Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Why do you RUN to a KIT KAT when life is so BUSY it makes you SICK and all you want to do is SLEEP??

So as usual when you confess to having a busy life, the laws of nature makes you live up to it!
The past weekend was a mess of Bronchitis, sniffles, upset stomach and diarrhea....and its not ova.I guess with a family this size, it takes time to float from person to person.
So My weekend started off ok...
The usual...until I felt like I was gonna throw up and fall off the Eliptical on mile five...So at first I thought, maybe I was over doing it.Impossible...when I have been working out at this pace for awhile.I felt a wave of nausea for about three days prior.
So then I continued my workout, hit the sauna...and left my safe haven....heading back home....the jungle.
So anyway, I decided to stop by and get some food, since I didn't feel like cooking.
I ate it, and in about 5 minutes FLAT...I was hovering over the toilet in pain....it was a mess.
SO needless to say, I was in bed from Sat to Monday.In the mean time, number 5 decided he wanted to retry the Bronchitis symptoms...So I was up with him AGAIN.
Now it's Monday, and I ended up having to send one of my daycare kids home ....the runs....
Well now it's Tuesday, and number 5 is still sounding like ...Don Corlioni(The God Father) and number 4 decided she wanted a "run" for her money.....She actually was quite proud of her participation in the "run".....proclaiming with excitment as I walked in the door this evening...."Mommy, i'm sick..../I had di-a-weea"...GREAT.
So I will have DON Corlioni and Princess Runny Pants at home tomorrow!!!!Good times!
On top of all that, as Global Warming and leap year would have it...my cycle is doin it's own thing...I swear I am hearing from other people...at least 3 other people that they are getting their cycles twice a month.Sooooo I GUESS that's why I HAD to stop at the shoppette and get a KIT KAT .....after coming from the gym...I HAD to have it!
If I have not mentioned it this week/ month....I miss my man...RR can not get here fast enough.Imma sleep for a day.
Glynnis you KNOW I can do it....rotflol.
SO life as I know it continues.I am working on about 2 hours sleep...I am feeling my high subside.SO my goal tonight is to sleep....nothing more or less.
Until the next time...I bid all readers of this blog whether purposfully or through thing mega giant called google.....good night!

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Jill AKA busymom said...

It is inevitable that they all get sick....and that they all make you sick:)

Hang in there lady......as for the cycle thing...thank God I don't even have a uterus anymore:)