Sunday, November 9, 2008

Did I Miss Something?

Well it is Sunday November 9, 2008.Well I thought November was the month we celebrated Thanksgiving, along with Cerah's birthday.Well unless I was out of it , I don't remember celebrating either.On the ninth day of November, I have seen a ton of Christmas celebrations.Christmas news paper circulars, and sales.It really is toooo much.I have began my Christmas shopping, and still have a bit to do.But even with that being said, This is ridiculous.I barely have my Thanksgiving meal planned, and am not sure if I will have guests over.So whhhhy am I being pressured about Christmas?Well we know the state of the economy, and department stores are feeling it...hard.So that being said, they are getting ahead of themselves on purpose.Do they actually think that the people that are experiences hardships on any level , are gonna hear the music, read the papers, commercials and be inspired to spend.Spend money that they need, that can be used in another area in their lives.The closer we get to December, I pray that those experiencing hardships and difficulties,will not fold under the pressure of the media, family, friends, and the government to spend money recklessly.

My weekend was quiet, JUST as I like it.I am about to start a petition to enforce a 4 day work week,.I am ALL over it.I think my weekends are going by way too fast.On Friday, I did my usual.I stayed up pretty late.Bored, I redid my you guessed it.Friday night I managed to talk to Vannell, do my hair, catch up on my MYSPACE contacts, email some people, and a host of other random things I rarely get to do.Like I said before, I seem to channel my pre mother days, back in Miami, hangin out on a Friday.Regardless of what went on during the week, hangin was top priority come Friday ,say about 5:00, or whenever you got done with the responsible grown folk business.I have never been a clubber, for personal reasons, but hanging out was a must.In Miami, this was easy to do.....sunny days and cool nights!Well since my hangin buddy is in Iraq(everyone say awwwwwwww), I find that most Fridays are spent doing random, unimportant things around the house, catching up on my DVR,doing my hair( I think its cool how the daycare kids always recognize me no matter how long, short, blond or black my hair is!), or on the computer.Whoooow somebody get this party animal to rehab...I am out of
Weeeelll Since I finally fell asleep around 4:00am I just KNEW that I would sleep in.I knew I had a little running around to do, but I thought I could sleep in at least until 11:00.NOT!!!...As a result of a routine weekly wake up time,and a strict workout regime, my body has now grown accustomed to waking up.I think I woke up about 8:30am.Waaay to early for me.I don't care how much aerobic intake I get, or how routine my wake-up time is, I will NOT like it!I refuse.
So I did my running around, and later that night chilled with the kids:
We even managed to "kidnap" Kiara and Gemini.It was hilarious!I had to run to the ,mall.OK I didnt HAVE to, but I had this cute dress, (12) ty..ty*bows*(although my weight loss is purely for health, I am lovin the dress size!)So yeah I NEEDED some boots to go with it.Ok....ok...I didn't need it, no more than Bush needs a vacation.But I wanted it....I will tell you, rain , sleet, hail, snow, day, or night, I being the fashion bug that I am, I will make a drive by fashion purchase in a heart beat.One is never too tired to shop!So yeah on the way I thought about gettin my girls and having them come with us.I had just gotten off the phone with them, and they knew I was going, but I told them know I will not take them.So at this point they were the pranksters that we are, Allyn and I created a scheme to call the house, and demand that they be ready in two minutes.Armed with a horrible accent, and humor, Allyn called and demanded that the twins get ready in two minutes.Well the first attempt was a bust, because it was the wrong number.Here we are for about 45 seconds clowning with some poor Allyn says, (no accent")"Isn't their number *******?" "Yes" I said back," but you have to dial 1 first....(my cell is long distance)"
Now......sigh....... Kiara answered the phone.Lord help us....between tryin to figure out what she did wrong, and deciphering through the instructions, the poor girl was loss.The instructions were clear, (insert horrible accent)"You havvva be rrrrrready in tree minu, an haffa come wit bubllle gum and pink haff your orda????"Simple right?Riding through Watertown, to their house we were having to explain to Kiara, these instructions over and over.Finally we had to hand the information to the head managed to get the message to the girls.And in true teenage fashion(where malls are concerned) they managed to get fully dressed,have the the pink bowette, and the gum, and be to the truck by the time we pulled up.Woooow why don't they respond that fast when we say stuff like ok....get ready for church, school,or get ready to go to Aunt Martha's house, I know she smells, but.Ok...there is not Aunt Martha, but you get my point.(My kids actually like church and getting ready for it....)
Last night was cute.We did a drive by purchase.My boots are"bangin"And by the time we got back the roast was done.(Heeey...I forgot to get my ransom)I forgot to mention that I kidnapped them knowing their dinner wasn't done, and I knew we would be gone, in time enough for it to get done.Good Timez!!!!
If you have children, or are around children, when was the last time you made something fun , or did something fun with them.When was the last time you made something that usually dreadful(ever waited on food, and was hungry?) into something fun.I have these kinds of moments with my kids all the time.I pray they will never forget the silly moments.Moments where mom briefly let her hair down, and became a kid again....for a moment.Balance .I am not interested in being a teenager, or a kid.I love who and what I am becoming at 35...however, I know that to reach them and sometimes teach them , it doesn't hurt to do what interests them....their way.No animals were harmed, laws broken, and we had plenty of laughs.Well there was that time I got caught speeding over by .....ok just kidding.We ate the gum, and I kept my borette.... we laughed at the horrible accents, and laughed even harder at Kiara,.....who really was tryin to figure out what she did to get
Routine is good, and to be expected in well balanced home, Random acts of silliness is even helps you forget about the pressures of routines, and appreciate each other!

(Thanks to those of you that read the blog, many follow and read daily...I appreciate it!)

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