Friday, October 31, 2008

Lies are Like Flies:They Multiply Over Crap, and Are Hard To Get Rid Of!

Ok, I never being one to lie, and not having a reputation of one that of a liar, it is hard for me to understand the nature of a liar.I remember as a child my mom saying, " the truth is all you have, your word is your bond"And definitely,"Don't lie to me, I can help you, but you have to always tell the truth." I will not say that in my life/ childhood I always practiced this, but I am sure my Mom can vouch that I have generally been an honest person.Sometime brutally honest.I am working on that to this's called LOVE>God's LOVE.I am the type where I will say it, and if that's what I feel, then hey, at least I said it.Be true to my motto!Well, when you couple that with God's love you think about how others may be effected by it.So that does not mean I put on airs, lie, or masquerade who and what I am about.It just means SOMETIMES , you may get a softer side of the truth, but definitely the truth.
Is it ever lie? What about manipulation?I guess?! A rule of thumb is that if it is gonna hurt or be hurtful to others, you might not wanna do it.Some call it Karma, fate,The Law of reciprocity, or just plain ole',"what goes around comes around "or "you reap what you sow ." I have lived long enough to know that this is true!

One of our funniest memories of a lie told by one of our kids was when we had our wedding cake topper in the freezer.Waiting for our yr anniversary, to be consumed.Not sure who discovered the freezer open and cake dug into like Survivor contestants on a food challenge had at it .(have you seen those people, I have seen them lick each other's fingers , just for a taste) The cake was purple and white, so you know purple was splattered EVERYWHERE.Well our resident Dennis the Menace(2 at the time) , was somewhere, not far, being our 2 bedroom apt in Kileen , Tx.was very modest,to say the least.He had nowhere to run or hide .So we asked A...the only child at this time...who ate the cake."I don knooo"He proclaimed.Now we sitting there trying to hold in every bit of a rotflol. As A has purple icing sprawled from one end of his body to another.We ask again"Who ate this cake?"This time thinking on his feet, he proclaimed instantly, "my uncle." With that reply, we couldn't hold it in. Crackin up!Poor thing , he thought he had us fooled.He thought he was convincing.He did not know that his lie was contradicted with the presence of purple icing.
Your uncle?Are you serious?He was!Now, my brother and his wife did lived a couple of doors down.( A lie will have you just spittin out erroneous information and usually will lead to the blame game), I was talking to someone about a trial they sat in on.Where an individual did some stupid UN necessary things.This individual, occupation wise , held a fairly high rank in the military, so this meant his actions were VERY inappropriate, inconsiderate of others, and a total masquerade and lie.The thing is, as we were discussing the case, all could think of was , why?Why would he do such a stupid thing to himself and others.Basically to put t plainly, he lived in other people's accomplishments, and was awarded and celebrated for it,......for years.So how did he sleep at night knowing that he did this and hurt others directly or indirectly is a mystery.I mean, where is a sense of conscience these day?Is it really do what feels good, as long as you want, stepping on ANYONE along the way?It's sad that human nature is and has come to this.You see it everywhere
Lies Are like Flies :They Multiply Over Crap and Are Hard to Get Rid Of !

