Thursday, February 19, 2009 life happens....and then I blog a week later.
My life went from Ground Hog day to the Ringling Brother's Circus it is know to be!
So on Friday, I got a call (while on my way home from Syracuse) that my little guy was very sick.So after playing phone tag and meet - up.I took him in , and he has Bronchitis....FUN!
Then I went to a Valentine's event on that Saturday, was not entertained...but was in good company.
I then became ill...with what seemed like the flu.Not yet recovered...but feelin better.I was in my bed all weekend...ringer off....thank God my mom was here to help bring in the rear...along with the older children.
So then came Monday..........WINTER BREAK!!!!!!
So right now I have all the kids home and we are doin us......whatever that is.
I am ready for a getaway...and am planning one as we speak.

In the mean time....As the World Turns , My Life is not that of one in 90210, I would love to be in Miami Nights, or Lost in Hawaii 50.
Some Give Me a Break and some expect me to be Entertainment Tonight....but regardless I am continuing to have the Best Week Ever!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The same things change more so they also remain different.

The More things change...the more they stay the same.I decided to google routine, and post the first image.This is what came cute dipiction.

The more things change in my day to day life, the more they remain the It is like that with children.....with 6 children....and a family.And those of you with pets....*bows*.....there is a special place in the looney bin for pet thought I was going to say heaven ....)....j/ is a special thing.The children's problems, needs and antics changes the course of MY day by the minute, but nothing is

Who did what...who said what...who smells, who use to smell....who thinks it's cool to smell....farts, burps, bruises, whine, slip, sip, wink,slap, and a

All possibly in THAT order.....Thank you Uncle Sam for the honor to referee the madness of it all sucessfully I might add....during a year long deployment.

When the deployment first started, I knew things would get challenging, stressful, blissful, peaceful and annoying all in the course of a year.And it has....on schedule....

Well my "Donut of Misery"tracker has us at about 36% completed....that's a plus.So with just a little under half of the time gone, I find us in routine.The saying at the bottom of the "donut"says..."Are we there yet?"

And that's how I feel....Are we there

Is it summer,R&R is surely on its way.....right...????

I thank God for his presence in my life.Keeping us safe and sound while the man of this household is far away.I thank God for keeping him safe.

I am inclined to think that as much as God is a God that changes, but definately remains the same(one of my favorite things to say)....So is life ....The more things change....the more they stay the same.So perhaps routine is a way for us to get things right.....or in order.To learn what we need to learn in the MOMENT.To stop and smell the roses.Also, I find that routine also encourages us to step outside the box and create a new experience....for entertainment, for education, for any area in your life that needs to change....yet remain the same.Just the same with Christ.If you have God in your life, you know that there are times when the relationship feels routine.And as the scripture says, as the deer pants for soul longs after thee.This is a great scripture to explain the thirst for change that it takes to seek God in a new, personal, and individualistic manner.As a result....change....yet things remain the same!

So as much as I feel like I am in an episode of Ground Hog Day....I KNOW that it is all good...for my good!I don't need drama, crisis, or some severe event to feel significant in life.I am ok with Ground Hog Day verses Nightmare on Elm Street.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Hibernation 101

Anyone that knows me knows I am a person that does not mind rest, or getting sleep.Quarterly, during deployments especially, I take weekend or weekly sabaticles away....far....alone.( I think I mentioned that, thanx to the truck being fixed, it can be done, but will not happen this weekend, as I planned.Instead, I am going to make the best of the weekend in this order.

