Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Presidential Bull

ok...so now that I have your attenti0on...lol.Where do I begin?
Do I talk about the pride of Americas right now, or the Red Bull experiment of WHS?To blog about the swimmer, or the daily protest for wanting Daddy home!
Well since I know most people are blogging about the President Obama Inauguration, I will start my blog as a rebel.....I will begin on my daily musings as a mother and wife.

So my day started early as usual.Last night,I decided that I was going to try and work out in the am.I know that there are many benefits to doing this.And on days I choose , I will go to te gym.Ahhh the gym, my new junk food.I love it.It's MY place.Me and my Ipod Touch...hand in hand....working out, the sauna, the peace and quiet...sort of.So yeah I worked out, loved it, and am gonna try it daily if not every other day.
So then it's time to get the littles up.Well as I am working out Vannell shoots down stairs.He didn't wake up until later.And when the did, he decided to have the war of the hats and mittens.Are you serious.Well first it started out as the War of the boots.Oh no...you will NOT wear snow boots all day....they are not meant to be worn as a means of fashion...I am sorry....for those that do...ok....but no....thanx.So after forcing socks on a screaming 3 year old.Screaming about which shoes he wanted to wear.Of course I could find the match....that would be too easy.On the way upstairs he went from...i don't want to wear those shoes, to I don't want to go to school...to...you guessed it...old faithfu;;....I...waaannnnt my Daaaaady.....over and over again.....ok.HEre we go....War on.....After the request for my white spoon...lol...I went into battle.Well then we had the battle of the gloves and hats.Kickin and screaming, he protested, until I popped him.Well he got it together...and we are off..well needless to say , by the time I got the DVD going in the car, and got to the edge of the driveway, he was calm.AFTER, he asked,"Is my Daddy coming?'...Ohh that just breaks my heart.As smart as he is, I understand he does not understand.He misses Dad so much.Later on today, I found a great book for tots about deployment...which remind me to go google it, while I remember....BRB...ok I was majorly unsuccessful.I found the book, but not in an online store.It was published in 2007...so IDK...I am gonna keep looking later.I found some other good books I am going to order though.

ok...so that was vannell.And needless to say Shantelle tried to follow suit with the hissy fits about her gloves and hat.She is a big girl though,it didnt last long.

ok...now to the Bull.Red Bull that is.
So Debbie Downer had been coming home, or came home asking me to go to Walmart for a case and a half of Red Bull for a project.What?First of all, the stuff is expensive.What do you need Red Bull for I asked.A project she says.So in my mind I am like....ok....I have no permission slip...sooooo this must be some explosion experiment, because I know this teacher is not requesting Red Bull for her to consume.So I told her I was not buying no Red Bull and that teacher is crazy.
In a nut shell....the teacher allowed the kids to come up with a lab.The lab was to see the effects of Red Bull on heart rates of boys vs girls.And they are to consume...wait...they were not going to consume the drinks...they were going to find 2 Other students to drink it.
SOmetimes I think some of these new school teachers are off the rocker.One fry short of a Happy Meal....really.Why and how did this make since to her.Well, needless to say, the principle,school nurse and the teacher got an email from me....It was from the Legend...lol.
As I was typing all I could here is ..uh ohhh she is at it...again.
Well considering I am actually tired, I guess i will hang my hat for now.I will post my Obama stuff tomorrow
Until then...........If anyone can help me look for this book:
Over There-by Dorinda Silver Williams....about deployment

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