Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Avoiding the necessary

So....I have to prepare to meet my husband in a few days .Much...much earlier than anticipated.We THOUGHT he was coming in June..We had it all planned:
We were going to steal away for the night, then return home in the wee hours if the night.The kids will not have a clue that he is home.THEN in true Vannell fashion, we were going to have vannell begin to cook breakfast and sing with joy, as if he never deployed.We knew the kids would think they were dreaming, and or going crazy...
Well that plan got nixed for a different one.So now I have to pack, not knowing how long I will be gone for.Thank God my mother is here...and Glynnis make sure you check too..
The thing is, I know exactly what I want and need to pack...I just don't feel like it.
So I am just sittin here waiting till I get the phone call, then imma do the Flinstone shuffle to get the hell outta dodge to see Mr.Until then I will reinvent my list in my head...over and over again.
I am, however , excited about seeing Mr.I cannot wait to see his smile, hear his laugh, and smell his cologne...he always smells soo good.I thank God for a pretty boy on most days....getting ready for church can be hell though...lol.
SO as my journey to Walter Reed unfold, I will try and keep you that follow this blog posted.
Thankfully, he is not in critical or immediate danger.Thankfully, whatever is the problem was found before it became an even bigger problem or became fatal.
I am happy he is coming home, but as we say, wish it was not on these terms.
It's funny, because knowing what I am gonna have to face gettin him all cared for, I am thinking of ways as to how I can make a difference in the lives of soldiers that will be, and have been there for a long time....talkin about selfless(not to toot my own horn...just want to make a difference)
With that being said, I thank God for his love, because he saw pass what he was going to loose and gave us his son, so we might live.That's love, and with the same love that is shown to me and my family, I want to give back to other men and women in the military...including my husband.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bloggin' Keeps Happenin' in My Head

*sing to the tune of Raindrops are Fallin' on My Head*

I seriously think that this day and age of internet social networking is never going to come to an end.Unlike the Members Only Jacket, Swatch Watch and the Pet Rock, the various social networks are evolving daily into this beast of education, recreation, fights, fueds, love and hate....to name a few things that occur on these sites....lol.
I will admit in a hurry that I participate in a few of them...ok several.I always have, even when it was unpopular.I have always had the group of people, some I never met, some, I have a common bond of the military with...others train as hard as I do...a nd some eat the way I do....I have at least three from high school, Homeschooling, stay at home moms...ohh the list goes on...
I said all that to say that I have "literally" been bloggin this post ...in my head ....virtually...for weeks.I have been meaning to come here to update my blog...and to my distracted mind, I have been busy online with my other sites, I have neglected my blog...lol.*Insert violin music here*
Then when I hit home page, I keep seeing the last post was April....the begining there of...lol....sad.
So in a nutshell,this is what has happened as I remember...
Well we had Spring break, went on vacation to waterpark...weather has broke...it has been great..Kids got flu...church is church...Vannell is fine...sent at least 4 boxes since last post...yadda yadda......my life as I know it is the same...virtually and realisticlly.
I have already vowed not to join another social networking group...UNLESS I get rid of one that I already have...lol.
It is addictive, yet fun, and entertaining...
So as I post this I am wondering about a tweet, whether Myspace has new messeges...have I been invited to yet another mafia...is there a quiz to take...