WARNING!!!:The following is subject to schedule change at my disgression

*Truck will be done soon*doing the happy dance*More so for the fact that my babies will get to go to school Monday!From one early childhood professional to another...My hats off to you MrsDonna
*Kids got to talk to their friends and teachers
*It's Friday-IT IS FRIDAY.I am so at the point where I have to do my quarterly get away.Its coming, delayed by the truck, but its all good.If you know my house and where my bedroom is,uh you know I am straight.
*Workout- yeh, I need to sit in the sauna ....doggone over worked neck muscle
*get my dang nail fixed.....just got fills 2 days ago.....
*Starbucks(see two up)...rotflol Tall caramel frap-(line cup with caramel please)whipped cream,and caramel on whipped cream!
*Buffalo Wings-(see two up...not that bad though...I get a salad instead of fries, and I make two meals out of there*sticks tongue out*)they know me there....Is that as bad as being number 8 in the nation for Diner Dash?
*Good book-that's optional...The last book I read was a major disappointment, because it had such potential...then he added Sci Fi....WHY????
*Brief Maam-Laterally transfer all information pertaining to the forward ops of the household.(I am sure there is a mutiny planned as I write)
*LOCKED room door(if not, i'll get the constant influx of company.)I should mention curtains it is a favorite thing for ANY and all my kids to stand at my french may have a huge smile, the other just stands there,and says..."whaaaaaaaat" as only she know how, another is there leaning on the doors,about to break them....but she "doesn't know it.....her body just does it", then there is the one standing there with her fingers in her mouth, making the suckin noise, and if she is hungry she is going to hum every Gospel song she knows ...really hungry its gonna be the Jonas Brothers......Now the last two just bust in the room.
*Silenced phone....with the exception for one person...
*DVR review weekly recordings-need to watch 24 and HELL'S KITCHEN
*Absolutely no think zone-about ANYTHING......LOL.

I am not sure if we are suppose to get snow, but I am going to hunker down as if we
Nothings wrong,I am actually doing well, but if you know me, you know me....nuff said.
Glynnis, I need to watch that video...I MAY send a reply...rotflol

This is a weekend of hibernation
p.s(Carrie if you are still on....they are now in the basement playing and laughing as if they are the best of friends.uh oh...."me dun wanna do dis one".....(reading a book together)Vannell coomplied, and turned the we are counting....ahhh good timezzzz

Shoe Fury

Ok...So when the journalist threw the shoe....well shoes at Bush, I had a laugh.Then was concerned for his safety or lack there of that allowed the man to get off and throw not one, but two shoes.

Then the shoe revolt started here in the states.On the eve of his handover of the White House to his predecessor, protesters turned the Pennsylvania Ave dwelling into what looked like an assortment of shoes that had fallen off a Salvation Army donation truck.One protester said,"“We wanted to shoo and boo Bush on his last day in office,” (Ann Wilcox)

Ok, so I have a very fond and positive relationship with shoes,and it has never occurred me to use them as a form of protest.
I have on occasion used flip flop as a fly swatter.A good slipper makes for a great discipline aid.And heck a good ole wooden wedge makes a GREAT hammer!I do not recommend shoveling snow in heels , or trying to mow the lawn in sandals.If the shoe fits......use it!
But as a sign of protest?!I looked up the origin,and even as I am searching for pics, I came across so many incidents that involve throwing things as a means of protect and rage....especially shoes.
A local protest sparked this blog
ITHACA - A protester dressed in his 1950s-era military uniform threw his shoes at Mayor Carolyn Peterson and brought Common Council's Wednesday night meeting to an almost hour-long standstill, insisting that he wanted to be arrested in protest over the Council's position against the "immoral wars" in Iraq and Afghanistan is the new form of protest here in America?Yall know when something hits our shores, it spreads like hips on a ...ok...never know what I'm saying though.
I will admit, it made me chuckle.But when you think of the intent behind the shoes being thrown, its like wow.....all I could think of is hate or disgust
Your USED shoe has walked on and been in many dirty, nasty, places.Touched many germy things....and biblically speaking sandals had a major symbolism in their daily interactions.From removing them to enter a home, or to have one's feet washed.To trading them as a sign of a contract or agreement.
So to toss one out a fit of rage or anger at someone,cannot be good.I can only imagine the incidents in America as the idea spreads.

Thursday, February 5, 2009 say????

Ok...I am learning never to say you're bored while dealing or going through a deployment.

I need to stick to browsing before I speak another word of boredom....

ok in the last 72 hours:

*My truck sound like it has the flu and a stomache virus while wearing a red hat flashing ABS.

