Friday, January 23, 2009


Thank God It's Friday...I Am Caught Up.

So my day started early as usual.I was excited to see the reaction of the kids especially Vannell(See two posts down).Don't read this if you have not read that one.

Ok....soo I woke them up as I usually do.But THIS time I reminded Vannell about his mail that he had coming.I let them know it was on the couch.Vannell popped up eagerly, like he usually does.This could be a trap I thought, cause he is always ready to wake up...and get his get into stuff on...but to my delight, he woke up, and yes asked hs usual..."is Daddy done with Iraq"I reminded him ,"no.....but he sent your package and its on the couch"Well that sprung Shantelle up, and they went to the couch to see their packages.At first glance they looked at the contents as a teen looks when they open that package of pajamas on Christmas.ahhh haaa...yehh.....blanket....but then the examined the blanket, and the rest of the contents.This brought on ohhs and worked.And then the DVD...AND a card...a letter.It worked.We had a great morning prepping for school.I did have the issue of which socks he wanted to wear, but it was nowhere near the blow ups of old.I dropped them off.Blankets and Soldier bears in tow.We watched the DVD on the way to school.They skipped in the class....I think its gonna be a great day.

So I got home, and realized that I needed to tend to some business that I had put off, forgotten or just did not have the emotional mustard to tend to.(emotional mustard????)
Anyway...I made a list, checked it twice.And went down,

Vannell had an eye appt today, and as suspected he needs glasses.Armed with his bear, he received the exam and the examiner with ease.Ahhhh this is going well.Then it started."I;m hungry".Well I told him, he doesn't eat lunch for at least another hour.Hold on...we will get you back to school....annnd he's off.....he went from I am hungry, to trying to fall out in the store, to I am I want to go home and sleep in my bed.By then I was like...uh huh....yeh you going home, but um.,...imma pop you, feed you, then put you to that order.I had had enough.Now I am sensitive to the plight of a 3yo in distress.And judging by the kid's prescription he is probably frustrated because he can't see well.But are gonna get it together.The fits, the whining ...I do not tolerate it...period.So after letting him know what his afternoon was going to be switched to I want to go to school.This time he knew to calm his and my nerves...the gets he did.Now we can talk.....I am taking you back to school.I will be back at regular time.You will not fall out when I drop you off....and if you are successful.....(enter parental bribing here....I don't do it often if at all....he caught in a weak moment)...I will bring smilees to school.
Well smilees are my "littles" addiction of choice.I have to have them in stock.Mostly I use them as Scooby snacks, and adda boy treats.(walmart brand fruit snacks)
Well he skipped in his class...and had a wonderful afternoon.
I will not go into how this evening has been.I will just say that as I am typing, I have been interrupted....the theme here,...several times.....for several reasons...and the culprit remains the same.He has a hold of himself right now.I just had him sitting his behind down until he was ready to talk...and not cry, or yell.Ignoring him the whole time, he settled himself, and figured heck...this does not work for her....and he collected himself as required...and now he is watching Cailou ...without event.
Why does Eddie Haskell bother me....he is soo funny.He just walked in to update me on dance practice at church..Uh huh...yep...ok....close the door I say.Well I am still typing the sentence, and he closes my door with him INSIDE my room.Talkin bout....ummmm yeahhh....................boy if you don't get out of
Anyway this was a short week.A long week by deployment standards.I have dealt with more whiny children than I'd like to.I had to climb on my truck to reach the garage door opener thingy to reset, and reattach it...someone thinks its funny to pull the plug.appointments, dinner, laundry, snow...shoveling snow...and the most frustrating...I am stuck on level 14 in Diner Dash-Flo on vacation....on a cruise and she looses her she has to work her way to more
In the words of someone....Thank God It's Friday...................

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