks to my hubby....my number one fan....the dude said I motivate and inspire him....really??!!!....I am humbled!
And to my children , who I want to live as an example for more so than anything.Maintaining maximum health to be alive and well for a very, very, very..... long time!

Until next time.....Peace Love and Excersize!!!!


Well within the past week, I have managed to do alot of things.Some things I do on the regular, and one great thing I did was unprecidented.
I ran/ brisk walked a 5 mile run!!The Shamrock Run held here in Watertown.
I am so proud of Team BeMoShanksWins-We rocked....We finished!!!

I started this journey about a year ago.Determined to get the stubborn 50lbs off.I have been back and forth with that number since I had my last 10 pounder(yes...he was huge...no epi..no nuthin)I have never had a weight problem, just the weight from having a baby.I just never seem to let it go...lol.Well there was that time in Hawaii when I lost all of it....aaannnnd you guessed it....I got pregnant!
Anyway....as most women do,I put me on the back burner.I took care of everyone else, and everything else.Me on the back burner,well sort of.If you know me, you know no matter what size, imma be "right".Imma represent for the curvy ladies.(I can hear a song comin on)
*to the tune of Single Ladies*All my curvy ladies...all my curvey ladies....put your snacks up!!

*ok im focused *

Well after many headaches, and just plain and simply tired of being tired, I started the journey, just eating right.Staying away from the sweets, etc that are a guilty pleasure.
Anywho....as my weight loss began to steady, and it was drag inch by inch....I was encouraged, by an unlikely source (my cousin who is very much overweight/ yet will hit the gym in a heart beat)to excersize.I HATED to excersize.I was allergic.BUT I started....and kept it up.I found that the gym became an outlet for me to clear my mind of the days stresses.It became a place where I vented frustrations to myself, as the music I was listening to took me somewhere else.I found that my weight loss sky rocketed as I worked out.I went from once a week to three days to 6 days a week.its addicting now!!!From an 18 to a size 12(loose fittin)(and counting)...i'd say I ROCK!!!
My husband has promised to convert a room in the basement into a gym...I am afraid I will not like it...it's something about GOING to the gym....and getting out the house...leaving all the cares, frustrations, tears, and WHINING behind...for 2 hours...HEAVENLY!!!!(If he puts in a sauna...I may have to reconsider)
*I so can see the line of little and medium size people loitering at the door as I attempt to excersize*
They do it now, when I have to workout at home, all of a sudden the littles have pressing information they need to tell me.peering through my room door(glass)...whining about something...anything...Ilove how the older guys KNOW I have on ear buds...and comence to speak to me through the door...and I am clear on the other side of my pretty large bedroom....really???!!!
The good news is that the older children have really stepped up their game and begun to take care of their bodies.Joining me at the gym from time to time, and excersizing at home whenever they can.Snacks have been reinvented in my home, and if we HAVE to have a sweet...it is eating and that's that.Gone are the days of a cabinet full of sweets...Now it is filled with better choices.
So Team BeMoShanksWins-Myself,Allyn,Gemini, and Pam.We have created this team, and was determined to finish!WITH the anticipation of more runs on the horizon.

So the semi couch potatoe turns athelete.....health nut...as fit as I was in highschool.I have managed to inspire many,most of all the person that inspired me to loose weight.When I saw her Sunday, I told her of my run...she nearly cried with joy...and "bowed" with admiration as she has yet to knock out a mile without becoming ovewhelmed.
I did something I thought I could never do, and ENJOYED it....for the most part.(details in next post)
I encourage anyone reading this post that has a dream to do something POSITIVE .Go for it...the worst that could happen is that you don't try!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Stir Crazy

Woow...it has been a minute since my last post.My blog has been on my mind, and I probably have been bloggin in my mind...rotflol.
Not much has happened since my last post.
I did enjoy a week and a few days vacation in MIAMI.
I had a BLAST!!!
I acted like a married lady withour children:0
The weather was awesome......compared to here, I thought I was in Make Believe Land.I forgot it got that warm in the world.Sad part about it, I was excited for the family when I called hime and the said it was a "warm" 44 degrees...I know yall loss ur minds last week!
If it was strapless,a halter,sleeveless,flipped or flopped I wore it.I was determined to take in the warmth, and I did.
Well I am back to reality....my reality.
Came home and chores were done....not....rotflol.
So yeh, I am back to my life as I know it...not as I wished it last week.Warm weather, no limitations, and care free.(attached to the cell phone of course...have to keep in touch with Mr.B)
So I went from paradise and returned to mi vida loca!!!
Well i'm off to coax a certain someone to sleep(fat chance...lol.)
..she is laying down...so that's a start

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ok...so life happens....and then I blog a week later.
My life went from Ground Hog day to the Ringling Brother's Circus it is know to be!
So on Friday, I got a call (while on my way home from Syracuse) that my little guy was very sick.So after playing phone tag and meet - up.I took him in , and he has Bronchitis....FUN!
Then I went to a Valentine's event on that Saturday, was not entertained...but was in good company.
I then became ill...with what seemed like the flu.Not yet recovered...but feelin better.I was in my bed all weekend...ringer off....thank God my mom was here to help bring in the rear...along with the older children.
So then came Monday..........WINTER BREAK!!!!!!
So right now I have all the kids home and we are doin us......whatever that is.
I am ready for a getaway...and am planning one as we speak.

In the mean time....As the World Turns , My Life is not that of one in 90210, I would love to be in Miami Nights, or Lost in Hawaii 50.
Some Give Me a Break and some expect me to be Entertainment Tonight....but regardless I am continuing to have the Best Week Ever!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The same things change more so they also remain different.

The More things change...the more they stay the same.I decided to google routine, and post the first image.This is what came up...lol.Very cute dipiction.