*My car's ABS light is back on as well....and the engine light is back on after being serviced last week

*I had to do the climb on the hood method of reconfiguring the garage door ....again

*I got a 24 stomach head virus situation

*Someone hacked into my email account and deleted EVERY THING

*I'm in the whole...can't sleep at night rotation

and a whole other nit picky things that normally I would lol @ and keep going.But when your man is a hundred and 50 thousand(insert teenage drama there) million miles a combat zone....everything, and nothing ticks you off....even him.

The good news is that yes the truck situation is a pain, but I got it off to the dealer, and it should be fixed by next week.BUT I tell you what, come hell or high water, my two darling angels will be in school next week.While I am sure Sarah is enjoying having her buddies home.Cause they have managed to destroy my basement in a manner of minutes, all while managing not to fight.But how can they when they are forming a coallition against me...I'll call it the Cailou revolt....if I don't play Cailou at least twice a day for an hour straight....the Elmo doll will get it!

Then there is the attack of the Smilee...............they smilee face gummie worms.

I decided tonight on the way from that I will not complain.I told the kids that at least:

*Maam was here to follow me to the dealer as I dropped the truck off

*I am feeling better

* I am happy I can fix the things that break, or find a way to

*I am back in my account / emails not there...but i'm in

*I can't complain:

We are blessed,alive,full of joy,and healthy............................So on the days that I am bored, I may choose to say I am activity challenged....bored i'm not.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Specifically Spectacles Vannell Jr got his specs today.

He is such an old man....and now the specs add the final touch.

He was excited to put them on, and it was hilarious when he did, it was almost as if the world opened up....became clear.Like in that one movie(it will come to I type....hopefully)....the one movie where the people went in the tv and lived a black and white life, til they decided to enjoy life, then color slowly started coming.

He got the glasses, put them on, and smiled a huge smile.Then he ran from person to person naming stuff....pointing and was like Benny Hinn was in the room.

"Mommy has on glasses"...pointing at me....."Maam has on glasses"...pointing at maam....."Gemini ...oh Gemini has on glasses.".....then he just went around the room, naming stuff, people etc....hilarious!

Then it was on and off with the glasses.I bought him the handsome Superman carrying case.When (I suspect) he gets a headache from his eyes adjusting.He takes the glasses off, and says,"I'm donna safe my dalasses for tomorrow.

Its the cutest thing...

Here are some pics of the old man lookin older....

he's not into smiling much....when he does, it melts your heart.I know I am bias, but he has a beautiful smile!
Ohh....I never remembered the title to the movie....rotflmbooooooootyO

Monday, February 2, 2009

Coughs,Snot,Headaches ohhh My.....

So ....that's what my Monday was about.It is so hard to get a 3yo to spit the gunk
Let alone take the nasty stuff.

My head ached ALL day.
Worked out
Had a crappy nutrition day....way too much junk.....stress?

I have the 8th highest Flo on the Go international score....should I be proud?

I need a vacation

I am bored=======chop my hair off....I am withstanding the temptation....braids work with the gym

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sundae

that's what I could use right
Caramel with whipped cram.I love it...don't need it tho....and will not eat it.
But I tell you what, people say terrible 2's..oh I forgot about the terrible 3's.

yes....Jr. is at it again.
Before church....FIRST thing this am....
at least he was not yellin...
but he storms in my room....mommy...why we not doin to stool?.....huh.....well its Sunday we are going to church.Tan I tall my is at work Man Man.....
Can I eat ....can I have a yogurt, Allyn not donna gedup....
Yes he is man man....go shake him....I don't want a baby shower(what we call the shower using the attachment)...I want my man's(dress shirt).....then the finally....well no the waited for church to begin for that.......I wanna nap, im sleepy...where is my Bible....
Then we had the If you don't stop fallin out imma BEAT your butt in ths truck battle in the garage...ok...that was defused...with the aid of parental assistance ...and a good ole fashion pop...

Theeeeeeeeeeeeeen we get to church.Front pew, back pew, with Glynnis,with Cerah.Facing the front, got all the Bibles.on my knees looking back...Hi mommy...Turn really.....aaaaaaaaand he's sleepy, I want Allyn(who is about to dance)....and yes....IIIIIIIwaaaaant mmmmyy dadddddy.
At this point...go...go to Iraq...find him....become one with him.
I had to do the crazy Medea move...swooped him up...of course he was not comin with out a fight...o a fall out at least(did I mention church had started , and we were at the annoucement part at this point( was silence)
So yeh,I helped him out a had to chuckle after I popped him...I told him to dry it I meant to say, and did say was...I mean...stop yellin....Do you really think you need to yell while you cry?
So that was Sunday.....
No ordinary day in my life...I am going to get that book started one of these days.I am told we need to pitch the idea to TLC....Keeping up With the Berrien's....?

