Thursday, March 19, 2009

5 Miles of FuN

As the day of the Shamrock run approached I began to get excited.I was not sure what to expect.I had not done something this challenging in YEARS.Never to this magnitude.I was uncertain about the weather.I prayed the sun would shine at least.
I continued to train even when I went on vacation. It was always on my mind.I continued to eat well, and excersize.I was NOT about to get my booty handed to me as a result of letting it all hang loose while on vacation.So while I did eat and drink things I normally pass on....I did not over do it:)
So the night before the race, I encouraged my team to stretch and stretch some more.I layed my clothes out.(sign of excitement)and headed off to sleep.Surprisingly enough I awoke to one of my team members/ children taking a shower, preparing for their day.(wow...they were as excided as I was!!)
Camera in hand, eating a banana,cell phone, and ipod in tow...I headed off to get the last memeber of the team.(oh yeh..I did have water...important things first
We got her about 8:00am(if you know me you know that was impressive for a Saturday...aaannnd it was not shoe sale related)...anticipating a long line of people checking in.The military wife in me would have it no other way.
(One thing MSG Wifey forgot to do...very important....RECON route BEFORE the race....details to come)
We checked in, and got our numbers and was set to go...only problem was that the race did not begin until 10.But as we waited and stretched, we were happy we showed up early and beat the long line that was forming.
So what did we do???What anyone with a camera and a facebook/ ,myspace account would do...PICTURESSSSS!!

me all smiles BEFORE the run.
Pam all usual


Allyn....silly as usual

So it was finally time to head out in the 40 something degree weather to line up for the run.We saw some people that impressed us before the run even began.I mean they were ready!They taught us novice a thing or two.The gear, the gadgets and the get ups were impressive.I mean they were set.We headed off, unsure...but READY.Confident..aand all smiles.
So while we waited.....yes....more pictures!!
Allyn trying to present his "im a serious runner look"

That's that Northern NY wussup through the mitten...


Pam and her " G"...pose

It was cold....

And the stretch and play before the horn sounds...

As instructed the fast runners made their way to the front of the pack.Those of us that were doing a little walking and running were behind them.The stroller moms followed us.So true organized run fashion...The horn sounded.And like a lightening bolt...they were off...only thing was that we underestimated the amount of runners, so we were actually in the pack of fast runners.In order to avoid getting trampled or cursed out...we ran....and kept running..I was like ,"what the heck???"Now.... we had anticipated running, but not off bat....I was NOT ready for was or get ran over.As serious as those runners were...I choose to run....The air was cold, my running song was not on...I was a mess.So we jogged as far as our bodies took us...long enough for the show offs...I mean fast runners... to get well ahaead of us.
We maintained a brisk pace, and as cold as it was, we began to grow accustom to the cold.
So we walked...and walked....then we saw a mile marker...YES!!!!.The thing is that the majority of the people chose to do the 2 mile run...we were among those that chose the 5 mile.So as we saw them turning around....heading back...we had to keep on to our turn around point.As they smiled as us, and waved, because they knew their run was almost over.Even when we were on the 5 mile route it was impressive to see the fast runners already heading back.It was pure encouragment for me!We cheered them on...and kept our eyes on our goal.My main goal was to get my time and not come in last.
I chose the 5 miler because I wanted to push myself to do something I had never done before.I knew I could do it...and I wanted to prove it to the part of my brain that said " way".
I never workout in the cold,not much for hanging out in it for that matter, so it must have been shocking to my system to breath in the cold air, because I had a lil "snot issue" from top of stated before MSG Wifey did not recon the route, so I was unaware of the many hills...beastly hills that led the way.And on top of that...when we suppose to be on flat was not.I discovered Watertown roads are not completely flat.
Pam and I mainatined our pace, passing those that were ahead of us, and looking back for noone...

Allyn would stay with Gemini, them sprint ahead of us...then I think he got mad and just left us all.You know the good kind of what am I doing?Let's knock this out.That rush!!!

I don't think Pam stopped smiling the whole time..She danced,skipped, hopped and cheered....are you kiddin me???(Her husband disclosed her secret later, she worked out that morning, right before we got mentally she was ahead of our but I was it takes all this to get in at the cold..mad at the snot...mad at the roads...BUT I was loving every step I took towards my goal.I meant business.(this picture makes me look fat..I had a front pouch full of junk.

ahh....sweet Jesus....the end...the finish line.Where is the crowd of people...cheering???I guess they say you are on your's cold!The main crowd was there to cheer the finishers of the 2 miler...and probably the first of the 5 milers.In their defense it was cold...People were there , but not like you see on's ok..I was my own cheerleader...and Pam of course.

Still smiling....Are you kiddin me???Did she just do 5 miles like I did...

You see Pam?? Now have a look at me.I was really...but my nose began to BURN real bad...real bad..and the mucus was outta control.Good news is, I finished...and made the time I wanted.AND I did not feel broke down afterwards.But do you see my expression....I might have been sayin, as I looked at Pam...What the hell is she on????

All in all it was a wonderful time.It was hilarious to see "Pumpy Pam" react as I let out my signature, "whooohooo" as we worked it out.My whoooo is like a hoooah or my personal cadence to keep me goin....that second wind.She was alright?I was like't mind me....i'll "whoooo lawd" ya in a min. if I am workin out to my max.
Afterwards, we got refreshed and had a victory lunch in the 'Cuse...I craved Olive Garden salad...something fierce.
Well there is more in store for Team BeMoShanksWins.It was a good ride...looking forward to many more. I was impressed with myself the next day, and even now...not broke down at actually pushed my workout to another level.
Things I learned:
*You just can't go from working out indoors to outsdoors in the cold ....hence my nose issue...been sneezin since.
*make sure my playlist in tact...when ur workin out that hard...fumbling with an ipod touch is not good
*I layered from head to toes very well
*recon the route if possible...always good to know where you are going...its a mind game to me...once I hit the turn around point, it was easier menatlly because I knew where the finish line was
*There is a hat that I can get that has a whole for my pony tail....cute.
*use my ipod arm holder thingy....convenient.
*get another pair of running shoes...these were bought a size to big...not good to have feet sliding..
*give Pam a sedative...or two.
*Cute went away real quick.What is that when you are working your booty got a snot nose, it's cold, my hands were freezing and my butt was yelling at me to kill the

I want to say a special hoooah to my 2 teenage team mates.Allyn who finished ahead of us...a former tubby turned athlete...and Gemini....who finished for the team.We got worried there for a minute.We didn't see her behind us.I was going to go get my truck and follow the route until I found her...because all I could imagine was her in the middle of the road(they did not block it off to traffic...was not good...they drove like maniacs)Sitting there , stubbornly refusing to go a pace further.BUT....HOWEVER....To our surprise, she finished...for the team....big ups!!!!
Again, this was something I would have never guessed I'd do about 6 months ago.EVER...especially in that weather.It probably was good that I didn't recon the route, because I probably would have defeated myself from the start.
It speaks volumes of my effort that I completed the race,and was not broke down afterwards.I had my rest day on Sunday and restarted my workout on Monday!
Thank you Glynnis for the encouragement and compliments!
Thanks to my number one fan....the dude said I motivate and inspire him....really??!!!....I am humbled!
And to my children , who I want to live as an example for more so than anything.Maintaining maximum health to be alive and well for a very, very, very..... long time!

Until next time.....Peace Love and Excersize!!!!

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