The more things change in my day to day life, the more they remain the same.....lol. It is like that with children.....with 6 children....and a family.And those of you with pets....*bows*.....there is a special place in the looney bin for pet owners.....lol.(you thought I was going to say heaven ....)....j/k....it is a special thing.The children's problems, needs and antics changes the course of MY day by the minute, but nothing is new...lol.

Who did what...who said what...who smells, who use to smell....who thinks it's cool to smell....farts, burps, bruises, whine, slip, sip, wink,slap, and a hit.....lol.

All possibly in THAT order.....Thank you Uncle Sam for the honor to referee the madness of it all sucessfully I might add....during a year long deployment.

When the deployment first started, I knew things would get challenging, stressful, blissful, peaceful and annoying all in the course of a year.And it has....on schedule....

Well my "Donut of Misery"tracker has us at about 36% completed....that's a plus.So with just a little under half of the time gone, I find us in routine.The saying at the bottom of the "donut"says..."Are we there yet?"

And that's how I feel....Are we there YEEEEEET....lol.

Is it summer,R&R is surely on its way.....right...????

I thank God for his presence in my life.Keeping us safe and sound while the man of this household is far away.I thank God for keeping him safe.

I am inclined to think that as much as God is a God that changes, but definately remains the same(one of my favorite things to say)....So is life ....The more things change....the more they stay the same.So perhaps routine is a way for us to get things right.....or in order.To learn what we need to learn in the MOMENT.To stop and smell the roses.Also, I find that routine also encourages us to step outside the box and create a new experience....for entertainment, for education, for any area in your life that needs to change....yet remain the same.Just the same with Christ.If you have God in your life, you know that there are times when the relationship feels routine.And as the scripture says, as the deer pants for water...my soul longs after thee.This is a great scripture to explain the thirst for change that it takes to seek God in a new, personal, and individualistic manner.As a result....change....yet things remain the same!

So as much as I feel like I am in an episode of Ground Hog Day....I KNOW that it is all good...for my good!I don't need drama, crisis, or some severe event to feel significant in life.I am ok with Ground Hog Day verses Nightmare on Elm Street.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Hibernation 101

Anyone that knows me knows I am a person that does not mind rest, or getting sleep.Quarterly, during deployments especially, I take weekend or weekly sabaticles away....far....alone.( I think I mentioned that before...lol)Anyway, thanx to the truck being fixed, it can be done, but will not happen this weekend, as I planned.Instead, I am going to make the best of the weekend in this order.

WARNING!!!:The following is subject to schedule change at my disgression

*Truck will be done soon*doing the happy dance*More so for the fact that my babies will get to go to school Monday!From one early childhood professional to another...My hats off to you MrsDonna
*Kids got to talk to their friends and teachers
*It's Friday-IT IS FRIDAY.I am so at the point where I have to do my quarterly get away.Its coming, delayed by the truck, but its all good.If you know my house and where my bedroom is,uh you know I am straight.
*Workout- yeh, I need to sit in the sauna ....doggone over worked neck muscle
*get my dang nail fixed.....just got fills 2 days ago.....
*Starbucks(see two up)...rotflol Tall caramel frap-(line cup with caramel please)whipped cream,and caramel on whipped cream!
*Buffalo Wings-(see two up...not that bad though...I get a salad instead of fries, and I make two meals out of it......so there*sticks tongue out*)they know me there....Is that as bad as being number 8 in the nation for Diner Dash?
*Good book-that's optional...The last book I read was a major disappointment, because it had such potential...then he added Sci Fi....WHY????
*Brief Maam-Laterally transfer all information pertaining to the forward ops of the household.(I am sure there is a mutiny planned as I write)
*LOCKED room door(if not, i'll get the constant influx of company.)I should mention curtains closed....as it is a favorite thing for ANY and all my kids to stand at my french doors...one may have a huge smile, the other just stands there,and says..."whaaaaaaaat" as only she know how, another is there leaning on the doors,about to break them....but she "doesn't know it.....her body just does it", then there is the one standing there with her fingers in her mouth, making the suckin noise, and if she is hungry she is going to hum every Gospel song she knows ...really hungry its gonna be the Jonas Brothers......Now the last two just bust in the room.
*Silenced phone....with the exception for one person...
*DVR review weekly recordings-need to watch 24 and HELL'S KITCHEN
*Absolutely no think zone-about ANYTHING......LOL.

I am not sure if we are suppose to get snow, but I am going to hunker down as if we were....lol.
Nothings wrong,I am actually doing well, but if you know me, you know me....nuff said.
Glynnis, I need to watch that video...I MAY send a reply...rotflol

This is a weekend of hibernation
p.s(Carrie if you are still on....they are now in the basement playing and laughing as if they are the best of friends.uh oh...."me dun wanna do dis one".....(reading a book together)Vannell coomplied, and turned the page......now we are counting....ahhh good timezzzz

Shoe Fury

Ok...So when the journalist threw the shoe....well shoes at Bush, I had a laugh.Then was concerned for his safety or lack there of that allowed the man to get off and throw not one, but two shoes.

Then the shoe revolt started here in the states.On the eve of his handover of the White House to his predecessor, protesters turned the Pennsylvania Ave dwelling into what looked like an assortment of shoes that had fallen off a Salvation Army donation truck.One protester said,"“We wanted to shoo and boo Bush on his last day in office,” (Ann Wilcox)

Ok, so I have a very fond and positive relationship with shoes,and it has never occurred me to use them as a form of protest.
I have on occasion used flip flop as a fly swatter.A good slipper makes for a great discipline aid.And heck a good ole wooden wedge makes a GREAT hammer!I do not recommend shoveling snow in heels , or trying to mow the lawn in sandals.If the shoe fits......use it!
But as a sign of protest?!I looked up the origin,and even as I am searching for pics, I came across so many incidents that involve throwing things as a means of protect and rage....especially shoes.
A local protest sparked this blog
ITHACA - A protester dressed in his 1950s-era military uniform threw his shoes at Mayor Carolyn Peterson and brought Common Council's Wednesday night meeting to an almost hour-long standstill, insisting that he wanted to be arrested in protest over the Council's position against the "immoral wars" in Iraq and Afghanistan
ok....so is the new form of protest here in America?Yall know when something hits our shores, it spreads like hips on a ...ok...never mind...you know what I'm saying though.
I will admit, it made me chuckle.But when you think of the intent behind the shoes being thrown, its like wow.....all I could think of is hate or disgust
Your USED shoe has walked on and been in many dirty, nasty, places.Touched many germy things....and biblically speaking sandals had a major symbolism in their daily interactions.From removing them to enter a home, or to have one's feet washed.To trading them as a sign of a contract or agreement.
So to toss one out a fit of rage or anger at someone,cannot be good.I can only imagine the incidents in America as the idea spreads.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bored...you say????