Sunshine Saturday....scared to enjoy it....

ok, imma just post this one as if it is Sat.

So yeh, I woke up early this am.I am committed to go to a women's meeting...well an extention of our regular meeting.We met to work out...ok....So I do not like to get up early on has to be something really good to get me up....and especially out of bed.
So yeh after convincing myself I needed to be there.Iwent....we worked out.Which was good because I didn't feel like it later.
wait...I am suppose to be writing as if its Saturday.Fat chance....its 1 in the am...I cannot sleep, and my brain is not going to compute that at this after the meeting....I got the truck washed....and um...headed home.
What did we do?I don't
I know it was not much of anything.I played online, checked email, im's etc....that was my Sat....give or take a few details...
1. What do you listen to in the car? Talk Radio/xm/Barney or Doodle Bops during the hours I am the Tot Taxi

2. Do you have an Ipod? If so, what's the last thing you loaded on it? it.. workout music...some sort of podcast

3.Do you have a Facebook page? Am I your friend? Yes....trying not to become addicted....

4. What's the best book you read last year? hmmmm...Gosh I don't remember...probably some sapppy romance novel.I am a hopeless romantic.I read a Leadership book on thelife of Paul that was good as well.

5. What's the best movie you watched last year? oh wow....At the top of my head...IDK...Why Did I get married.....Happy Feet...(ill get withcha)

.6. Do you buy music online? what do you mean by BUY?

7. What is one brand you are loyal to? Dove , Secret,Lysol,....idk(who thought of this poll?

8. Did you watch Lost last week? If so, what did you think? No...

9. What do you hope to accomplish in 2009? getting to my goal weight...getting through 2009, whole, healthy and better...much better!

10. M&Ms or Skittles? Skittles for sure.

Time Flies When

You're(fill in something smart and witty here)

Where did the weekend go?It seems like yesterday it was Friday.We Were destined for a storm, it came, and kept coming.they actually predicted lake effect snow(you would be so proud of me Jill...from Hawaii to NY...I got the lingo!)but it was more like blizzard conditions.
So what did the force of Aunt Flo do for me ? Red Bull gave me wings.Wings to tread through the white outs, squalls and zero um..... go to Starbucks .
ok...see what...had happened was this.It was a dark and stormy
No, my week was topped off so affectionately by Mother Nature...lum she decided to hand me a rag, she decided to go with the flow...ok you get me?
So yeh, I knew something was up, cuz I did not seem to be able to shake the chocolate, junk food,carb cravings.Then Friday evening, I got the taste for tall Carmel frap (I will with extra Carmel(line the cup please) whipped cream and Carmel on top.Oh Lord......that makes the deployment a little bit easier.
My Starbucks treat makes things just wonderful.So....I had the taste.I was determined.I put on my jacket, got in the truck , and headed in only got about 1/4 of a mile before the zero visability kicked in.And a little common sense.What the heck are you doing...I thought.So I turned around.and headed back to my house, which I almost passed, did slide through(because our city is running low, if not out at this point , of salt).So get back in the house determined to go.I looked in the front window, looked in the back.Ohhed and awwed at the flakes, the speed, and the lack of visibility.All along, winter coat on, determined that I am going to have
Ok....second attempt...Now all I could think about is when I first got here and was scared to death to drive in rain let alone snow...lake effect snow...on a country road with farmland covered with snow that blows and enhances the zero visibility.
Needless to say, I got there.sometimes driving through blizzard conditions, others through clear skies.That always amazes me how lake effect snow is so concentrated that you can be in clear weather one moment and the snow from hell in another.I have called home in the past and told them I am going through snow...expect it in a
So Friday was made all better by the Starbuck Angel.
Did nothing and was sooooo ok with that.