Lies....where one is..... there are many more to follow. When u see flies, you need to look for the poop or waste, before it "hits the fan", or gets outta hand .Because once it hits the fan,a whole lot of people are affected!Lies attract other lies.One lie usually can't stand alone!Lies think they have it all together, like a chain link fence,acting as one.It's more like the domino effect.similar , but different and unattached. The thing is dominoes fall down when pushed...down...down till the end! People that lie constantly, won't stop lying until THEY believe YOU believe them! Dominoes pushed till the very structure becomes nothing. Are the lies worth it?Do people that lie , lie so much that they believe THEIR truth, and it is established?If you spot a lie..any lie, you know many more will follow, and dysfunction, (dubbed poop)is surely in the mix!
Whatever it is in people's head to cause them to lie,manipulate things or people , or not be true to themselves is poop.Plain and simple...POOP!Nothing clean! Waste! Useless, no good for the Spirit , Soul and Body!When you love who you are, and know that security is in God, lies(flies) and its buddies(other flies) will have no poop to squat on. When one's motives and intentions are clean, and clear from a constant life of dysfunction,manipulation, deception and pride, lies or flies go searching for someone else's poop. Flies or lies don't have to travel long or look hard for mess to feed off of, all a fly has to do is use its sense of smell.A lie Preys on dysfunction, smells it far away.
DySfUnCtIoN according to Melisster's Dictionary (Don't go looking for it at Borders, I own the only copy!): operating contrary to what it's intended purpose is , extremely distorted.functioning out of selfishness.
Just had a thought: Is it possible that one can have poopie lives or poopie tendencies, and no flies be present?Yes, but you have to be motivated to cleanse ASAP!ll
Being the resident diaper/ potty expert I know:That a poopy diaper does not emit much of an odor unless A.There is sickness (virus) B.. it has been sitting D. air hit it .or E. Too much poop for the diaper...that's when u get "up the backers"!
Now being a preacher, I can preach this backwards and forwards.The Gospel according to poop!Dawn your Jesus goggles with me...go deeper! I will give you the sermonette version:In all these situations, unless improperly disposed of, the flies are not around swarming on little Johnny's hiney!(why lil Johnny?, he gets used for everything)
***Free nugget***Good things about bathrooms are that they are private(unless you are a mother), has water for cleansing, items for wiping and drying, and flushing for disposal!And if your anything like me, your bath is a haven for peace and relaxation as well .It dubs as an Executive Library as well.(ty Glynnis). One can watch tv, get clean, and read...all in the same place!This reminds me of my relationship with God I did not say church/ religion. The Bible says that we are washed whiter than snow, through the BLOOD of Jesus.(Rev.7:14 Message Bible)So, it takes blood to cleanse....oxymoron ,I know! It takes the blood, Jesus' blood. which represents sweat,no pain no gain attitude,and intentional laying down of one's selfish motives,the ultimate sacrifice, to be cleansed.Expounding on the bathroom analogy:
It takes being in a private place (self examination), willing to be cleansed( a desire to be better..prosper), whether through flushing stuff out ( a voluntary know , the easy stuff!Just sit down!), washing it away (getting in deeper and allowing the Word of God to penetrate and change YOU...takes more effort on YOUR part), or wiping it off(surrounding oneself with friends and loved ones that will encourage you to do the right thing, and their encouragement will result in a natural rubbing off of waste...what fellowship does light have with darkness? We know iron does sharpen iron!).We CAN be rid of poopie living! Nothing is sadder than someone that needs cleansing, gets to the place to be cleansed, and doesn't let Calgon take them away!.It reminds me of a saying...."__________thinks they crap don't stink!"
News Flash:All poop stinks, and we all have a little poop in our lives.It is no good.....the quicker you get rid yourself of it, the shorter the time the smell linger.Try not to let the crap in your life linger...SELF Evaluate!
(I read a REALLY good poem recently about a unhappy life being like that of a glass filled with dirty would fit perfectly here )

