Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Young and the Blogless


Today is a wonderful day in America!Everyone that I know is elated, and on cloud nine!Children discussing what happened at school.Reactions from those that doubted President Elect Obama's success, or supported McCain.Words of awe from those that marched with Martin Luther King.Or hearing memories from those that were small enough to remember the speech in Washington.What a day!!!!

Well as I was downloading my day with my mother and children, we heard a very dangerous sound .It was the sound of every one's voices over 3 talking about the elections, their days etc.My Mom began to say how she needed to finish catching up on the blog, while rotflol.It seems to be the sentiment from those that follow the blog.We began to laugh out loud thinking about the various blogs.Then she stated through a laugh, "But the problem is that , they(the 3 year olds) are always the subject of the blogs."I was like knoooow they keep us busy.And as much as I would like to blog about the others, they are the Brittany Spears of my home.They are like Anjolina and Bratt Pitt.I think we should name them Vantelle.Or ShanNelle! I mean they are always doing and saying something.Which leads to this unplanned blog.So as my mom was making this statement, she headed towards the bathroom.From which she let out a wail, of laughter."Missy, come see this, you have to see this!!!" The she said."This is why they are always the subject of blogs."Who needs tv when stuff like this happens on a daily basis, and believe me it does.

Not second later, we were just wondering where they had gone, because they were not around and were silent.Below is where they were and what they were doing.....No need for an explanation.

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