Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Forgot to Vote!

Juuuuuuuusssst Kidding!
Did you actually believe me?...lol.I mean really?....Who will FORGET to vote.....get tired in line,not be able to find your polling place, but forget?!Unless something major that happens in one's life today, it is highly unlikely one forgets to vote.Last night at about 12:00 I opened yet another email, encouraging me to vote.Promising the perfect weather(sent from God ofcourse) and the assumption that I was going to vote for HER candidate!Lastly, the email included, ofc ourse, an attack on the opposition, and how they are some thing or another.Whatever it is, they were "wrong".....lol.What goit me was a couple of things.First of all, I think the weather is not effected by the election.Did God say, America is viting today, and I need to make sure it does not rain?!Well I know God is concerned about many things, but the American election's weather>>>IDK!Secondly, the email, from someone, I am not thaat close to, gave a last ditch hip hip hooray for "our candidate."Assuming I was voting the way she was.What if I wasn't , is God gonna cause a rain cloud to follow me, and only those that vote opposite her candidate.More importantly, what about my right to choose to vote for who I choose?Assumption,ASSumption....hmmmmm?!The email ended, with the usual plea...Don't forget to vote.Can I, really? Is it possible??????
Ads everywhere,tv, not just political shows.Radio,telephone(cell and land line)/Lawn sign, buttons, emails, faxes, robocalls, talk shows,.....EVERYWHERE.I am waiting for the Food Network to come out with a special,Cooking with McCain, or How to Boil Water With Barak.I mean really, Survivor :Election Edition would make a good show right? What about Fear Factor, or Amazing Race.We had Joe the Plumber,What about Bob the Builder edition. Desperate Candidates, or Vote or No Vote.And for the daytime soap watchers,All my votes, or General Elections, or As McCain Turns, or The Bold and Barak.What about "The View from New Hampshire"...I have more.... I mean, as much as I am stoked for America right now.Either win will make history.The first African American President, or the first female vice- president.Both a major step in America.My kids are all excited, and I am proud to say that my 16 year old will be in tow.Him and Gemini have been following the elections, and this will be a treat for him.We plan on following the polls all night.A little pizza party!!!!!Two years later, the day is finally here!GO SENATOR BARAK OBAMA.....did I type that???????(I can do that, it's my blog)
I doubt those with intentions on voting, forget to vote.They may get tired of lines, tired of the machines, or even fall for the false information being handed out in some districts.One caller into a radio show had a flyer stating that Dems vote on the 5th and Rep on the 4th.Is this what the elections have come to????Shame.
So regardless of your political party, it would not be wise to assume that your friends and family are voting the way you are voting.Secondly, pack your umbrella, and snow boots,mittens, bathing suits, and rain boots because you never know how the weather clouds are gonna swing, depending on the votes.Sunshine for Obama?Tornadoes for McCain?...or the opposite is possible!Lastly, vote your heart, vote based on issues that are important to you!I promise to do the same!Also, regardless of party, regardless who wins(I have my choice), we are making history!If you did/do not vote.....Don't Complain!Hooooooaaaaaaah!

ROTFLOL....Allyn is as bad as I am...He just said Maury Povich should announce the election results,"In the case of Obama and the country....Obama you ARE the president!"What in the World!!!!
I have my druthers on how this is gonna go, I am excited about the conversations and excitement this election has produced.Again get out an VOTE!

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