Well, I do thank God it's Friday for many reasons.The obvious, I get to sleep in tomorrow.Well not exactly, got a lot of running around to do, with kids in tow it I will make for and adventure!Friday's are weird for me, because I can be dog tired during the week, or part of it, but on Friday, I am able to stay up late.(hence the long post) Maybe it is because I know I don't have to get as up early the next day.Although my alarm clocks that have a human feel to them, and full of energy will wake, at the crack of dawn.Knocking at my door , wondering, "awe doin to stool?"or "Can we have some beckfess?" " Are you kidding me?"..."go back to bed"..."I tell you what...go ask Maam".Which starts the subconsciously attempt to linger in sleep land as long as possible.
Rerouting the Toddlers(name is patented)It is a challenging, strategic, yet funny(once everyone wakes up and finds out who got them the snack, or "breckfass", or whatever the request is. game where you send them (V and S) on a mission to another family member to get what they ask for, or play with them, or whatever.While you remain doing whatevr it is, sleep, typing, talking on phone ......that requires your full attention. This works best when you are the only busy person ,sending them on a " go tell..." mission.The funny thing is my babies are too smart, which leads to then hovering with their nagging whine until you fold, and give them your attention.So who is getting rerouted here?
Today was a good day for me. I got a lot of things accomplished, until i got the old
Yahoo yodel, notifying me that a certain soldier was on and requesting my im'ing skills be put to test . I kept on forgetting it was Halloween.I did have my younger two home today....well they are more like middle .Their classes were having parties, and parades in celebration of this national holiday.Well,my children have never dressed up in Halloween costumes, or tricked or treated.(Now the way some of them TRY to walk out the house at times might resemble a participant in a costume party)We usually go out to eat,(this year we brought in) or we've done things at church, Hallelujah Night.For many years this was never been an issue, because they were home schooled .So when I got the notice that there was gonna be a parade and party, I thought , "what do they do with the kids that do not participate in Halloween , for various reasons?"So I sent a note into the school, and asked the teacher that very same question, and her reply was , "well we send them to the office for 40 min, while we have Mardi Gras(ok she didn't say that part) but, she sends them to office, and then R will be let back in class for food portion." I don't think so! O.K. I have no problem with people choosing to dress up ,and celebrating the day, the party, or the parade, not even sure what an alternative to her going to the office would be, but I will not, and would not subject my child to that.So I made the executive decision to keep her home! She didn't mind as long as she had her fingers, a snack , and some school work!(she is trying to convince me to home school her again.)
So that leads us to discuss child number 2, C.Well same scenario, parade(Mardi Gras :), food etc.Same note sent.The reply I got from her school,intermediate level, is that she will go to the _____class.i forgot the class name, but basically the indoor suspension class.Wha??? your sending a good kid, who just chooses not to participate in the activities, for personal reasons ( which at her age, it's more like her parent's reasoning, and convictions),to a class where harden criminals are...rotflol.ok not harden criminals, but definitely delinquents, at least once.I don't think so!C stayed home.Now C is the child that LOVES candy,sugar(we have our very own ELF) so as stated above,she is not feeling the personal conviction right protesting loudly, or disrespectfully,just wishing she were there to have at the bountiful supply of candy.This coming from a child that has sugar stored in her cells for emergencies.So I dared not tell her that her little siblings got a drive by candy drop on their way out the pre- school door.An adoring "friend" insisted on giving thing one and thing two, I mean V and S a share of his goody bags.Quite smitten with S, his mom said that he insisted on giving her one, well the way my two roll is, if you give to one, the other is gonna look out for his/ her "cut buddy".S is a stickler for that. Ok, It was almost like an Air Assault infiltration, as the Mom secretly passed us the goody bag.Discreetly, because , she whispered"You know we are not suppose to have Halloween stuff here!" It took all of me not to lol as she said this almost bent down to the 3yo's level trying to stop him from making the drop too soon.Stopping his little hands from taking the little party bag filled with Halloween favors and candy.Backpack danglin open, kid clearly in distress, I want to give this to my friend S! Mom whispering..."keep walkin K", his mom whispered..."we are almost at the door" we're out the door.K was tired..I guess so...Air Assault is hard, clinging onto his goody bags, while dangling onto the straps on his book bag as if they were repel ropes.Helicopter mom making sure he gets in and out undetected.So...he SAT on the main step, blocking anyone that thought they were getting in or leaving.
Ok, so Like...what?Are they gonna suspend lil K for handing candy out AFTER school, on his way out the MAIN door:not the classroom door Pre school delinquent....what a rebel! Well operation complete, candy devoured,S was satisfied.It was all good till S almost choked on the vampire teeth, either that or she almost was a candidate for a good Halloween " What not to Include in a 3 yr old's goody bag.Choke Hazards ofHalloween " story on News 10 Now .I can read the headlines...Little Tot with Vampire Teeth Lodged in her Mouth:Parent's Don't Celebrate Halloween! So as it relates to Halloween festivities, and it was an eventful day! Next year, when I go to get V and S from school, I will be sure to wear camo and put on my face paint!...cause never know.I/ we may be a an insider to Halloweengate!
Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

As The World is Bold and Beautiful with All My Children who are Young and Restless

