Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring Has Sprung

April Showers bring May flowers...Rain Rain go away...
and any other saying one can think of, resembles the crazy ,unpredictable and inconsistant weather we have here in Watertown/Fort Drum NY.We are not sure which saying applies to our weather.As soon as we say one...another situation happens.
So we went from lower thirties last week to sixties yesterday, to rainy fifties today.
I remember when I was younger in Miami, and when it was in the 60's we practiclly had to close school.One was definately wearing boots and a least till 12:00pm , when the weather promised to be well above the degree that displayed earlier that am.
So it was funny and like an out of body experience, when we checked the weather Wed.Night(as you HAVE to here., never knows if they are gonna get snow or hail here in NNY)anyway, we check the weather, and you would have thought we all hit the lottery!!!!
60 degrees!!!!!!!!!and possible higher!!!!!!!
Everyone that was able to plan an outfit/ day did.I mean I saw the iron, and capris and was hilarious.
Even Radiant , the lone homeschoold one, ran and got her books, in order to do the next days work, in hopes to spend(what she so slickly requests on a weerkly basis)"Mother daughter time..... at the MALL"
So as the ironing was takin place, and acessories organized, Radiant sat there and did all her work for the next day.When she was done, she handed it in for me to grade/ check....and of she went....first two fingers of the right hand in their common place.....she ran to get her outfit together.
Where she was going...IDK?!But she was going as well.
Need less to say, it was a nice day....nice...very nice.
We went out and hit the mall,Walmart, the park and had lunch at Pondersosa.It was a nice refreshing day!

All that, and to wake up to gloomy and rainy skies today;(
There is no wonder in my mind as to why everyone is hackin and coughing all over the place.I am tryin to avoid it all, like the plague.
I have my spray hand sanitizer, my gel hand sanitizer,Lysol and bleach.I feel like MONK right now.I really don't like to be sick, nor am I fan of sick babies.
I guess nature is telling us, that we must take the weather as we get it.When summer finally comes, we don't enjoy it full because we are anticipating the winter.After this winter, I think I am going to bask in all the sun, warmth and mild weather we get!
The good news is that MrB will be home this winter!
good timez

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