Ok...I am learning never to say you're bored while dealing or going through a deployment.

I need to stick to browsing bored.com before I speak another word of boredom....

ok in the last 72 hours:

*My truck sound like it has the flu and a stomache virus while wearing a red hat flashing ABS.

*My car's ABS light is back on as well....and the engine light is back on after being serviced last week

*I had to do the climb on the hood method of reconfiguring the garage door ....again

*I got a 24 stomach head virus situation

*Someone hacked into my email account and deleted EVERY THING

*I'm in the whole...can't sleep at night rotation

and a whole other nit picky things that normally I would lol @ and keep going.But when your man is a hundred and 50 thousand(insert teenage drama there) million miles away.....in a combat zone....everything, and nothing ticks you off....even him.

The good news is that yes the truck situation is a pain, but I got it off to the dealer, and it should be fixed by next week.BUT I tell you what, come hell or high water, my two darling angels will be in school next week.While I am sure Sarah is enjoying having her buddies home.Cause they have managed to destroy my basement in a manner of minutes, all while managing not to fight.But how can they when they are forming a coallition against me...I'll call it the Cailou revolt....if I don't play Cailou at least twice a day for an hour straight....the Elmo doll will get it!

Then there is the attack of the Smilee...............they smilee face gummie worms.

I decided tonight on the way from that I will not complain.I told the kids that at least:

*Maam was here to follow me to the dealer as I dropped the truck off

*I am feeling better

* I am happy I can fix the things that break, or find a way to

*I am back in my account / emails not there...but i'm in

*I can't complain:

We are blessed,alive,full of joy,and healthy............................So on the days that I am bored, I may choose to say I am activity challenged....bored i'm not.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Specifically Spectacles

Ok...so Vannell Jr got his specs today.

He is such an old man....and now the specs add the final touch.

He was excited to put them on, and it was hilarious when he did, it was almost as if the world opened up....became clear.Like in that one movie(it will come to me...as I type....hopefully)....the one movie where the people went in the tv and lived a black and white life, til they decided to enjoy life, then color slowly started coming.

He got the glasses, put them on, and smiled a huge smile.Then he ran from person to person naming stuff....pointing and naming...lol....seriously....it was like Benny Hinn was in the room.

"Mommy has on glasses"...pointing at me....."Maam has on glasses"...pointing at maam....."Gemini ...oh Gemini has on glasses.".....then he just went around the room, naming stuff, people etc....hilarious!

Then it was on and off with the glasses.I bought him the handsome Superman carrying case.When (I suspect) he gets a headache from his eyes adjusting.He takes the glasses off, and says,"I'm donna safe my dalasses for tomorrow.

Its the cutest thing...

Here are some pics of the old man lookin older....

he's not into smiling much....when he does, it melts your heart.I know I am bias, but he has a beautiful smile!
Ohh....I never remembered the title to the movie....rotflmbooooooootyO

Monday, February 2, 2009

Coughs,Snot,Headaches ohhh My.....

So ....that's what my Monday was about.It is so hard to get a 3yo to spit the gunk out...lol.
Let alone take the nasty stuff.

My head ached ALL day.
Worked out
Had a crappy nutrition day....way too much junk.....stress?

I have the 8th highest Flo on the Go international score....should I be proud?...lol.

I need a vacation

I am bored=======chop my hair off....I am withstanding the temptation....braids work with the gym

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sundae

that's what I could use right now....lol.
Caramel with whipped cram.I love it...don't need it tho....and will not eat it.
But I tell you what, people say terrible 2's..oh I forgot about the terrible 3's.

yes....Jr. is at it again.
Before church....FIRST thing this am....
at least he was not yellin...
but he storms in my room....mommy...why we not doin to stool?.....huh.....well its Sunday we are going to church.Tan I tall my Daddy...um....nope....he is at work Man Man.....
Can I eat ....can I have a yogurt, Allyn not donna gedup....
Yes he is man man....go shake him....I don't want a baby shower(what we call the shower using the attachment)...I want my man's(dress shirt).....then the finally....well no the waited for church to begin for that.......I wanna nap, im sleepy...where is my Bible....
Then we had the If you don't stop fallin out imma BEAT your butt in ths truck battle in the garage...ok...that was defused...with the aid of parental assistance ...and a good ole fashion pop...

Theeeeeeeeeeeeeen we get to church.Front pew, back pew, with Glynnis,with Cerah.Facing the front, got all the Bibles.on my knees looking back...Hi mommy...Turn around.....no...oh really.....aaaaaaaaand he's off....im sleepy, I want Allyn(who is about to dance)....and yes....IIIIIIIwaaaaant mmmmyy dadddddy.
At this point...go...go to Iraq...find him....become one with him.
I had to do the crazy Medea move...swooped him up...of course he was not comin with out a fight...o a fall out at least(did I mention church had started , and we were at the annoucement part at this point(yes...it was silence)
So yeh,I helped him out a bit...lol.I had to chuckle after I popped him...I told him to dry it up...lol.What I meant to say, and did say was...I mean...stop yellin....Do you really think you need to yell while you cry?
So that was Sunday.....
No ordinary day in my life...I am going to get that book started one of these days.I am told we need to pitch the idea to TLC....Keeping up With the Berrien's....?....lol....

