Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy ThanksHalloMass!!!

Wow, where do I begin???
Just as predicted, I didn't sleep in as much as I would have liked. 8;00 is quite early for me on a SAT.
ok...commercial break...seriously, I have" thing one" and "thing two" playing on my bed.My bed has decorative pillows on it.They have managed to turn my area of peace so that the ideas can flow , into a makeshift butterfly garden, and now they have EVERY pillow in my room,and collecting blankets , so they can amuse themselves as they stack them as high as they can and lay on them.Uh ohh there is hope.V is yawning,(got to comfy on a pillow)S just did a double round off, off my bed.
Oh my...... now...they are discussing who is in the front and back." I am in the back" ,"
im in the fron!"..."no" " in the back and you're in the front".This debate can go on forever.
Why are they comfortable in MY bed, having a conversation that I am NOT privy to.Are you kidding me?I forgot to add that after S did the back flip, double round off , off my bed, she got a blanket and covered her brother and herself, and thus began their conversation.

Whooooa....: the conversatation is winding down.Why are they getting comfy, yawning and all....
Ohh boy, now i am getting the updates on school , and our new friends, and a focus on how to pronounce their names.ok, all this while I have not said a word.Typing away, as this is unfolding.
" Anna"..uh huh, Donna...uh huh....and
Matty, uh and this one and that one ...followed by V saying...uh huh(he is the teacher, and I guess S is the student)
Ok...they are quiet! They are seriously laid up here on all my pillows , side by side, one quietly drifting (V), and S does not go easily, she is counting.....and recounting.
But the question is, who told them that my bed is theirs?Did
Vannell give them instructions to keep me extra entertained, before he left?I can hear it now, "Make sure yall keep Mommy company all night long , go through your whole day, sing songs, and most of all please speak to your school mates like they are present!"(a group of named kids are getting reprimanded as we speak, by BOTH of them!)
"Mommy...Mommy..."...breaking my silence...Yes..."is we got stool tomorrow?"

I'll spare you, but just know that as I continue to type, we have gone from school,
play mates, counting to yawning and back at school again!Teachers, nap time, story time,pick up time(announcing who's parents are at the door),omg this is funny , cute and a teenie bit annoying...ok...not annoying, but I had intentions on writing about something This is classic though!
They are still talking, "mommy, guess who doesn't go to
chuch?"...who....Matty.....omg now I have been included in the conversation!...Can you say 20 questions??...Can they go back to stacking pillows?Back to waving pillows on either side of V making him look like a butterfly(that was ingenious)
I wonder if I should leave and let them , have privacy.
S just turned over and said, , "let's go to sleep!'...she then turned over adjusted the covers.V whispered something, and he turned over....and now silence....back to back they lay....
silence.S does not go without a fight!She has now entered into imagination land, "
dit dckit dit dit " is all I hear......she can talk, why is she saying that?' .omg, now they are singing,the left and right!!!S is singing the ABC song in her cute voice, V in the back round, " say x!" he demands...with that deep voice! what the is hilarious.i did not ask them to come in my room and entertain me, and get comfortable, and command rest.
Well i see where this is going, so I may as well continue my thoughts.Just so you know, they have now propped up, with the phone base and declared it a game boy.And V is mad because she won't share...."wait she says....i am winning","my turn
V says" and they are sharing.......
The phone base game boy.....
Wow.....imagine, having no cares, just time, space, and opportunity.Isn't that what God promises us?See what you want and go after it!Time Space and opportunity.The thing is, we have to make sure we don't step on toes, or evade people's spaces in the process.Like that of a mind set of a toddler.My guys really didn't care(rightfully so) what I was doing, and whose room it is.It is a young , immature and rather carefree mind that capitalizes on time, space, and opportunity irresponsibly. To the point where they are(obliviously )evading privacy, time, space and territorial boundaries.As much as I love them I would have loved to complete this blog , the way I planned.I intended.Couldn't do it! I was
lol(well in my head...have not said a word yet) at was going on.They didn't ask , just came in and started gathering pillows, and making room on the
Well just in case you are wondering,they are still talking, singing, and discussing who is gonna play with the "
gameboy"(it's a phone base!!!)
so when the Bible says, "Seek, and ye shall find, knock and the door will be open.."it is not implied to take the world by storm irresponsibly
(we are rehearsing shapes now...well THEY are....I have not said a word....v just announced that the "game Boy is sleep)!
Sorry where was I......yeah, so we have responsibilities, as we take the world by storm.As we seek to LIVE!When we you knocking and seeking, please be kind and rewind, please put the toilet seat down,single when turning, stop for the yellow bus,speak a little lower on your cellphone in public, and Most of all DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU......
Unfortunately , the behavior(they just collected more pillows) exhibited tonight is excusable for toddlers, 3 year's cute.It is not cute and a sad thing, when one behaves like a 3 year old , but are of the age of maturity!
So as they are still stacking pillows, and invading my space with blankets and game boys,I ask one thing..."Who is gonna clean this mess???
Who cleans your mess in life when you irresponsibly capitalize on Time,Space and Opportunity!While they were doing this I got blankets to the head, key pad tapped(they are SOUND asleep now, )Do you know anyone like that,?Are you like that?With an "It's Whatever" attitude, living irresponsibly, yet aware of a better way to navigate through life.Unlike my babies, an informed individual is able to rehearse behavior wise, what they cognitively developed. The "It's Whatever" attitude weighs you down and you get tired, and those that love you, and sit back waiting for you to get tired, pick up the pieces you let fall, misplaced, misused, and discarded.
When its time to play, Play Hard!When it's time to LIVE, Live Responsibly!

ok...this is soo not what I was gonna write about..I will do it tomorrow..maybe!
(Notice the title...I guess i'll have something for tomorrow!!

Have a Good Sabbath...or day of rest

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