Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The same things change more so they also remain different.

The More things change...the more they stay the same.I decided to google routine, and post the first image.This is what came up...lol.Very cute dipiction.

The more things change in my day to day life, the more they remain the same.....lol. It is like that with children.....with 6 children....and a family.And those of you with pets....*bows*.....there is a special place in the looney bin for pet owners.....lol.(you thought I was going to say heaven ....)....j/k....it is a special thing.The children's problems, needs and antics changes the course of MY day by the minute, but nothing is new...lol.

Who did what...who said what...who smells, who use to smell....who thinks it's cool to smell....farts, burps, bruises, whine, slip, sip, wink,slap, and a hit.....lol.

All possibly in THAT order.....Thank you Uncle Sam for the honor to referee the madness of it all sucessfully I might add....during a year long deployment.

When the deployment first started, I knew things would get challenging, stressful, blissful, peaceful and annoying all in the course of a year.And it has....on schedule....

Well my "Donut of Misery"tracker has us at about 36% completed....that's a plus.So with just a little under half of the time gone, I find us in routine.The saying at the bottom of the "donut"says..."Are we there yet?"

And that's how I feel....Are we there YEEEEEET....lol.

Is it summer,R&R is surely on its way.....right...????

I thank God for his presence in my life.Keeping us safe and sound while the man of this household is far away.I thank God for keeping him safe.

I am inclined to think that as much as God is a God that changes, but definately remains the same(one of my favorite things to say)....So is life ....The more things change....the more they stay the same.So perhaps routine is a way for us to get things right.....or in order.To learn what we need to learn in the MOMENT.To stop and smell the roses.Also, I find that routine also encourages us to step outside the box and create a new experience....for entertainment, for education, for any area in your life that needs to change....yet remain the same.Just the same with Christ.If you have God in your life, you know that there are times when the relationship feels routine.And as the scripture says, as the deer pants for water...my soul longs after thee.This is a great scripture to explain the thirst for change that it takes to seek God in a new, personal, and individualistic manner.As a result....change....yet things remain the same!

So as much as I feel like I am in an episode of Ground Hog Day....I KNOW that it is all good...for my good!I don't need drama, crisis, or some severe event to feel significant in life.I am ok with Ground Hog Day verses Nightmare on Elm Street.