Monday, January 26, 2009

Sunday the first....Cancelling church because of the snow.We got a foot over night, and was threatening more....and we got it. no church...the teen people were a little upset, because they couldn't wear their outfits they were going to dance in....That's right. not that they were upset they couldn't dance.
So After a have a 5 min church service in my head....I decided to chill.
The two littles got time to play in the snow(no thanx to me....)
After talking with Vannell...if you want to call it that.
Actually, Allyn and I were glued to the Animal Planet.So much Vannell was like I didnt know Animal Planet was sooo interesting.
It was.....the show followed a bear being raised by humans then let loose in control part of the sanctuary.It was interesting.
Then I took the evening to catch up on my DVR...
Other than the nightly banging , running, fussing, hissing, laughing and back to fussing of the kids day was normal....
As normal you get around here.

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