Friday, November 7, 2008

T.G.I.F as The Young and the Restlestless Chilli's are Red as Lobsters...

Thank God it's Friday as The Young and the Restless Chilli's are Red as Lobsters because they don't seem to Survive in the land of Blogs As The World Turns........

Yeah, I am going to be the subject of a a household revolt if I do not blog SOMETHING about the rest of my children.In my defense ShanVan are always doing something funny and entertaining.So Cerah says, "So, what?We have to do something stupid to get a blog?!"lol...Lord, what have I started??

All In The Family
Our household is comical to say the least.I always say we'd make a good tv show.I think we'd be a mix of the Cosby Show,Touched by an Angel, Rosanne,Survivor, and The Muppet Show wrapped into one.Maintaining all this, and with Christ in the center of it all, makes for a variety of experiences.
Opportunity Knocks
Opportunity Knocks is a show we watch from time to time, where families are put on the spot to answer random questions about other family members;in order to get prizes.We all say if we were on there, Allyn and I would win the most prizes for the family.I know I would,because I pretty much have the family pegged especially the children

So first there is Allyn.The 16 year old mixture of TD Jakes, Fabio, Eddie Haskell,Jim Carrey,Emeril Lagosee, and Denise the Menice.Allyn has been known as Deacon Allyn since he was two.Armed with an old spirit, and convictions(which have been tested lately)he can be dangerous.The thing about Allyn is that he is probably the most adult actin non-adult in this family.It is nothing to hear Allyn tell a girl to,"close your legs!" or "Go to bed!" Are you serious??Do you see me( the parent) right here..hmmmmmm so what is Allyn up to lately......What's the deal for most kids his age...boys his age at least.His grades, have been less than acceptable.Well at the threat of never doing anything extra curricular in his life,and possibly loosing his life(just kidding) his grades went from wavin Flags to Bouncin agile Cats even some Aces .To put it plainly Fabio, was over taken by TD Jakes,while Emeril was cooking, and Denise didn't finish the homework,because Jim Carrey was busy with his antics, yet Eddie wasn't worried because he thought he could compliment the teacher out of the Flags!When that didn't work,JIm Carrey starred in Liar Liar, while TD Jakes put Fabio in his place,in the mean time Emeril stepped in and busted out Denise,while Eddie Haskell is still here picking up the pieces.
Then There is Ms.Cerah(11).Yes...Ms.Only Cerah gets a miss.Well Mousey gets one also, but Cerah gets one first.Cerah is the girl who is not in control of anything.From the way she walk.The units she shoots(that slang for facial expressions) to they way her arm involuntarily flies up and "oooops" hits one of her siblings.When called on it, she either has no idea what you are talking about, or manages to fix her face in such a way that only Cerah can do.We call it The Many Faces of Cerah.Cerah is also our thinker, so she can be guilty of over thinking EVERYTHING.When she is done thinking, she may come back from la la land,and one NEVER knows what she may ask.The last thing I remember her asking was how did they get Moe(Doodle Bops) soo small that he fits on a butterfly.Also, she ended the statement by sayin, "I wonder how they made him...Moe fly."All the while Eddie Haskell interjected, trying to explain the blue screen ect.In true Cerah fashion, she didn't listen and really fought against everything he said.Regardless of how right he was.Now Cerah also is good at making HERSELF think that you think that you are crazy.So it would not be beyond her to go, "Well I asked that in the first place.,...remember I said, its neat how they used the blue screen to get Moe on the butterfly and flying."Riiiiiiiight!That's Cerah!
Radiant (9)is bound to make money on Broadway.I can see it now.Drama....Acting.Someone forgot to tell her she was not the baby in the family anymore.We remind her daily, and well quite frankly she doesn't care.Armed with
her two fingers, and her ears, she can be seen some part of the day (especially while waiting on dinner)lounging and humming with her fingers in her mouth.The louder the hum, the more dramatic the explosion can be.She is sitting next to me, humming now.Very low, so there is little to no potential for an outburst.Radiant is the one the one that interjects in every one's discipline or punishment .You could say something like,"Whoever, left their towel on the floor needs to pick it up."Annnnnnd she's off, like a buck leaving the stalls, you can hear Radiant start her rendition of the damsel in distress."I didn't do it.It's not my towel, I don't know what you're talkin about.What towel?Where?I didn't do it!" Rambling all this to the top of her lungs.Tone full of PaNiC, she does not allow you to get a word in edge wise.You almost want to smack her back to reality.Dramatic!
Lastly, there is Gemini,a mixture the Debbie Downer, Emo girl,Harriet Tubman, and the smart professor from the Incredibles, all in one.She is our God daughter that lives with us.Ahhh Gemini......Also known as Germany.That's my pet name for her.No specific is what it is.Gemini, is a person of many words...spoken with a soft monotone voice.No emotions , unless Chris Brown, a cell phone,civil rights, or money is and food.Especially the boxed processed kind.She has like a southern drawl without the accent.What is she up to lately that I can disclose on a blog.In her own words,"sooo yeeeaaaaaahhhh!"Gemini is another drama queen.So she really is always doing something.She is also a thinker.So because she all that and 16, we always have to stay 2 days ahead of her.She was away for the week, so with little interaction with her, I don't....ohhhh wait I do!Rotflol.There was the whole, "canyoubringmemoreclothes,becausethemanyclothesyou sentwasuseless(although they are normally doable),andIcan'twearanyofthat;becausetheshirtscanbeseenthroughmysweaterincident....."(Vannell says I created that monster..I say whateva)
So you know enough about I need not post about them.I am actually off to get them now.What will be our dilemma today.The Evil cubbies,Nudder bars ,or will the bathroom be the playground of the day.We shall see.The day is young.

Good Day

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