Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Legend of Melissa B

SO my mom sub's at the highschool where my children attend.
Sha came home one day, and was lol the comments, respect and admiration I get from the teachers and staff at the school.
I am
Well for a little backround...
Let's just say that Eddie Haskell and Fabio got in trouble(see past post if you are lost)...and after warning him of the consequences_"If I cannot trust you, then I will go to school and stay in all your classes.
Well Eddie thought I was playing.He pulled one last stunt.It was a while ago, but it caught up with him.Not only that missing assignents here, and there.Not dressing out here and are playing with me.
You think I am toooo busy that I can't check up on you?
You think I am sooo emo about this deployment that I am clueless....
So after the winter break, I politely, packed my Ipod Touch, a good vook, my cell phone, and went to school.
Heck, I don't send you to school to act up.
Well problem number one is that I blend in with the students.So much so, I almost got in trouble for my cell phone and ipod touch at lunch.
Anyway.....I went to all his classes.Period after period.(I don't care how in shape you are...that was taxing....)
I sat in on all of them.Teachers never asked a thing.Some had me up front, others in the back.Some handed me notes, dittos, and even the books that they were reading.
Kids wondered, but dared not
As we changed classes, I told him....don't you leave me in this hallway...I know you tryin to lose me...rotflol.He smiled.
That kid has thick skin...I taught him that.Never let em' see you sweat, and don't sweat the small stuff.If it;s hard, live thre it.And that's what he did.
I went to lunch, PE everything.HE had to address his PE call in front of me.I was proud, he did it as a young man.faced his wrong,and took it.He later said he was not embarassed by me, but ....he prefers I stay at
I don't think he will be getting in trouble any time soon?!
So anyway, my mom goes on to tell me that the teachers wished there were other parents like me.All this said by those that have met and dealt with me, or just "heard" about me.This is not the first unorthadox thing I have done at the school in response to Eddie's coming of age should ask him about the time he missed...well skipped football the time I got done with him...the coach was bowing to One teacher said I should write a book...Effective
We may not be the best parents, or the most effective.However, we vowed before God that we will do all that we can to train and raise them up in the way they should ANY means necessary.We make no excuses , nor accept guilt for their foolishness..
I am a Legend at Watertown High School!

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