Thursday, February 5, 2009 say????

Ok...I am learning never to say you're bored while dealing or going through a deployment.

I need to stick to browsing before I speak another word of boredom....

ok in the last 72 hours:

*My truck sound like it has the flu and a stomache virus while wearing a red hat flashing ABS.

*My car's ABS light is back on as well....and the engine light is back on after being serviced last week

*I had to do the climb on the hood method of reconfiguring the garage door ....again

*I got a 24 stomach head virus situation

*Someone hacked into my email account and deleted EVERY THING

*I'm in the whole...can't sleep at night rotation

and a whole other nit picky things that normally I would lol @ and keep going.But when your man is a hundred and 50 thousand(insert teenage drama there) million miles a combat zone....everything, and nothing ticks you off....even him.

The good news is that yes the truck situation is a pain, but I got it off to the dealer, and it should be fixed by next week.BUT I tell you what, come hell or high water, my two darling angels will be in school next week.While I am sure Sarah is enjoying having her buddies home.Cause they have managed to destroy my basement in a manner of minutes, all while managing not to fight.But how can they when they are forming a coallition against me...I'll call it the Cailou revolt....if I don't play Cailou at least twice a day for an hour straight....the Elmo doll will get it!

Then there is the attack of the Smilee...............they smilee face gummie worms.

I decided tonight on the way from that I will not complain.I told the kids that at least:

*Maam was here to follow me to the dealer as I dropped the truck off

*I am feeling better

* I am happy I can fix the things that break, or find a way to

*I am back in my account / emails not there...but i'm in

*I can't complain:

We are blessed,alive,full of joy,and healthy............................So on the days that I am bored, I may choose to say I am activity challenged....bored i'm not.

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