Sunshine Saturday....scared to enjoy it....

ok, imma just post this one as if it is Sat.

So yeh, I woke up early this am.I am committed to go to a women's meeting...well an extention of our regular meeting.We met to work out...ok....So I do not like to get up early on Saturdays......it has to be something really good to get me up....and especially out of bed.
So yeh after convincing myself I needed to be there.Iwent....we worked out.Which was good because I didn't feel like it later.
wait...I am suppose to be writing as if its Saturday.Fat chance....its late....like 1 in the am...I cannot sleep, and my brain is not going to compute that at this hour...lol.

ok...so after the meeting....I got the truck washed....and um...headed home.
What did we do?I don't remember....lol.
I know it was not much of anything.I played online, checked email, im's etc....that was my Sat....give or take a few details...
1. What do you listen to in the car? Talk Radio/xm/Barney or Doodle Bops during the hours I am the Tot Taxi

2. Do you have an Ipod? If so, what's the last thing you loaded on it? Yes..Touch...love it.. workout music...some sort of podcast

3.Do you have a Facebook page? Am I your friend? Yes....trying not to become addicted....

4. What's the best book you read last year? hmmmm...Gosh I don't remember...probably some sapppy romance novel.I am a hopeless romantic.I read a Leadership book on thelife of Paul that was good as well.

5. What's the best movie you watched last year? oh wow....At the top of my head...IDK...Why Did I get married.....Happy Feet...(ill get withcha)

.6. Do you buy music online? lol...no....well what do you mean by BUY?

7. What is one brand you are loyal to? Dove , Secret,Lysol,....idk(who thought of this poll?

8. Did you watch Lost last week? If so, what did you think? No...

9. What do you hope to accomplish in 2009? getting to my goal weight...getting through 2009, whole, healthy and better...much better!

10. M&Ms or Skittles? Skittles for sure.

Time Flies When

You're(fill in something smart and witty here)

Where did the weekend go?It seems like yesterday it was Friday.We Were destined for a storm, it came, and kept coming.they actually predicted lake effect snow(you would be so proud of me Jill...from Hawaii to NY...I got the lingo!)but it was more like blizzard conditions.
So what did the force of Aunt Flo do for me ? ......like Red Bull ...........it gave me wings.Wings to tread through the white outs, squalls and zero visibility....to um..... go to Starbucks .
ok...see what...had happened was this.It was a dark and stormy night....lol.
No, my week was topped off so affectionately by Mother Nature...lum she decided to hand me a rag, she decided to go with the flow...ok you get me?
So yeh, I knew something was up, cuz I did not seem to be able to shake the chocolate, junk food,carb cravings.Then Friday evening, I got the taste for tall Carmel frap (I will not...lol) with extra Carmel(line the cup please) whipped cream and Carmel on top.Oh Lord......that makes the deployment a little bit easier.
My Starbucks treat makes things just wonderful.So....I had the taste.I was determined.I put on my jacket, got in the truck , and headed in town.Well...lol...I only got about 1/4 of a mile before the zero visability kicked in.And a little common sense.What the heck are you doing...I thought.So I turned around.and headed back to my house, which I almost passed, did slide through(because our city is running low, if not out at this point , of salt).So get back in the house determined to go.I looked in the front window, looked in the back.Ohhed and awwed at the flakes, the speed, and the lack of visibility.All along, winter coat on, determined that I am going to have Starbucks....lol.
Ok....second attempt...Now all I could think about is when I first got here and was scared to death to drive in rain let alone snow...lake effect snow...on a country road with farmland covered with snow that blows and enhances the zero visibility.
Needless to say, I got there.sometimes driving through blizzard conditions, others through clear skies.That always amazes me how lake effect snow is so concentrated that you can be in clear weather one moment and the snow from hell in another.I have called home in the past and told them I am going through snow...expect it in a min....lol
So Friday was made all better by the Starbuck Angel.
Did nothing and was sooooo ok with that.

Monday, January 26, 2009


ok...so the first....Cancelling church because of the snow.We got a foot over night, and was threatening more....and we got it.
ok...so no church...the teen people were a little upset, because they couldn't wear their outfits they were going to dance in....That's right. not that they were upset they couldn't dance.
So After a have a 5 min church service in my head....I decided to chill.
The two littles got time to play in the snow(no thanx to me....)
After talking with Vannell...if you want to call it that.
Actually, Allyn and I were glued to the Animal Planet.So much Vannell was like I didnt know Animal Planet was sooo interesting.
It was.....the show followed a bear being raised by humans then let loose in control part of the sanctuary.It was interesting.
Then I took the evening to catch up on my DVR...
Other than the nightly banging , running, fussing, hissing, laughing and back to fussing of the kids upstairs.....eh....my day was normal....
As normal you get around here.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

So I figured out today that I AM an emti0nal eater...While I have not fallen off the wagon completely, I have eaten enough carbs and sugar this weekend....Buuut I still excersize.lol.
While I refuse to refuse myself, I will say that this weekend I have gone above and beyond a treat.I am thinkin it is either stress......which as much as I know the saying..."to blessed to be stressed"...this human being has been stressed.......or the monthly friend is coming. Why do "we" think we can't experience and ounce of emotion.Emotions God gave us.Or have a reaction to situations that are contrary to the mantra stated above...."tooo blessesd to be stressed"...Well I say..."I am still blessed, but this week I was stressed!"
Either way...I am back on track......tomorrow.

Took kiddos...well 2 sixths of them....(the joys of having a few older children...you don't have to take them all with you) out to mall today.Packed as ever.Why?Everyone has 70 and 60 percent off.....
Nothing new.nothing intersting.