Not bad for someone who does not watch soaps..But I do hold down a couple...ok a few reality tv shows, and talk shows...well a variety of shows..I like tv..(some) I escape for me.Not in a deep sense though, just relaxing ME!
Life in a large family is fun, exciting, challenging, compromising , and NEVER a dull moment !With the gang I have over here, I am constantly wondering,"who is the quiet one?"I know who can be quiet,as a means of control*wink*, I know who has a Eddie Haskell kind of vibe, making people think he's quiet(yet full of Dennis the Menace),I know who is quiet, in spirit..only because she in I deep thought(soon to ask a random question or make a random statement...random to the rest of the world), and God help us all if the last anonymous lil darlings are quiet.Stop EVERYTHING...where are they and what are they into???? We'd make a funny, interesting and at time controversial tv show.keeping up with the B&**&^%, or Life with the B&^%%$, or the Flavor of B&^^%$*'s, more...Survivor...oh they have that one...ok....The Utter Truth.
I often compare me/my life in humor and humility, as well as exhaustion as that of a cow getting milked.Once my day takes off one person after another requires , demands or requests my attention...for something.On most days, it is ok...and even a blessing...ok ALL days it's a blessing.I don't know I'd do without them.The Bible speaks of a woman in her home, and the roles she plays in it.But when I am already tired and have to offer , yet another utter to some one else...I am like come cows milk dry up?I am sure the nipples get agitated...If I had a cows costume I'd wear it most That would be funny.Greeting Carrie at the door...."moooo....What do you need today?"as I hand her my utter.This would be required, while I am wearing the costume, in order to hear her , or anyone else's request.
Does anyone every ask the cow if she wants to get milked?Fat chance is there to provide a service and dog gone we need milk!
Then there's the kids ALLLLLLLL day never ends.And when you have an average 9 kids in the house at times during the day, I need a cow's costume with like 20 utters."Can I have a snack?", "What's for dinner?", "Did Uncle V call?", "Can I go?", "Can I come?"," Can you fax this ?", Buzzzz(that's the im), "you've got mail"...(text), name a few.About the 6 o'clock...I am done, spent.But guess what, like the energizer bunny,or cow, I have to keep on going...dinner, homework, baths, etc.
To their credit, we have raised them to be pretty self sufficient, so they know what to do, just don't always do it.
Well being that this is the first week since the deployment I guess I am still getting adjusted...huh?
On most days it's all good.I can keep up, especially since I have formed a bond with the treadmill...on which I am suppose to be on now. But today, I seemed to be drained.I really am not doing anything outta the ordinary from when Vannell is here,but I am tired.I need a long vacation, but I want to get paid.Hmmmmmmm think I can get cloned?Gosh the thought of two of me' thanks.I look forward to the holidays where I will be getting rest, and lots of it. So today my thoughts are random and coming from the heart of Beef! Random cuts....
If you were running or president, what would they find out about you? What s it about a warm shower that refreshes you? How many days till we vote...sheesh? You mean no more snow ? yep...random, as ever....... Would it matter if I skip my workout....nope don't want to do that! Isn't it strange / cool when lil tots repeat what they think you said they miss say the tense, Mouse was singing the scale today,"do, re, you, faaaaaaa" cute How many calories have I burned typing? I wonder when the next snow fall will be? Do kids have have a mommy time radar?That goes off when they sense you are having some down time. If a soda was left in the woods from camping and explodes in the winter from the cold, does it make a sound?...leave a stain in the snow? If train a is leaving the station at 3:00............................
note:If you are among the wonderful milkers...don't mind me..keep milkin' know I love ya!Milk keeps ya body healthy and strong, and as long as my utters let out milk....keep on expressing ....just take it easy on the nipples sometimes.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Snow's all in how you view it...whatchu gonna do wit it?

