Sunday, February 1, 2009

Time Flies When

You're(fill in something smart and witty here)

Where did the weekend go?It seems like yesterday it was Friday.We Were destined for a storm, it came, and kept coming.they actually predicted lake effect snow(you would be so proud of me Jill...from Hawaii to NY...I got the lingo!)but it was more like blizzard conditions.
So what did the force of Aunt Flo do for me ? Red Bull gave me wings.Wings to tread through the white outs, squalls and zero um..... go to Starbucks .
ok...see what...had happened was this.It was a dark and stormy
No, my week was topped off so affectionately by Mother Nature...lum she decided to hand me a rag, she decided to go with the flow...ok you get me?
So yeh, I knew something was up, cuz I did not seem to be able to shake the chocolate, junk food,carb cravings.Then Friday evening, I got the taste for tall Carmel frap (I will with extra Carmel(line the cup please) whipped cream and Carmel on top.Oh Lord......that makes the deployment a little bit easier.
My Starbucks treat makes things just wonderful.So....I had the taste.I was determined.I put on my jacket, got in the truck , and headed in only got about 1/4 of a mile before the zero visability kicked in.And a little common sense.What the heck are you doing...I thought.So I turned around.and headed back to my house, which I almost passed, did slide through(because our city is running low, if not out at this point , of salt).So get back in the house determined to go.I looked in the front window, looked in the back.Ohhed and awwed at the flakes, the speed, and the lack of visibility.All along, winter coat on, determined that I am going to have
Ok....second attempt...Now all I could think about is when I first got here and was scared to death to drive in rain let alone snow...lake effect snow...on a country road with farmland covered with snow that blows and enhances the zero visibility.
Needless to say, I got there.sometimes driving through blizzard conditions, others through clear skies.That always amazes me how lake effect snow is so concentrated that you can be in clear weather one moment and the snow from hell in another.I have called home in the past and told them I am going through snow...expect it in a
So Friday was made all better by the Starbuck Angel.
Did nothing and was sooooo ok with that.

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