Don't get me started on Borders.We passed a couple of eyes that had Eddie Haskell and Debbie gaspin.....really what's with the displays ....Gemini said some of the books need to be behind a curtain or something...judgin by the cover alone.....
Where is the standard.....?I always tell them I remember the Daisy Duke was explicit for tx....and Don't forget Married with Children....
Off to watch a movie or two....and some snacks....good timez..........

I researched and am seeing that deployments have this wonderful effect on 3yos around the country.I am wondering if its terrible 3's or if its the trauma....I know it is trauma,....but the terrible 3's have kicked in.I forgot....lol....shoot ....I was thinkin terrible 2's but most people know its the terrible 3's that getcha.
Well good night my friends those that know me personally and those lurkin in cyber space.

Jill , it is as if I am reading my own words when I am on your blog.......your nuts,.....we are nuts....how many days a week to you hear....."How do you do it?"

Well night night all...

Friday, January 23, 2009


Thank God It's Friday...I Am Caught Up.

So my day started early as usual.I was excited to see the reaction of the kids especially Vannell(See two posts down).Don't read this if you have not read that one.

Ok....soo I woke them up as I usually do.But THIS time I reminded Vannell about his mail that he had coming.I let them know it was on the couch.Vannell popped up eagerly, like he usually does.This could be a trap I thought, cause he is always ready to wake up...and get his get into stuff on...but to my delight, he woke up, and yes asked hs usual..."is Daddy done with Iraq"I reminded him ,"no.....but he sent your package and its on the couch"Well that sprung Shantelle up, and they went to the couch to see their packages.At first glance they looked at the contents as a teen looks when they open that package of pajamas on Christmas.ahhh haaa...yehh.....blanket....but then the examined the blanket, and the rest of the contents.This brought on ohhs and ahh...JACKPOT....it worked.And then the DVD...AND a card...a letter.It worked.We had a great morning prepping for school.I did have the issue of which socks he wanted to wear, but it was nowhere near the blow ups of old.I dropped them off.Blankets and Soldier bears in tow.We watched the DVD on the way to school.They skipped in the class....I think its gonna be a great day.

So I got home, and realized that I needed to tend to some business that I had put off, forgotten or just did not have the emotional mustard to tend to.(emotional mustard????)
Anyway...I made a list, checked it twice.And went down,

Vannell had an eye appt today, and as suspected he needs glasses.Armed with his bear, he received the exam and the examiner with ease.Ahhhh this is going well.Then it started."I;m hungry".Well I told him, he doesn't eat lunch for at least another hour.Hold on...we will get you back to school....annnd he's off.....he went from I am hungry, to trying to fall out in the store, to I am hungry...to I want to go home and sleep in my bed.By then I was like...uh huh....yeh you going home, but um.,...imma pop you, feed you, then put you to bed...in that order.I had had enough.Now I am sensitive to the plight of a 3yo in distress.And judging by the kid's prescription he is probably frustrated because he can't see well.But heck.....you are gonna get it together.The fits, the whining ...I do not tolerate it...period.So after letting him know what his afternoon was going to be like...it switched to I want to go to school.This time he knew to calm his and my nerves...the whining....ahh...it gets old...so he did.Now we can talk.....I am taking you back to school.I will be back at regular time.You will not fall out when I drop you off....and if you are successful.....(enter parental bribing here....I don't do it often if at all....he caught in a weak moment)...I will bring smilees to school.
Well smilees are my "littles" addiction of choice.I have to have them in stock.Mostly I use them as Scooby snacks, and adda boy treats.(walmart brand fruit snacks)
Well he skipped in his class...and had a wonderful afternoon.
I will not go into how this evening has been.I will just say that as I am typing, I have been interrupted....the theme here,...several times.....for several reasons...and the culprit remains the same.He has a hold of himself right now.I just had him sitting his behind down until he was ready to talk...and not cry, or yell.Ignoring him the whole time, he settled himself, and figured heck...this does not work for her....and he collected himself as required...and now he is watching Cailou ...without event.
Why does Eddie Haskell bother me....he is soo funny.He just walked in to update me on dance practice at church..Uh huh...yep...ok....close the door I say.Well I am still typing the sentence, and he closes my door with him INSIDE my room.Talkin bout....ummmm yeahhh....................boy if you don't get out of here...lol...
Anyway this was a short week.A long week by deployment standards.I have dealt with more whiny children than I'd like to.I had to climb on my truck to reach the garage door opener thingy to reset, and reattach it...someone thinks its funny to pull the plug.appointments, dinner, laundry, snow...shoveling snow...and the most frustrating...I am stuck on level 14 in Diner Dash-Flo on vacation....on a cruise and she looses her luggage...now she has to work her way to more clothes......lol.
In the words of someone....Thank God It's Friday...................

I Wish Him Well

The Inauguration was unforgettable to say the least.I cried at some parts,laughed at others, cheered with pride, and was bored to death with some.The lack of support from some and the record breaking support of others. The hope of some matched the distrust of others.The uncomfortable salutes and the tireless waving.The parades, the crowds, more smiles, and waves.Saying So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehen, good bye...to Bush, and saying Ahhhllloooohaaaa, Hello, greetings to Obama.

What an emotionally charged day.

Ahh the photos....awesome...

The music...?!

The poetry?!

The swearing in.....and again....

Let's just say that it is a day we all will not forget.

The thing that is crazy is that so many people wish this administration to fail.I have heard the soundbites.I listen to left and right wing talk radio, and it is unmistakeably apparent many people want this administration to fail.

Why?The thing is as much as I got tired of Bush...president Bush....my husband's former commander and chief...I would never say I hope he fails.I may have thought something may fail , will fail, but the support was there.More so for America.

So if Obama's policies fail in what he intends them to do, and the country goes further into a depression...I am sorry...I think its a depression.....THE COUNTRY FAILS.

No man is an island here.

While I support the 5th amendment and am happy that people share how they feel publicly, because you know where they are coming from.I even support their right to say they hope he fails...but its sad.I wish they consider another stance on the matter.Fall in love with the man....not even asking for that.

