Thursday, November 20, 2008

One Step at a Time!

Step by Step
One Day at a Time
Moment by Moment
Bit by Bit

All sayings that we say from time to time indicating the need to slow down and deal with what you can accordingly, and not worry or deliberate about the future.One step at a time.Usually when I say that about things I have to do or someone else responsibility, it is said because of the overwhelming response to a task at hand.Well ....this week has been a week from somewhere other than my have dealt the truck(again), inspections, inspectors, parents, just STUFF, different things that in an isolated incident would be fine to handle.But as some of know, when it rains, everything around it gets wet...So I began to think ahead to ward off the effects of some of the STUFF.Well ...that does not end up loosing sleep, getting sick,and becoming ineffective.So, by Tuesday, I called it quits, and a night..EARLY.I recall "speaking" to two people, but I don't recall our conversation.(sorry remember girl just hung in there as I uh huh'd or just said something silly, or random.I do remember breaking down and having VanTelle in the room with me.They were doing their rendition of circle time....FUN!!!
So yeah, by the time yesterday hit, I needed I went to the gym and to WALMART.That place is a safe haven for stressed out moms.Well I wasn't really stressed. just done.Like a Thanksgiving turkey.....done....spent....over it, bills, daycare, people.....
So as I was walking through Walmart, I began to hear the song and sing it, One Step at a Time, by Jordan Sparks.And I began to think about life, and how we should and need to take things one step at a time.Me being the Queen of Contingency, I tend to go into worry wart mode about somethings.Or tend to want to fix, think ahead or plan for....ahhh let's
ok...not that far ahead, well get my point though.
I realized that I have to take this deployment, life, work, everything, one step at a time, moment by moment.That does not mean I cannot plan ahead etc, but as far as fixing, moment by moment.It took me till last night to figure out that I am carrying quite a load.The children, the home, my job, church, deployment...yadda yadda....I didn't REALLY know that.Keeping it all together and tight can be stressful...if I am not taking it bit by bit...moment by moment ! So I am gonna continue to slow down and take it one step at a time.Do what I can and can what I can't!I sometimes think so much about the next step, moment, decision, that I am loosing it.One thing I do know is that God has everything in his hands, and I need not worry ....about anything.
The Power of the Webcam.....
Soooo Vannell was the first to get the discipline via web cam.Yesterday, he decided he wanted cookies for snack, instead of the snack being served.Well in true Vannell fashion, when he does not get what he wants, he began to yell..." I waaaanaannnt my daaaadddddyy!!.." gets old real quick.Don't get me wrong, I know he misses his dad, but I also know he knows that that may get him what he wants.So yeah, Vannell was on the yahoo, and heard him and was like...let me speak to him.He did the ole Daddy 1,2,3...and Vannell shut right up.......*insert hallelujah music here*...he shut right up....and did his infamous sniff, as if to say, i'll be quiet now....but wait till tomorrow....after the cubbies.
Radiant is taking to mimicking everything I do.ahhhh annoying at best.Between that and her random questions, I am sooo ready to adopt another 9 year old to keep her busy.It's so weird, you'd be watching tv, and she will just come up and say, just want you to know that I am taking a showere.Ooooook......hmmmm!Or.....something like I am eating five cookies...or get it....?!Random and my favorite was during and inspection she asked something really crazy about gym or something.Do you see that I am busy??? had I a discovery, a JOB...I pay her to put away clothes.hey, I get stuff done and she gets money.Most of all it gets her busy with something.
Bless her heart, she is being home schooled now and that means spending more time with me.Which means more time studying me, and while I thing imitation is a high form of flattery, it can be annoying.ROTFLOL....she has learned to suck her teeth (as to clean them) as I do at times when I have a piece of meat in them.This may be tmi , but I have a cavity,and at times meat gets stuck and I have to clean it, well if I don't feel like getting up, I have learned how to kid of flush is out with my tongue.Which causes a little sound...well she has mastered the sound.Nothing in her teeth, but she has it down pack.And you know when your kids know they are getting on your nerves on purpose, and they have THAT look,well she does it when she is cleaning out her
Well i look forward to tomorrow.I don't know what my plans are this weekend.I guess we are suppose to get snow...fingers crossed.I love weekend snow...
Well the house is quiet now, besides my napping music.All are sleep....yaaay so I am going to catch up on some work before its time to get ShanVan, or is it VanTelle???

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