Thursday, March 12, 2009

Stir Crazy has been a minute since my last post.My blog has been on my mind, and I probably have been bloggin in my mind...rotflol.
Not much has happened since my last post.
I did enjoy a week and a few days vacation in MIAMI.
I had a BLAST!!!
I acted like a married lady withour children:0
The weather was awesome......compared to here, I thought I was in Make Believe Land.I forgot it got that warm in the world.Sad part about it, I was excited for the family when I called hime and the said it was a "warm" 44 degrees...I know yall loss ur minds last week!
If it was strapless,a halter,sleeveless,flipped or flopped I wore it.I was determined to take in the warmth, and I did.
Well I am back to reality.
Came home and chores were done....not....rotflol.
So yeh, I am back to my life as I know it...not as I wished it last week.Warm weather, no limitations, and care free.(attached to the cell phone of course...have to keep in touch with Mr.B)
So I went from paradise and returned to mi vida loca!!!
Well i'm off to coax a certain someone to sleep(fat
..she is laying that's a start

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