Monday, November 3, 2008

The ReAl Happy HalloThanksMass

So my first attempt at blogging this title, was interrupted(hence the title of my blog the innocent antics of my three year old's.Well, after reading the last post, I decided that it will be ok to use first names of the younger two.Although, most of the time, I will probably use their terms of endearment.

Well it was the day AFTER Halloween, and I was in Walmart.The local Walmart happens to be a shopping mecca for the locals.We really don't have much of a choice, as it relates to retail stores near the base.But the truth of the matter, our Walmart is also an entertainment mecca as well.Well I for one, will get a Walmart moment,at 1:00 AM....yes AM.It has been nothing for me, with Gemini and Allyn in tow, to go to Walmart and at least pretend to do so.It was more like Melissa and misfits, dodging people, and wondering why some people decided to express themselves fashionably as they did!Walmart, the place for everything, if you need it, it's there!We have seen some CrAzY thing that time of night, from drunks to plumber's kind you really don't want to see)
So, it was the day after Halloween, and I decided to redo Allyn's room.So I needed to get some things from Walmart(of course).Already annoyed by the crowds I met in Watertown earlier that morning.It was a mad house.It was like the day Willy Wonka decided to have the contest for the Golden Ticket.I mean it was packed.I was like where is everyone going?Yes, when I have things to do, places to go, money to spend, I want ALL roads clear, and annoying people home!So as I was heading back home, it hit me, it's the first of the month.Ahhhh/ now I get it.That's why the long lines, and the traffic on the roads.Most military, as well as civilians got paid.I usually try to do my business on non pay weeks in hopes to avoid a crowd.So that being said, I decided to head home.
So you ask, How did you end up as Wlamart then???!Weeeelllll it's like this,I decided to get some wings from the Wild Wing place, and I didn't the kids anything.I usually don't make it a habit to eat takeout, and not get the kids something as well.So everyone said the wanted McDonald's so McDonald's it was.Well a trip to McDonald's is one thing, but one with everyone in the car, was another.So I decided, (with another motive in mind)let me drop them off, and I can get the rest of the stuff for Allyn's room.So I dropped the gang off, well most of them off and off we went to Walmart, I mean McDonald's.I convinced myself that I will run in and run out.SO much so, I decided to park in the back, closest to an entrance.
As we walked through the door I emmediately noticed the looong line in the automotive section.Ignored it, I didn't need an oil change.Walking with a purpose to the paints, because I knew I wanted to paint, but also new it was a fat chance I would get it done by this weekend.SO I kept walking, then I noticed Alll thi Christmas stuff, fully stocked and ready to go.The Day after Halloween.The kicker was.....the music.It was lulling as well and inviting.As I walked down isle after isle of Christmas stuff, I was almost brain washed to begin to think about what I wanted to buy.Oh my gosh I saw stuff for Radiant, and Shantelle.Ohh that would be nice for this one and that one.OMG...I do not want to think about shopping for Christmas, I was just thinking earlier about Thanksgiving.Now I am being brainwashed by Walmart to think about Christmas.While this was happening, I was amazed by the crowd in there as well.So much so I called a friend and was like, " i know yall on yall's way, but it is packed!" she was like, "You got to be kiddin me."I was not!By this time she was in the store, and we were playing the WEBOTHAREINTHESTORETALKINGONTHECELLPHONEHOPINGTOFINDEACHOTHERTHING!I even gave out my distinct"whooodiewhoooo!"
She laughed, as I told her I was outta here, I felt like I was getting brainwashed.The thing is, as I approached the other side of the store, something amazing happend.No Christmas music, no trees, bulbs, or lights.All I heard was a tune from the latest teeny bopper,an the remnants of Halloween.The Isles were also stocked with more than a fair share of Thanksgiving stuff.

Being the multitasker that I am...even this was to much for me.I felt like I was being milked by Walmart.Walmart had a share of the Utters(read past blog)I like to enjoy my holidays as they come.I don't like having a holiday, and while I am enjoying it, have to think about the next one.I had to get out of there, it was too much.Earlier I was thinking about whether I was gonna be able to find collards or will I have to settle for something else.Thinking about Thanksgiving...we have time for Christmas , don't we??????
So this led to the title of the blog.Happy HalloThanksMas.We may as well name it one holiday.They do not let the first one come without mentioning the next one.
Enjoy life's experiences as they come.Even the ones that are not worth celebrating, or experiences where celebrating is not in order.Preparing for the future is a wonderful thing that should be done , as you maintain balance in your daily life as you know it . To be so future minded that you are not a sucess, or enjoying right now would be a shame.You'll miss something!

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