I heard one guy said...give him a chance ...for what...then he went on to say that America didn't give Bush a chance....HA...laughable in my opinion

Any who...I will speak for me, myself and I.While I am proud of the historical nature and the many firsts of this election.I am interested in seeing what changes are going to take place in America.I am elated that he is Black...I am very impressed with his poise. I am truly impressed with the experience he is surrounding himself with.Do I agree with everything he says...nope.Do I agree with all his policies....nope.But I believe in giving him a chance...more than a change.Most of all I am willing to do my part in helping him move this country forward.So that being said,those that wish he fail....I pray for you.I cannot wish bad on him...doing that I wish bad for myself as an American....in my opinion.So many people homeless jobless, and desperate for change...I pray he brings it....not just him...but the law makers, the local government....America

It reminds me of a scripture....Touch not my anointed, and do my prophet no harm.

I am not interjecting Obama here at the prophet, or the anointed in a spiritual sense.But when you do a comparison...I look at it like this...Obama was appointed by the majority of America...and to think ill or harm him...your hurting yourself....IMHO

jus sayin

Operation _UPS_Unshipped Postal Service

I am sooo two days behind...this is yesterday's blog.

Ok...so I think I posted about Vannell's adjustment, and lack there of to his Dad being gone.Yesturday was the tip of the ice burg for me.....emotionally.
Let's see, it started off with his usual tantrum, fit, yelling and channelling of a 6 month old baby.
It usually begins when I wake him up, the FIRST thing out his mouth is where is my Daddy, or Is Daddy coming with us, and Is Daddy done in Iraq.Well that HAS to be one of the hardest things to deal with as a parent.Trying to hold it all in, I usually quietly explain, "no Vannell, Daddy isn't done working in Iraq."
I am sure in his little 3 year old mind....he is thinking, "hey, they said he is going to be gone for a long time...ok....its been a long time>"Ohh it just breaks my heart to no end...I feel helpless.
Usually after I say this the whine fest begins from I want my Daddy, to I don't want to go to school, to I want to go to school,BUT I want to eat at home......on and on.All this to the top of his lungs, tears flowing...and just as emotionally unstable as a person on a diet at a buffet.
So during this fit, I tapped into my profession....redirecting.... I got the brainy, not emotionally healthy for me, idea to have him leave a message on his Dad's yahoo.Ohhh why do I love punishment?....."Dadddy...arre you dun in Iwaq?...I misiiiissss you....calll me pleeeeaaassssssseee" he said in that raspy deep voice of his.Well you could have had me for a nickel.I did one of those silent ugly cries.The kind you hold in, because you don't want to alarm the chilren.While I was unsuccessfully holding the tears back, I was bawling.This is the hard part....it sucks.I never had to deal with this before in past separations.The children were either too young to be affected, or old enough to understand.
So after the call, and a fight over gloves, and line leaders(someone has to lead the line from the interior garage door to the truck on the other side of the door)
I am convinced at this point, anything that will cause an argument, a fit, or emotionally charged cry feels good to him....its a release...But what is more frustrating is the aggression.I am really trying to be understanding...but the aggression is getting old.
Well once I go to his class...I asked his teacher is she noticed anything different.As we have for at least 3 weeks.One said no...she is new.But the lead teacher said she did.Well, what she said to me next led to ANOTHER moment of tears for me.It is soo heartbreaking to know your child is basically traumatized and there is nothing you can do but help them cope.I was convinced I was going to get a call about his aggression, but I never did.So I asked, and she said he has regressed...which I see at home.He is the baby....his speech, and mannerisms.She says she speaks of his Daddy being a soldier all the time.It is always on his mind.And he doesn't play with his friends much.He will try and play and stop mid stride, and go and sit by himself.Well....that did it....I bawled....she was so understanding.She hugged me, and I told her I was off to find books to help him cope.
Armed with titles...I went to Borders..the only bookstore in Watertown has NO books for young children dealing with separation through military, and the trauma.I spent 2 hrs there.Nothing.I looked, the sales associateS looked...nothing.So now I am REALLY emo...I mean really.
Long story short, I got an idea.I decided that maybe it would be nice if Daddy "sent" him a box.I didn't have time for Vannell to actually send a box...I was/ am desperate.So I did what most Mommies do, I planned and executed .....operation UPS_Unmailed Postal Service.
See that is when you want to give your child the illusion that they have received mail.All for a greater cause.You will not see this company in the yellow pages.I own it.....lol.So what I did was went to the PX and bout soldier bears, a couple of toys, cards,movies, candy and a special nap time blanket with stuffed animals attached.
Earlier when they had spoken to their Dad, I typed as he spoke, tell them u sent them a box...will explain later..Ahhh .....parents are sooo sneaky.....its all good.I know i'll go a thousand miles for my kids to do and feel better.(I will be the first to say that my 35 year old mind cannot fully comprehend my husband being gone for 365days, so I cannot imagine a 3yo mind*tear*)
Obediently*wink*Vannell took his cue.Told me what to put in the cards, and the plan was in order.
We went to bed peacefully last night.Not much of a fight.After readin the Snuggle Puppy book and The Kissing Hand...they went to bed thinking about the package that was in the mailbox JUST FOR THEM.

I was able to get a little respite yesturday.There was a FRG meeting going on and I attended.I am not much for FRG, but the kids and I went.It was nice to have the older four tag along...and leave the younger to with Maam.So that being said, we were able to go to our meeting and shop for the UPS.After such an emotionally charged day, weeks for that matter, I welcomed the break...even if it was a meeting.(how desperate is THAT...lol.

Not much else going on....planning to just chill this weekend.I am feeling like I am getting close to needing my quarterly sabbatical to a far off place...just me myself and I.It sucks cuz my man ain't here, I love when he would sneak up, and I would let him in ...for a minute...or so....and send him on his marry little way.So this time, I guess it'll be just me myself....uninterrupted....ahhh the hours of sleep, rest.....non thinking....(I know that is not a word)
More snow predicted...so.....yeah....lol.

