Friday, January 23, 2009

I Wish Him Well

The Inauguration was unforgettable to say the least.I cried at some parts,laughed at others, cheered with pride, and was bored to death with some.The lack of support from some and the record breaking support of others. The hope of some matched the distrust of others.The uncomfortable salutes and the tireless waving.The parades, the crowds, more smiles, and waves.Saying So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehen, good Bush, and saying Ahhhllloooohaaaa, Hello, greetings to Obama.

What an emotionally charged day.

Ahh the photos....awesome...

The music...?!

The poetry?!

The swearing in.....and again....

Let's just say that it is a day we all will not forget.

The thing that is crazy is that so many people wish this administration to fail.I have heard the soundbites.I listen to left and right wing talk radio, and it is unmistakeably apparent many people want this administration to fail.

Why?The thing is as much as I got tired of Bush...president husband's former commander and chief...I would never say I hope he fails.I may have thought something may fail , will fail, but the support was there.More so for America.

So if Obama's policies fail in what he intends them to do, and the country goes further into a depression...I am sorry...I think its a depression.....THE COUNTRY FAILS.

No man is an island here.

While I support the 5th amendment and am happy that people share how they feel publicly, because you know where they are coming from.I even support their right to say they hope he fails...but its sad.I wish they consider another stance on the matter.Fall in love with the man....not even asking for that.

I heard one guy said...give him a chance ...for what...then he went on to say that America didn't give Bush a chance....HA...laughable in my opinion

Any who...I will speak for me, myself and I.While I am proud of the historical nature and the many firsts of this election.I am interested in seeing what changes are going to take place in America.I am elated that he is Black...I am very impressed with his poise. I am truly impressed with the experience he is surrounding himself with.Do I agree with everything he says...nope.Do I agree with all his policies....nope.But I believe in giving him a chance...more than a change.Most of all I am willing to do my part in helping him move this country forward.So that being said,those that wish he fail....I pray for you.I cannot wish bad on him...doing that I wish bad for myself as an my opinion.So many people homeless jobless, and desperate for change...I pray he brings it....not just him...but the law makers, the local government....America

It reminds me of a scripture....Touch not my anointed, and do my prophet no harm.

I am not interjecting Obama here at the prophet, or the anointed in a spiritual sense.But when you do a comparison...I look at it like this...Obama was appointed by the majority of America...and to think ill or harm him...your hurting yourself....IMHO

jus sayin

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