Thursday, March 19, 2009


Well within the past week, I have managed to do alot of things.Some things I do on the regular, and one great thing I did was unprecidented.
I ran/ brisk walked a 5 mile run!!The Shamrock Run held here in Watertown.
I am so proud of Team BeMoShanksWins-We rocked....We finished!!!

I started this journey about a year ago.Determined to get the stubborn 50lbs off.I have been back and forth with that number since I had my last 10 pounder(yes...he was nuthin)I have never had a weight problem, just the weight from having a baby.I just never seem to let it there was that time in Hawaii when I lost all of it....aaannnnd you guessed it....I got pregnant! most women do,I put me on the back burner.I took care of everyone else, and everything else.Me on the back burner,well sort of.If you know me, you know no matter what size, imma be "right".Imma represent for the curvy ladies.(I can hear a song comin on)
*to the tune of Single Ladies*All my curvy ladies...all my curvey ladies....put your snacks up!!

*ok im focused *

Well after many headaches, and just plain and simply tired of being tired, I started the journey, just eating right.Staying away from the sweets, etc that are a guilty pleasure. my weight loss began to steady, and it was drag inch by inch....I was encouraged, by an unlikely source (my cousin who is very much overweight/ yet will hit the gym in a heart beat)to excersize.I HATED to excersize.I was allergic.BUT I started....and kept it up.I found that the gym became an outlet for me to clear my mind of the days stresses.It became a place where I vented frustrations to myself, as the music I was listening to took me somewhere else.I found that my weight loss sky rocketed as I worked out.I went from once a week to three days to 6 days a week.its addicting now!!!From an 18 to a size 12(loose fittin)(and counting)...i'd say I ROCK!!!
My husband has promised to convert a room in the basement into a gym...I am afraid I will not like's something about GOING to the gym....and getting out the house...leaving all the cares, frustrations, tears, and WHINING behind...for 2 hours...HEAVENLY!!!!(If he puts in a sauna...I may have to reconsider)
*I so can see the line of little and medium size people loitering at the door as I attempt to excersize*
They do it now, when I have to workout at home, all of a sudden the littles have pressing information they need to tell me.peering through my room door(glass)...whining about something...anything...Ilove how the older guys KNOW I have on ear buds...and comence to speak to me through the door...and I am clear on the other side of my pretty large bedroom....really???!!!
The good news is that the older children have really stepped up their game and begun to take care of their bodies.Joining me at the gym from time to time, and excersizing at home whenever they can.Snacks have been reinvented in my home, and if we HAVE to have a is eating and that's that.Gone are the days of a cabinet full of sweets...Now it is filled with better choices.
So Team BeMoShanksWins-Myself,Allyn,Gemini, and Pam.We have created this team, and was determined to finish!WITH the anticipation of more runs on the horizon.

So the semi couch potatoe turns fit as I was in highschool.I have managed to inspire many,most of all the person that inspired me to loose weight.When I saw her Sunday, I told her of my run...she nearly cried with joy...and "bowed" with admiration as she has yet to knock out a mile without becoming ovewhelmed.
I did something I thought I could never do, and ENJOYED it....for the most part.(details in next post)
I encourage anyone reading this post that has a dream to do something POSITIVE .Go for it...the worst that could happen is that you don't try!!!

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