Monday, November 3, 2008

"Nudder Bar or Banana?"

"You want a nudder bar or banana?"What is it about the human language and the relationship of (some parents ) and their three year old's that causes us from time to time to pronounce words as they would
ok, because I understand supply and demand , I have another blog for ya*wink*

"You want a nudder bar or banana?"So this is the first thing I said after getting Shantelle and Vannell home from School.Lemme back up some....It was 1:00 and Baby Sarah FiNaLly dozed to sleep land.Alyssa was sleep , and the other daycare children decieded to take a mental health day.So the house being quiet, I decided to chill out, (for once) and catch up on some shows I have stored my DVR.Weeeell as you might have guessed, I dozed off as well.I awoke to the sound of the phone ringing.I don't know how I did it, but I sprung up in one of those half sleep, half dazed dashes out the door.(well don't be silly, I had Maam here today...of course i'd never leave the kids alone!)Ever have to be somewhere and think you are late, because you were sleep.Well I made a mad dash down the highway, thinking oh my , they are gonna call the mp's...rotflol(they go to school OFF post!{shut up Glynnis})So anyway I get there, EARLIER than usual.So that being said, I had to wake them, and get them in the car half sleep.I actually managed to get them dressed, and out the class WITHOUT their backpacks.I mean that is a feat! Ty, ty...I will tell you how I did it later.Those backpacks , I think, possess some super human power that allows them to terrorize the house in the evening.They go from fully sleep during nap time,awaken, and demanding they take their book bags home.ok, I know some of you love my visuals so here ya go.....On a normal day, picking up Shantelle and Vannel from school is like a three legged race. Usually I unload the babies,and place them in a double stroller.Usually leaving Sarah to walk.Other days, I bring both babies in their carriers, one in each arm.Again, Sarah walks.Baby Sarah...wanderingin their class , in hopes that I will leave her(or at least stay for discovery time).Then there is the two babies i have in their car seats.Carrying them in their car seats attracts stares and admiration for my organization.Or I get the whole,"ohhh you got your hands full*smile*"You wanna take one of the porkers put my arm?I'd decline of course, because I use this time to get some weightlifting in.Well with all of that, getting their jackets should not be they are worried about , right????NOT!!!Out the class we go, and to the left are the cubbies.Those things should be moved, danggit.They are evil!!!!!Yeah I know they hold jackets and clothes and act as a personalized mailbox for parents....but they are EVIL.They dub as an energizer!Because, Idon't know how they can go from a little sluggish to wide awake, and ready for a showdown when I declare(with two car seats in my arms, and Baby Sarah looking on like"mi mi you're gonna loose") "let's leave the book bags here.There's nothing in them but a change of clothes."As I say this other parents pass us, completing their challenge without a fight.Well mine are gonna fight."Nooooooo" they protest,"i want to taked my booback home!" ok so, it is bad enough to deal with a child having a fit.It is worse to have to defuse a fit, when your hands are full and you can't grab them and leave.So I try the infamous walk off.Yeah right.If you know Shantelle and Vannell, then you know that that doesn't matter to them.They stand their ground in front of the evil, power giving cubbies.They have to be evil, or on assignment from Barney...something!How else can they be sound asleep, then sluggish and immediately get their war stance on!Armed with an audience and opportunity, the battle begins.Do I HAVE to tell you how it ends most days????How about we talk about my victory...I got them out the school WITHOUT their backpacks in tow!!!!!!Well what I did, is what I do on most days, I acessed the evil cubby and got their coats(check) then I went in the class, surprise i'm early(check)then I dress them(check) then I wlk them out the class VERY fast, so fast they cannot think.I did notice Vannell look back like he is missing something.But I kept walking.....bam!Mission accomplish!Today!
Which leads to the snack choices,"you want nudder bar or banana?" Don't act like you don't know what a nudder bar! What is it....guess?leave your answers below(no cheating Gemini)
After school snack time. A prerequisite to the basement overhaul.What is that?Well it's when Shantelle and vannell manage(because of the evil, power giving cubbies) to destroy the basement area with toys(with Baby Sarah in tow) in a matter of seconds.I am hoping that if I give them a choice of snacks, it will not cause an emotional melt down.I am thinking that 3 year olds look for an opportunity to have emo moments.My two know how to have them over yes....a snack.Well the boy child decided he didn't want a nudder bar(even though he asked for one this morning ).And Shantelle, was downstairs(I tried to trick her into going back to sleep, since naptime is just an hour)I tell you in a matter of seconds she was upstairs helping Vannell with his protest for fruit.Of course she wanted fruit as well!!!So despite my attempts to yet again control my 3 year olds, it didn't work.They got the fruit cups AND a doughnut.Vannell( of course) snuck another one.When Allyn got home from school, he discovered the missing doughnut,And the nibbled doughnut.So let me correct that Mr. ate 2 doughnuts and nibbled off a third.When I asked him why, he said, "betuse!"Betuse....are you kidding me!Like he had right to the donughnuts......!"Betuss"....pssshhh.
So yeah thus began the normal spiral of events that take place in our home on most evenings.In a matter of minutes, they woke up all the sleeping babies, and the basement looked like a toy chest threw up!So what I hoped to avoid, happened again.How do I mean.Well, i figured if I get them home, give them a choice of snack.One that I think they like, at least for the day.This will give a since of control, and a conflict will be avoided.Thus, the rest of the evening, they will just chill ya know?Maybe come downstairs,play, with one toy at a time!CLEAN up, etc.Well it was reaffirmed today,that no matter how nice I try to keep my tone, or how many choices I give them, 3 year old have a mind of their own.Regardless of how we think our night will go, when you have children, a house full, it will be eventful.Sort of like Mr.Gump said,"Life with Children are like a box of chocolate, you never know what you're gonna get."

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