You know, as much as I am proud of my country, and especially proud of my husband.It's times like these that makes you question...is it worth it?What can be done?Do they have to go so often?So long?What about soldier X who has never been?
Then I think about the sacrifices we have made, that Vannell makes.I think abo0ut how he proudly serves, never complaing....well I will say...never doubting the mission...or for a lack of a better word...obediently serving.
I take this attitude as I support my husband....I serve him, my country and children.I will do this by being a support to him, keeping the home fires burning and the house in order.I think about how fast time has gone by so far.I think about the past seperations and how they look like mountains in the begining...and begin to demish as time goes by.I thinkl about how technology has advanced from the first speration to now.I think about it all....and I know...that God has never lead me where he couldn't support me.He always lets me know
"This too Shall Pass"

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Presidential Bull

ok...so now that I have your attenti0on...lol.Where do I begin?
Do I talk about the pride of Americas right now, or the Red Bull experiment of WHS?To blog about the swimmer, or the daily protest for wanting Daddy home!
Well since I know most people are blogging about the President Obama Inauguration, I will start my blog as a rebel.....I will begin on my daily musings as a mother and wife.

So my day started early as usual.Last night,I decided that I was going to try and work out in the am.I know that there are many benefits to doing this.And on days I choose , I will go to te gym.Ahhh the gym, my new junk food.I love it.It's MY place.Me and my Ipod Touch...hand in hand....working out, the sauna, the peace and quiet...sort of.So yeah I worked out, loved it, and am gonna try it daily if not every other day.
So then it's time to get the littles up.Well as I am working out Vannell shoots down stairs.He didn't wake up until later.And when the did, he decided to have the war of the hats and mittens.Are you serious.Well first it started out as the War of the boots.Oh no...you will NOT wear snow boots all day....they are not meant to be worn as a means of fashion...I am sorry....for those that do...ok....but no....thanx.So after forcing socks on a screaming 3 year old.Screaming about which shoes he wanted to wear.Of course I could find the match....that would be too easy.On the way upstairs he went from...i don't want to wear those shoes, to I don't want to go to school...to...you guessed it...old faithfu;;....I...waaannnnt my Daaaaady.....over and over again.....ok.HEre we go....War on.....After the request for my white spoon...lol...I went into battle.Well then we had the battle of the gloves and hats.Kickin and screaming, he protested, until I popped him.Well he got it together...and we are off..well needless to say , by the time I got the DVD going in the car, and got to the edge of the driveway, he was calm.AFTER, he asked,"Is my Daddy coming?'...Ohh that just breaks my heart.As smart as he is, I understand he does not understand.He misses Dad so much.Later on today, I found a great book for tots about deployment...which remind me to go google it, while I remember....BRB...ok I was majorly unsuccessful.I found the book, but not in an online store.It was published in 2007...so IDK...I am gonna keep looking later.I found some other good books I am going to order though.

ok...so that was vannell.And needless to say Shantelle tried to follow suit with the hissy fits about her gloves and hat.She is a big girl though,it didnt last long.

ok...now to the Bull.Red Bull that is.
So Debbie Downer had been coming home, or came home asking me to go to Walmart for a case and a half of Red Bull for a project.What?First of all, the stuff is expensive.What do you need Red Bull for I asked.A project she says.So in my mind I am like....ok....I have no permission slip...sooooo this must be some explosion experiment, because I know this teacher is not requesting Red Bull for her to consume.So I told her I was not buying no Red Bull and that teacher is crazy.
In a nut shell....the teacher allowed the kids to come up with a lab.The lab was to see the effects of Red Bull on heart rates of boys vs girls.And they are to consume...wait...they were not going to consume the drinks...they were going to find 2 Other students to drink it.
SOmetimes I think some of these new school teachers are off the rocker.One fry short of a Happy Meal....really.Why and how did this make since to her.Well, needless to say, the principle,school nurse and the teacher got an email from me....It was from the Legend...lol.
As I was typing all I could here is ..uh ohhh she is at it...again.
Well considering I am actually tired, I guess i will hang my hat for now.I will post my Obama stuff tomorrow
Until then...........If anyone can help me look for this book:
Over There-by Dorinda Silver Williams....about deployment