O.K. So I woke up this morning, very happy to see that there was a 2hr delay.This meant that at least one daycare child would not come, and one (my Baby Sarah) would be late.I LOVE to sleep in.The rest was a toss up.I don't know how I made it in this field this long .I am not an early morning person.I do not listen well in the am as well....One can say that I don't really kick in till about 10:00am.It is so bad that I will have to ask people what they said to me once I downloaded the conversation at a decent hour....decent meaning about 1:00.I do my best work in the evening though...(get your mind out da gutta!)If my life could be ran as it is during the day, but at night , it would be great.For me...I don't think it would be beneficial for my daycare parents
So , we get a two hour delay.Which means life goes on, just two hours later.How nice.I guess the delay is for the DPW workers.In order to ensure the roads are clean and safe.Also, it allows the powers that be to observe weather conditions , seeing what effect it may have on the commute of students, and the general public.So, you, I, we,and them...(children) wait....sleeping, lightly, but never the less sleep, waiting to see if the status will change from 2 hr delay to cancellation of school!In my home, as soon as the 2 hr delay is made, bets are started on the cancellation.Heck we place soon as summer seems to be over.(note to my Christian bro and Sis: not literal bets...:>) on when the first snow will come and various weather related predictions.
Does life give us two hour delays?Are there times where you know you have to be somewhere, or do something, but for some reason it gets put on hold.A new turn in life, a decision that needs to be made, or a quest that needs to be conquered. Is the hold to prepare the way for you?Or is it for observation, protection for you, in order to insure your safety while on the journey?In the book of Daniel, the Bible gives an account of a story when Daniel prayed to God.He did not get an answer .After a long wait, he had a visit from an angel of the Lord, which announced, "your words were heard...the first time"The angel went on to say that Daniel's prayers were heard even though he did not get an answer or a manifestation of the prayers.He went on to say that he would have had an answer, but there was a "war" or fight going on between good and evil, as it relates to Daniel's prayer.In essence a delay is not a denial!
Do we enjoy 2 hr adults ....NO!We want what we want, when we think we ought to have it!!Even as adults, we have 2 yo
Once the 2 hr delays turn into a total cancellation, the kids are elated.Why????They will, nine times out of ten, have school the next day!So why the heck are they happy.....SLEEP IN!!!!Well I know these lazy bums...I mean darling little angels over here, love the cancellations so they can sleep in.Depending on the age, the next thing is to play in the snow!So the are excited about the cancellation for rest, and recreation!!!!!!!!!WOW!I should learn from them.The Teenagers have the plan, sleep in, eat, eat again, and sleep !I tell you, when God denies me what I think I should have, I get UPSET!I get over it, but I am still human.Should we be so trusting in the system, or our Heavenly Father that when he announces, cancellations, we are excited, because we know it is for our good!
The thing is , when the cancellation is announced, usually, the weather does not look like it is that bad.The environment usually does not look hazardous to the point where the buses can't travel, and that one should stay off the roads.Ohhhh but when the reports start coming in....I prefer, are you thankful, once the video, pictures and reports start coming in..Cars in embankments, power outages, and the like.So just because MY immediate area is not effected, does not mean the community as a whole is able to handle the commute and demands of a regularly scheduled day! could it be that when we get a cancellation in life, that God KNOWS EVERYTHING and EVERYONE involved in making our way prosperous!!!

So I think we/ I need to take a note from kids.When life hands us a 2 hr at peace...sleep...knowing either destiny is yours in 2 hours our in 2 hrs you may get a cancellation!And when you get that cancellation...sleep in....and play!The reason why the cancellation was made is sure to come...if you are looking for it.Have fun in the process.......
Like Playskool...Play *Laugh*Grow
The videos above are from a date Vannell and I were on in Rochester, at the STRONG MUSEUM of PLAY. we had a blast! Playing in a television studio.We made cooking shows.It had to be one of the best dates we've ever been on!The funniest thing was to see how people looked at us...looking for our children....that were not there!We were the kids that day!
visit it's well worth the commute and the money!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rain, Rain go away....

