Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Specifically Spectacles Vannell Jr got his specs today.

He is such an old man....and now the specs add the final touch.

He was excited to put them on, and it was hilarious when he did, it was almost as if the world opened up....became clear.Like in that one movie(it will come to I type....hopefully)....the one movie where the people went in the tv and lived a black and white life, til they decided to enjoy life, then color slowly started coming.

He got the glasses, put them on, and smiled a huge smile.Then he ran from person to person naming stuff....pointing and was like Benny Hinn was in the room.

"Mommy has on glasses"...pointing at me....."Maam has on glasses"...pointing at maam....."Gemini ...oh Gemini has on glasses.".....then he just went around the room, naming stuff, people etc....hilarious!

Then it was on and off with the glasses.I bought him the handsome Superman carrying case.When (I suspect) he gets a headache from his eyes adjusting.He takes the glasses off, and says,"I'm donna safe my dalasses for tomorrow.

Its the cutest thing...

Here are some pics of the old man lookin older....

he's not into smiling much....when he does, it melts your heart.I know I am bias, but he has a beautiful smile!
Ohh....I never remembered the title to the movie....rotflmbooooooootyO

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