Friday, February 6, 2009

Hibernation 101

Anyone that knows me knows I am a person that does not mind rest, or getting sleep.Quarterly, during deployments especially, I take weekend or weekly sabaticles away....far....alone.( I think I mentioned that, thanx to the truck being fixed, it can be done, but will not happen this weekend, as I planned.Instead, I am going to make the best of the weekend in this order.

WARNING!!!:The following is subject to schedule change at my disgression

*Truck will be done soon*doing the happy dance*More so for the fact that my babies will get to go to school Monday!From one early childhood professional to another...My hats off to you MrsDonna
*Kids got to talk to their friends and teachers
*It's Friday-IT IS FRIDAY.I am so at the point where I have to do my quarterly get away.Its coming, delayed by the truck, but its all good.If you know my house and where my bedroom is,uh you know I am straight.
*Workout- yeh, I need to sit in the sauna ....doggone over worked neck muscle
*get my dang nail fixed.....just got fills 2 days ago.....
*Starbucks(see two up)...rotflol Tall caramel frap-(line cup with caramel please)whipped cream,and caramel on whipped cream!
*Buffalo Wings-(see two up...not that bad though...I get a salad instead of fries, and I make two meals out of there*sticks tongue out*)they know me there....Is that as bad as being number 8 in the nation for Diner Dash?
*Good book-that's optional...The last book I read was a major disappointment, because it had such potential...then he added Sci Fi....WHY????
*Brief Maam-Laterally transfer all information pertaining to the forward ops of the household.(I am sure there is a mutiny planned as I write)
*LOCKED room door(if not, i'll get the constant influx of company.)I should mention curtains it is a favorite thing for ANY and all my kids to stand at my french may have a huge smile, the other just stands there,and says..."whaaaaaaaat" as only she know how, another is there leaning on the doors,about to break them....but she "doesn't know it.....her body just does it", then there is the one standing there with her fingers in her mouth, making the suckin noise, and if she is hungry she is going to hum every Gospel song she knows ...really hungry its gonna be the Jonas Brothers......Now the last two just bust in the room.
*Silenced phone....with the exception for one person...
*DVR review weekly recordings-need to watch 24 and HELL'S KITCHEN
*Absolutely no think zone-about ANYTHING......LOL.

I am not sure if we are suppose to get snow, but I am going to hunker down as if we
Nothings wrong,I am actually doing well, but if you know me, you know me....nuff said.
Glynnis, I need to watch that video...I MAY send a reply...rotflol

This is a weekend of hibernation
p.s(Carrie if you are still on....they are now in the basement playing and laughing as if they are the best of friends.uh oh...."me dun wanna do dis one".....(reading a book together)Vannell coomplied, and turned the we are counting....ahhh good timezzzz

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