Friday, February 6, 2009

Shoe Fury

Ok...So when the journalist threw the shoe....well shoes at Bush, I had a laugh.Then was concerned for his safety or lack there of that allowed the man to get off and throw not one, but two shoes.

Then the shoe revolt started here in the states.On the eve of his handover of the White House to his predecessor, protesters turned the Pennsylvania Ave dwelling into what looked like an assortment of shoes that had fallen off a Salvation Army donation truck.One protester said,"“We wanted to shoo and boo Bush on his last day in office,” (Ann Wilcox)

Ok, so I have a very fond and positive relationship with shoes,and it has never occurred me to use them as a form of protest.
I have on occasion used flip flop as a fly swatter.A good slipper makes for a great discipline aid.And heck a good ole wooden wedge makes a GREAT hammer!I do not recommend shoveling snow in heels , or trying to mow the lawn in sandals.If the shoe fits......use it!
But as a sign of protest?!I looked up the origin,and even as I am searching for pics, I came across so many incidents that involve throwing things as a means of protect and rage....especially shoes.
A local protest sparked this blog
ITHACA - A protester dressed in his 1950s-era military uniform threw his shoes at Mayor Carolyn Peterson and brought Common Council's Wednesday night meeting to an almost hour-long standstill, insisting that he wanted to be arrested in protest over the Council's position against the "immoral wars" in Iraq and Afghanistan is the new form of protest here in America?Yall know when something hits our shores, it spreads like hips on a ...ok...never know what I'm saying though.
I will admit, it made me chuckle.But when you think of the intent behind the shoes being thrown, its like wow.....all I could think of is hate or disgust
Your USED shoe has walked on and been in many dirty, nasty, places.Touched many germy things....and biblically speaking sandals had a major symbolism in their daily interactions.From removing them to enter a home, or to have one's feet washed.To trading them as a sign of a contract or agreement.
So to toss one out a fit of rage or anger at someone,cannot be good.I can only imagine the incidents in America as the idea spreads.

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