Do we really want the rain to go away?I think not , when we think of the benefits of rain.Many people n this area depend on the rain.The problem for them seems to be that the rain has come "out of season".Here in NNY we are surrounded by many farmers, and those that make a living with livestock, cattle and the like.This crop/ harvest season as a doozey for many, if not all our local farmers.This summer yielded little rain, and the results were no crops or very poor quality result.I remember the summers past where there were fruit/ vegetable stands on every corner. farm and empty lot.This year the were very sparse, and if you were lucky enough to stumble upon one, the product was either less than satisfactory or none at all.So while were were basking in what would be fall like weather for the rest of the country , over the summer, the farmers and their families have suffered.
So it makes me wonder what do they think of all this rain we are getting now?Do they think..." you come."Or is a welcome sign that winter is on its way, and encourages them to make preparation for a NEW harvest.Letting all that has and will die, die, and preparing the ground for what is to come in the new season.I would think that the answer would be directly related to their attitude.
What do we do when something that we need and or want does not come when we want it to.When it decides to come, it is in abundance, and we feel like we don't need it can the rain/snow season be effective for the farmers.Well here in the North country, I would imagine, that the sooner we can get the ground tilled and prepared for winter, when spring comes's planting season.But if they remain discouraged because of the lack of rain, and the results it produced, then I think it will cause them to procrastinate on the job at hand.Keep on keeping on!
The book of Ecclesiastes is a more notable book in the Bible that speaks about seasons in life.To every thing there is a season and a purpose for it under the heavens.So for those of us that believe the Word of God is true, then we should be encouraged when new seasons in our lives are being manifested.I believe that God has ordained everything in my life to happen, I just have to be in the right place, and do my part.Sometimes my part is not lived up to, or even completed!The good thing about God, is that he is a God of change...yet he remains the same!Oxymoron , I know!I cannot tell you how much God seemed to have changed HIS or my plans midway, or added a twist or turn there.My relationship at times with God has been and is like a fun roller coaster!Just when I thought it was over...he said...."one more time around!" All I could do was raise my hands in submission and excitement and enjoy the ride!In the natural, I am not a roller coaster all.I do not understand the excitement about being scared, unsure etc.But in Christ, I think it is awesome, and scary when he takes us on these rides.
So, for those of us here in NNY wondering where the rain is coming from.And when the snow will fall(supposedly today)I say, enjoy the ride!Let what needs to die in your life die.Do this is preparation for a new harvest of God's peace, love, joy,and happiness!
To everything there is a season and a purpose for heaven....even the season you and I find ourselves in.

Monday, October 27, 2008


To Jenifer Hudson and Family.In the light of her success, she has to face such a horrible tragedy.The loss of her mom, brother and Nephew.My prayers go out to you!

Prayers continue to go out to the Kilgore family family.I pray for you as well!

May all the lives lost be remembered for who they were and not their deaths.

Her CrOwN and GlOrY

The Bible speaks about a woman's hair being her crown and Glory.It may be my crown and glory, but I don't take my hair thaaat serious.Meaning, if it's problem.If it's long and I need to cut it, no problem!I have heard this explained, and expounded upon many ways.For me, my hair is very much a part of who I am-style wise.If I am bored..I do my hair.If I wired, or need to relax..I do my hair.Hair has always been a means for me to express also has been fun to try just about everything there is out there to try.I love color, natural, curls, straight, braids, short hair, long hair and even updo's. People that know me never know what they are gonna get when they see me.I can be Oprah on Thursday, and Ellen D on Saturday.I planned on doing my hair today.My hair is long over due to be done.I have been wearing the same style for weeks,...major violation for
Also, working out daily causes major stress on my hair.I style it then sweat it out.So I had planned on doing a style can compliment me, and my exercise regime.No matter how much I sweat, this stuff won't budge.So this time I am going for the natural look.Iwill post pics when I am done.

I Am Not My Hair lyrics
(feat. Akon)

Is that India.Arie? What happened to her hair? Ha ha ha ha ha
Dat dad a dat da [4x] Dad a ooh

[Verse 1]
Little girl with the press and curl
Age eight I got a Jheri curl
Thirteen I got a relaxer
I was a source of so much laughter
At fifteen when it all broke off
Eighteen and went all natural
February two thousand and two
I went and did
What I had to do
Because it was time to change my life
To become the women that I am inside
Ninety-seven dreadlock all gone
I looked in the mirror
For the first time and saw that HEY....

I am not my hair
I am not this skin
I am not your expectations no no
I am not my hair
I ma not this skin
I am a soul that lives within

What'd she do to her hair? I don't know it look crazy
I like it. I might do that.
Umm I wouldn't go that far. I know .. ha ha ha ha

[Verse 2]
Good hair means curls and waves
Bad hair means you look like a slave
At the turn of the century
Its time for us to redefine who we be
You can shave it off
Like a South African beauty
Or get in on lock
Like Bob Marley
You can rock it straight
Like Oprah Winfrey
If its not what's on your head
Its what's underneath and say HEY....


