Thursday, February 19, 2009 life happens....and then I blog a week later.
My life went from Ground Hog day to the Ringling Brother's Circus it is know to be!
So on Friday, I got a call (while on my way home from Syracuse) that my little guy was very sick.So after playing phone tag and meet - up.I took him in , and he has Bronchitis....FUN!
Then I went to a Valentine's event on that Saturday, was not entertained...but was in good company.
I then became ill...with what seemed like the flu.Not yet recovered...but feelin better.I was in my bed all weekend...ringer off....thank God my mom was here to help bring in the rear...along with the older children.
So then came Monday..........WINTER BREAK!!!!!!
So right now I have all the kids home and we are doin us......whatever that is.
I am ready for a getaway...and am planning one as we speak.

In the mean time....As the World Turns , My Life is not that of one in 90210, I would love to be in Miami Nights, or Lost in Hawaii 50.
Some Give Me a Break and some expect me to be Entertainment Tonight....but regardless I am continuing to have the Best Week Ever!

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Jill AKA busymom said...

Feel your pain....done the pnemonia, brnchitis thing with the kids and now I am siffing and hacking:(