Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Thump Day!

Well, since Wednesday is usually "Hump Day", and today feels like a hump day, but its not Wednesday, I am gonna name this Thursday Thump Day!This has been a long week, but relatively short.I guess the oxymoron is a good description of the week as I see it as a result of the holiday.SO that being said, I am as tired today as I am on a usual Wednesday.My mind just hasn't comprehended that we just have one more day in this work week.....I bet it 'll get it

Sooo today began unusually early for me. I had awaken to a knock at my door.Now I had already responded to my alarm, I was in the the whole :set the alarm early, and snooze for as long as possible state.....Then I heard the knock, a persistent knock, as if I was slack/ in my responsibility to my daycare parents....promptness.I KNEW I had at least 10 minutes left.....hey...that's a lot to a Ante Meridian challenged person.If I could, as stated before, I would sleep til at least 2....2 would be like my early morning.I could sleep all day...easily....So yeah, I get to the door, and surprise I got an early, unplanned drop off.Normally, not quite as early.So yeah.....Thank God bad hair days are out, not sure about the dragon..... I asked her what are you doing here?I got a reply , something about traffic, and needed to some early.OK...sooooo why didn't you call first?Or last night.I am starting to think some people think of Daycare Providers as children think of their teachers.LIVES at school, ready to teach, all about teaching, this perfect wonder woman disguised as a conservative, yet animated librarian type.Why don't some people think about other people when they are making decisions that will effect more than themselves?.SELFISH...and they don't think beyond their wants, needs or desires.
Now I am NOT saying she is a bad person, or even that I was mad.A little annoyed, but not mad.In my many years of daycare, I have learned that common since ain't always so common.So while I would have called last night , and made sure that it was ok with my provider to drop of my child 30 min early....thinking of her.I mean does she think I stay awake 24 hours a day....waiting on an opportunity to receive a child for daycare.I REALLY don't think the worst of this individual, and hope that it was an over site.
There is nothing worse than providing a service for someone, and they not appreciate who you are as a person, not the provider of the service.

...Now I will admit, I am not always the best when getting a service....well mainly when I get bad service.....while dining....yes.....I am the type that likes good service, and when I get less than, I get annoyed.Basically wondering why people would go into service related jobs and be nasty to customers...a non people person.Other than that I appreciate good service, and the tip and my attitude reflects it.One thing I will not let go un-noticed is bad service,the server, and the manager will know about it.On the other hand I will let managers as well as servers when i received good service.(yes I am that person)....but hey, at least I am not rude about usually starts with me asking the server etc...if they need a lunch
Regardless, I manage to get my point across, without being rude.
So anyway, at pick up, I asked her what was up with the early arrival?(I told yall it takes all day for things from am to download)She explained, and I explained and we were and are good. I have stipulations in place for things like this, and she will be reminded of them.
It's quite frosty out today, and getting ShanVan dressed is always an event.Things went smooth, until the hat and gloves episode.I don't even remember specifically what happened .All I remember is emotional melt downs over unisex gloves that were "just for girls"....again, I try and ward off these things by having PLENTY of gloves, scarfs etc for them to choose from.That doesn't matter, of course....if they want to have a fit...they will...if they want to be stubborn, they will....really not caring about the consequences.
I didnt post about the incident yesterday when I was picking ShanVan up from school.And how Van was really being stubborn, and all of a sudden, didn't want to leave school.So he stood there.......ok...well we are leaving.....fully dressed in his winter attire....he fell out and was in the start position for snow angel making....quiet...looking straight up as if her were getting instructions from tSpirit of Tantrums.....I was like...oh no he didn't.In is defence, the school picked NAPTIME to do a fire drill.Great for regulations, not so great for the kids, teachers, and parents.So I knew he was tired, but he didn't have to lay there in the MIDDLE of the floor.Did I mention he was in front of guessed it...cubbies.(read past posts)So you guessed it, I, with my two infant in tow, Sarah and Shan headed to the truck.Thankfully,his teachers were there to convince him to follow suit.He did, and ShanVan was cranky the rest of the night....
Then you have Shan cornering some unsuspecting lady, and telling her that her daughter's backpack was "duuurty"...Now that lady did not ask her that, and I didn't tell her to sat that.That was not part of circle time, music time or Sunday School.Where do children get it from.....They call what they see....The lady never saw it coming.Santelle said it to her as the lady was politely saying an extended goodbye to her.Well she didn't hear Shantelle, because they had said something the lady said..."yes sweety, what did you say?....Shantelle said, :I said, that's a durrrty backpack..I could have melted like the wimpy trash bags against HEFTY.Are you kiddin me?????It was funny......yes Glynnis, it pd to be the one that speaks clearly...
Even funnier was Debbie Downer and Eddie Haskell at the gym.I go to the gym for respite, its my time to think.And whether I work out on my treadmill, or at the gym, I use it as my time.....uninterrupted, solitude.So when Debbie and Eddie asked to go to the gym..I was like..yeah.Yall deserve to get out of jail...I mean respite as well.Well when I go, I go to work out.I think those two were under cover equipment inspectors.Debbie more so than Allyn...but he had his fair share at equipment hopping.So i'd look up and he'd be on the elliptical, then the bikes, the treadmill, then weights, then they were talking about the gym,....I mean all over the
Allyn jogged a little, Debbie a little something...not much...don't push it.
As tired as I am , I cannot imagine working out tonight.I can afford (not deserve)a break today, but do I want / need one?I'll more than likely workout, and attend to the things I have to do around here.......yeah...imma go ahead and knock this out....

***Grasshoppa, I just saw the comment you left!It ALMOST made me cry...I was close...but naaaww.Thank you for your kind words girlfriend!***

Well I am off to see who is using the floor and a means to keeping time to the song their head, then imma go hit it....
Happy Thump Day

Ohhh I forgot to say something deep and profound...yeah in regards to considering others before we do things, make decision, and say things;Consider others.Life is more than what you can get and do for yourself.Decisions effect you and those around you.Consider that Pvt behind the desk, that new employee, that little old lady who lives in the yellow house, who has soo many get my point...Do we need to consider thinking about others when we make decisions?
“The habit of being uniformly considerate toward others will bring increased happiness to you” Grenville Kleiser

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