(Whoa, whoa, whoa)
Does the way I wear my hair make me a better person?
(Whoa, whoa, whoa)
Does the way I wear my hair make me a better friend? Oooh
(Whoa, whoa, whoa)
Does the way I wear my hair determine my integrity?
(Whoa, whoa, whoa)
I am expressing my creativity..
(Whoa, whoa, whoa)

[Verse 3]
Breast Cancer and Chemotherapy
Took away her crown and glory
She promised God if she was to survive
She would enjoy everyday of her life ooh
On national television
Her diamond eyes are sparkling
Bald headed like a full moon shining
Singing out to the whole wide world like HEY...

[Chorus 2x]

[Ad lib]
If I wanna shave it close
Or if I wanna rock locks
That don't take a bit away
From the soul that I got
Dat da da dat da [4x]
If I wanna where it braided
All down my back
I don't see what wrong with that
Dat da da dat da [4x]

Is that India.Arie?
Ooh look she cut her hair!
I like that, its kinda PHAT
I don't know if I could do it.
But it looks sharp, it looks nice on her
She got a nice shaped head
She got an apple head
I know right?
It's perfect.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Technically Thankful

You know your spouse is deployed are on our way to take a shower, and you run back to make sure All computers are on.Instant messaging settings on, volume high, and a status message that is personalized to your loved one.(not caring who reads it and what they think)Afterwards, you run and grab cell phone as well as the house phone.
It is amazing how you go from loosing your cell phone daily, not caring whether the house phones were charged, and being invisible on yahoo to sleeping with every form of telecommunication, and leaving yahoo on 24/7
I am very thankful to yahoo, micro-soft, Time Warner Cable and the likes.I have been through several deployments, and as the years go by, the advancements in technology have been remarkable.I remember in 1995 when he left for Korea, all we had was a house phone and a phone card.We learned REAL quick that collect calls from Korea is not the way to go.So we got phone cards.This allowed us to talk daily, or whenever we could get cards.We were not fortunate or rich enough back then to have a computer, and the option to im was not there.Now we are cooking with grease with a several desk tops and three lap tops...(should O mention that out loud?)lemme had happen was.....ok dh(dear husband) and I are both computer savvy, and like our own computer space.So we both had desk tops.Well he has a lap top...or two and I have min.So now we have one for most rooms in the house....sick?! I like to think of it as placement therapy
12 years later, we have been involved(involuntarily) with the testing of computers and their peripherals.The best advancement so far has to be the web cam.This has allowed us to stay connected and see each other like nothing else.It is awesome for Dad to see his babies walk for the first time, although he is in another time zone, many miles away.Sometimes we would have Daddy leave the cam on, and it was / comforting just to watch him sleep.Christmas via web cam, kissing via web cam...hilarious. My favorite...which is bound to happen...discipline via web cam!
So I want to take the time to say thanks to Logitech, micro-soft, and the likes!Cordless phones...a God send!
So this season, my life as I knew it has changed.Going from loosing my cell phone just about daily,using yahoo sparingly, and sleeping with nothing but my husband to.....being attached to the hip with my phones...and having yahoo on BLAST throughout the house!
What I failed to mention is that is a feeble attempt to perhaps sway the technical vibes to your loved one, you insist on being attached to the hip with these things, as well as spending most of your down time in front of the computer...knowing at any moment they are coming online.Regardless if you KNOW that they are sleeping or