Monday, January 19, 2009

Failure to Launch=Failure to get out of bed...well only for the essential things.Like food,potty break and making sure Shantelle and Vannell aren't driving people crazy.
I am armed with my laptop, a diet Pepsi, a can of fruit, water, and a can opener.I am set for at least five hours.....lol
So I woke up to my dang alarm on my Ipod-I usually remember to turn alarms off, on days I do not have to get up early.Well, after finding it, and shutting it off, I covered my head and went back to sleep.Or tried to...
Only in the back round was the t.v...turned on via the turn on feature the tv.Forgot to disable that as well.Shoot....lol.So anyway, News 10 now was announcing that today was the most depressing day of the year....???
Where do they get these stats from.Who thought of it, and who had the nerve to classify it as a day?Wow....the third Monday of January, it the most depressing day of the year...lol.
Well , I am sure it means something to someone in this world.Someone will get out of work as a result of it.Some child will be allowed to lounge all day and eat raisins or something.It's important for someone....lol.
Well I guess I could think of a few reasons to be depressed, but nawww i'll pass.As much as I would like to have an excuse or reason to sleep in, I don't need one.
The things I do daily, and the people I keep in line are enough.From making sure Eddie Haskell is on his best behavior...for real.Head Start,taxi driver,counselor, chef, lawyer,parole officer, judge...the roles are endless.Then in the end, I have to remain wifey to the man over seas.That takes much time and creativity.Oh and not to mention the daycare children Although I have downsized, I still have a hand full.Those two have the personalities of 8 children....four each...lol.
So when I get a three day, I take advantage to do what I want for me.I believe in taking care of me, if I don't .....who will.
So I will not lie and say I have been eating right....nope.I still worked out though.But I think I have eatin everything from sugary cereal to pb &j.....had a taste for it, and heck, i will not deprive myself.Just got to work harder in the gym....its all good.Tomorrow starts another day of eating healthy , but for now, I am gonna put a dent in it....lol.
It just so happen that it is still cold out....shockinmg.and it just so happen that I STILL don't like to go out in the cold, and I choose to stay in bed all day.I need to clean, have a little laundry, and I am sure Shantelle still has that lotion in her hair.(Thanks to her and her brother.....)
I took something out for dinner...that's a start.But for now, I am on here, playing Diner Dash, and talking with Vannell.Who is preparing for an inspection,so he is not much conversation right now.
So yeah, I have a condition right now called Failure to Launch.....(yes you can find that only in Melisster's Dictionary).
Wow...Mouse and her buddy must be giving them hell upstairs...lol.All I hear is Allyn calling their names....lol.I have never seen children under 4 not afraid to stand up literally to a teenager...teenagers.They have so much mouth its not funny.Then when she is done telling them off she says(quote from me)"See what you guys are teaching us?"....Now if you are that smart to know that...you are smart enough to know you are mouthin off.
Now I hear them outside my room, in the basement , attempting to hold the tv hostage.It usually works...lol.Singing the OnDemand tunes for Kid's on demand channell.That can only mean one thing.Cailou....yep....aaaaand the theme song is starting now.
Well at least they are quiet.Bad nes for anyone that was watching tv down here, I guess they'll go to their room or in the kitchen.
*that's what they do, the demand Kid's onDemand channell, and you sit there and watch episode after episode.You have to sit there because once the episode has ended, you have to restart a new one*
Well.....I don't intend to much else today.I would love to run to the Mecca, or head out to Watertown.But nawww, I'll pass for tomorrow.School again...Shantelle and Vannell are delighted to hear that.Radiant has swimming and gym.So yeah, I am sure tomorrow I will launch into the deep.Where no man is bold enough to go.Into my life........

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Legend of Melissa B

SO my mom sub's at the highschool where my children attend.
Sha came home one day, and was lol the comments, respect and admiration I get from the teachers and staff at the school.
I am Legend...lol.
Well for a little backround...
Let's just say that Eddie Haskell and Fabio got in trouble(see past post if you are lost)...and after warning him of the consequences_"If I cannot trust you, then I will go to school and stay in all your classes.
Well Eddie thought I was playing.He pulled one last stunt.It was a while ago, but it caught up with him.Not only that missing assignents here, and there.Not dressing out here and there.OK...you are playing with me.
You think I am toooo busy that I can't check up on you?
You think I am sooo emo about this deployment that I am clueless....
So after the winter break, I politely, packed my Ipod Touch, a good vook, my cell phone, and went to school.
Heck, I don't send you to school to act up.
Well problem number one is that I blend in with the students.So much so, I almost got in trouble for my cell phone and ipod touch at lunch.
Anyway.....I went to all his classes.Period after period.(I don't care how in shape you are...that was taxing....)
I sat in on all of them.Teachers never asked a thing.Some had me up front, others in the back.Some handed me notes, dittos, and even the books that they were reading.
Kids wondered, but dared not ask....lol
As we changed classes, I told him....don't you leave me in this hallway...I know you tryin to lose me...rotflol.He smiled.
That kid has thick skin...I taught him that.Never let em' see you sweat, and don't sweat the small stuff.If it;s hard, live thre it.And that's what he did.
I went to lunch, PE everything.HE had to address his PE call in front of me.I was proud, he did it as a young man.faced his wrong,and took it.He later said he was not embarassed by me, but ....he prefers I stay at home....lol
I don't think he will be getting in trouble any time soon?!
So anyway, my mom goes on to tell me that the teachers wished there were other parents like me.All this said by those that have met and dealt with me, or just "heard" about me.This is not the first unorthadox thing I have done at the school in response to Eddie's coming of age ...lol.You should ask him about the time he missed...well skipped football practice.....by the time I got done with him...the coach was bowing to me...lol. One teacher said I should write a book...Effective Parenting....lol
We may not be the best parents, or the most effective.However, we vowed before God that we will do all that we can to train and raise them up in the way they should go....by ANY means necessary.We make no excuses , nor accept guilt for their foolishness..
I am a Legend at Watertown High School!

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder.The more you do, the more you write, the more you call...the more I fall deeper and deeper in love.From the calls, the im's, the poems...oh the poems....the distance has no effect.
The way you do the things you do...has me speechless.(Which is very hard to believe I know....lol)
Baby I love you!
Until you come home for RR.........
Ok...I am beyond slacking at this point....lol.

Sad...but true.I have not posted here since before Christmas.

Maybe I need to make this my homepage....done.

Perhaps I will see it, and log on and blog more often.I actually enjoy it, but out of site is out of mind for me.

I was inspired after going to Jill's blog and yes Jill, people DO NOT care how full YOUR plate is, and what you have going on......

Soooooo what hasn't been going on....

Let's see Vannell is Still deployed(shocking....)

Well this week/end has been pretty chill for me.

Considering it has been what I have dubbed"butt crack cold" here in the North country.

Artic fronts, snow and more snow.

Well if you know me, you know what I did.Wen to Wally World, got whatever I didn't have.Went to my favorite Wing Spot, got me some ribs.Headed to Starbucks...got my tall carmel Frap wit extra carmel.(I know I don't need any of it, but hey...I work out enough...and I am not gonna starve myself.)

So anyway,after I left the Mecca(as Carrie calls it) I headed home, and have been here ever since.

It's Sunday, and I am staying home.Chillin' out.Waiting on Vannell to come online.Then we'll probably chat till he falls asleep, and I sacre him by sending a "buzz" haaaaaaa I love to do that.

Well so much has happened and gone on with the little people.