Monday, January 19, 2009

Failure to Launch=Failure to get out of bed...well only for the essential things.Like food,potty break and making sure Shantelle and Vannell aren't driving people crazy.
I am armed with my laptop, a diet Pepsi, a can of fruit, water, and a can opener.I am set for at least five
So I woke up to my dang alarm on my Ipod-I usually remember to turn alarms off, on days I do not have to get up early.Well, after finding it, and shutting it off, I covered my head and went back to sleep.Or tried to...
Only in the back round was the t.v...turned on via the turn on feature the tv.Forgot to disable that as anyway, News 10 now was announcing that today was the most depressing day of the year....???
Where do they get these stats from.Who thought of it, and who had the nerve to classify it as a day?Wow....the third Monday of January, it the most depressing day of the
Well , I am sure it means something to someone in this world.Someone will get out of work as a result of it.Some child will be allowed to lounge all day and eat raisins or something.It's important for
Well I guess I could think of a few reasons to be depressed, but nawww i'll pass.As much as I would like to have an excuse or reason to sleep in, I don't need one.
The things I do daily, and the people I keep in line are enough.From making sure Eddie Haskell is on his best behavior...for real.Head Start,taxi driver,counselor, chef, lawyer,parole officer, judge...the roles are endless.Then in the end, I have to remain wifey to the man over seas.That takes much time and creativity.Oh and not to mention the daycare children Although I have downsized, I still have a hand full.Those two have the personalities of 8 children....four
So when I get a three day, I take advantage to do what I want for me.I believe in taking care of me, if I don't .....who will.
So I will not lie and say I have been eating right....nope.I still worked out though.But I think I have eatin everything from sugary cereal to pb &j.....had a taste for it, and heck, i will not deprive myself.Just got to work harder in the gym....its all good.Tomorrow starts another day of eating healthy , but for now, I am gonna put a dent in
It just so happen that it is still cold out....shockinmg.and it just so happen that I STILL don't like to go out in the cold, and I choose to stay in bed all day.I need to clean, have a little laundry, and I am sure Shantelle still has that lotion in her hair.(Thanks to her and her brother.....)
I took something out for dinner...that's a start.But for now, I am on here, playing Diner Dash, and talking with Vannell.Who is preparing for an inspection,so he is not much conversation right now.
So yeah, I have a condition right now called Failure to Launch.....(yes you can find that only in Melisster's Dictionary).
Wow...Mouse and her buddy must be giving them hell I hear is Allyn calling their have never seen children under 4 not afraid to stand up literally to a teenager...teenagers.They have so much mouth its not funny.Then when she is done telling them off she says(quote from me)"See what you guys are teaching us?"....Now if you are that smart to know are smart enough to know you are mouthin off.
Now I hear them outside my room, in the basement , attempting to hold the tv hostage.It usually the OnDemand tunes for Kid's on demand channell.That can only mean one thing.Cailou....yep....aaaaand the theme song is starting now.
Well at least they are quiet.Bad nes for anyone that was watching tv down here, I guess they'll go to their room or in the kitchen.
*that's what they do, the demand Kid's onDemand channell, and you sit there and watch episode after episode.You have to sit there because once the episode has ended, you have to restart a new one*
Well.....I don't intend to much else today.I would love to run to the Mecca, or head out to Watertown.But nawww, I'll pass for tomorrow.School again...Shantelle and Vannell are delighted to hear that.Radiant has swimming and gym.So yeah, I am sure tomorrow I will launch into the deep.Where no man is bold enough to go.Into my life........

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