Blog about Blogging

I am embarking on and adventure with my husband being deployed.I had a thought to start a blog to capture this journey.With my weight loss from a size 18 to 12 ty very much...and a possible new career/ hobby...( will discuss later).I think I am well on my way.
***Disclaimer *** I CAN spell, but do not always
Please read if you wish comment if you like.But this is mainly for me...growth can be captivated in words on paper.And it is awesome to go back a year from now and read where you've/ i've come from..I am an advocate for journaling....try it!
So first thing I learned is that feeling good and looking good will not change the fact that my husband has to leave.I think we have these moment in life where we think if I fix this or that, God will "take it away".Well being at Fort Drum..."the most deployed" post in the Army...unless you have a GOOD reason, one thing is unavaoidable....DEPLOYMENT.It is almost like saying Damn isn't stings just as much.(I am not saying we are damned)This week as I was out seeing all the painted cars , tv interviews of returning soldiers, told myself don't hate...cause it will be your turn soon enough.I don't have a problem being happy for others regardless of my situation.
It doesn't get easier.After four year long separations, one would think it would...not!I maintained my hoooah face for a long time though.,then it hit me...about 12 the night he had to leave.Kids in bed, house quiet.My husband/ friend has to leave again...for WHAT?!I am not willing to debate politics, but it makes no since as to why I have to rehearse the word Iraq to my three year olds....When will it end?As I began to think about the years gone by and all the things that happen when they deploy I felt sad, happy, overwhelmed and scared all in one.I worried about him worrying about me/ us.I knew he would miss the kids.We ave 5 beautiful children and a God daughter that lives with us.They are his pride and joy.His name sake is his buddy, and his oldest son ...well...he's a teenager, and lets say dynamics change in father son relationships when they become teens...can you say goofy? at times I feel like the dorm mother in a frat house...competition, wrestling, eating...farting lordy....but it's family fun.I literally had to tear him away from them, the reassuring talks, the last ditch effort to discipline...which the funniest thing is when he calls them to the computer and disciplines through the web cam....and they listen!
I thought about how we will have holidays, anniversaries and even first days of school before he returns for good.Will his grandmother be ok?Will we be ok?.....YES!
I had a good cry of those UGLY ones...ya know?Then I clicked into Military Momma Mode...HOOOOAAAAH!
The devil aint gonna have me down and out.Now I will have my days when you may call and I WILL let the answering machine get it.i will have my days where a cookie will trump a salad.Not to mention my favorite...retail therapy...I have it baaaad.i am already thinking about takin a night job to support my I know?
I am so proud of him/ them and how when I saw them reporting and getting weapons, regardless of how stoic, out of it, dazed we family members looked. .With red noses, heads gazed on the floor and praying that not another lady from the Family Readiness, or ACS come over to talk.A shameless, yet ineffective attempt to ease your pain, and emotional roller coaster.They mean well...but leave me!I mean we have true heroes, I thought as i looked around.Some first timers...alot of first timers.Being sent off with mom and dad in tow.What about the group of single soldiers in the middle sitting in their very own unofficial fraternity.I thought about their loved ones that could not come and see them off.What got me was the children.At 3 in the morning, clothed in pj...regardless of age....commanding life and conforming to what was about to happen.playing, laughing, and asking for hot chocolate.The babies...who were and are ok...the unborn babies, that do not have a clue.Yet our heroes, our men and women stood tall, ready, game face on...regardless of how they felt, thought, political party, or personal situations.They were ready.I looked into my husbands eyes...Big Teddy Bear...I saw no fear.... eyes full of emotion...worried about me.He dared not break down...and he didn't.It's part of the training...or his experience.He tells me it makes it worse.He should know... I often wondered what that plane ride was like at take off.I knew what the ride home is like.than you angels! Let's see we have been through him leaving soon after marriage, birth with him absent, birth and him leaving soon after birth(twice), me moving while he was deployed.........ahhhh we got this......With God...we got this!
I laid my head on his chest last time before he returns.I( i go through that...the "last time till he comes back" game) told myself just walk's the only way you are going to leave him.Don't say bye, don't hug him, just walk away. So as I laid my head in his chest...let out a mini good one...that one was cute...I was in public....he hugged me...kissed my forehead and let me if he knew what I was thinking.Maybe he was thinking it in his own way.Man I thought...this is husband, friend, partner......A YEAR.....So I did just that..head down , wiping my eyes, I said bye , I love you, and walked away.....It does not get easier....As I got to the hanger entrance, I wanted to have a scene out of a movie and run back to him, and jump in his arms...I smirked through tears and thought....naaaaa...maybe when he comes tell you I did think at one point...if I started running through the hanger yelling and acting crazy...ya think they would send him still?I lol....knowing the Army...they will transport me to Samaritan Hospital psych ward...and he will be on the bus
So yeah I did it, it's done.....and we've only just begun!
I anticipate a wonderful year of blessing and opened doors of prosperity and peace.I anticipate getting even more intimate with my mate,and growing in God.
So if you enjoyed my first blog, let me know, and check back soon!

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