Friday, October 31, 2008

Lies are Like Flies:They Multiply Over Crap, and Are Hard To Get Rid Of!

Ok, I never being one to lie, and not having a reputation of one that of a liar, it is hard for me to understand the nature of a liar.I remember as a child my mom saying, " the truth is all you have, your word is your bond"And definitely,"Don't lie to me, I can help you, but you have to always tell the truth." I will not say that in my life/ childhood I always practiced this, but I am sure my Mom can vouch that I have generally been an honest person.Sometime brutally honest.I am working on that to this's called LOVE>God's LOVE.I am the type where I will say it, and if that's what I feel, then hey, at least I said it.Be true to my motto!Well, when you couple that with God's love you think about how others may be effected by it.So that does not mean I put on airs, lie, or masquerade who and what I am about.It just means SOMETIMES , you may get a softer side of the truth, but definitely the truth.
Is it ever lie? What about manipulation?I guess?! A rule of thumb is that if it is gonna hurt or be hurtful to others, you might not wanna do it.Some call it Karma, fate,The Law of reciprocity, or just plain ole',"what goes around comes around "or "you reap what you sow ." I have lived long enough to know that this is true!

One of our funniest memories of a lie told by one of our kids was when we had our wedding cake topper in the freezer.Waiting for our yr anniversary, to be consumed.Not sure who discovered the freezer open and cake dug into like Survivor contestants on a food challenge had at it .(have you seen those people, I have seen them lick each other's fingers , just for a taste) The cake was purple and white, so you know purple was splattered EVERYWHERE.Well our resident Dennis the Menace(2 at the time) , was somewhere, not far, being our 2 bedroom apt in Kileen , Tx.was very modest,to say the least.He had nowhere to run or hide .So we asked A...the only child at this time...who ate the cake."I don knooo"He proclaimed.Now we sitting there trying to hold in every bit of a rotflol. As A has purple icing sprawled from one end of his body to another.We ask again"Who ate this cake?"This time thinking on his feet, he proclaimed instantly, "my uncle." With that reply, we couldn't hold it in. Crackin up!Poor thing , he thought he had us fooled.He thought he was convincing.He did not know that his lie was contradicted with the presence of purple icing.
Your uncle?Are you serious?He was!Now, my brother and his wife did lived a couple of doors down.( A lie will have you just spittin out erroneous information and usually will lead to the blame game), I was talking to someone about a trial they sat in on.Where an individual did some stupid UN necessary things.This individual, occupation wise , held a fairly high rank in the military, so this meant his actions were VERY inappropriate, inconsiderate of others, and a total masquerade and lie.The thing is, as we were discussing the case, all could think of was , why?Why would he do such a stupid thing to himself and others.Basically to put t plainly, he lived in other people's accomplishments, and was awarded and celebrated for it,......for years.So how did he sleep at night knowing that he did this and hurt others directly or indirectly is a mystery.I mean, where is a sense of conscience these day?Is it really do what feels good, as long as you want, stepping on ANYONE along the way?It's sad that human nature is and has come to this.You see it everywhere
Lies Are like Flies :They Multiply Over Crap and Are Hard to Get Rid Of !

Lies....where one is..... there are many more to follow. When u see flies, you need to look for the poop or waste, before it "hits the fan", or gets outta hand .Because once it hits the fan,a whole lot of people are affected!Lies attract other lies.One lie usually can't stand alone!Lies think they have it all together, like a chain link fence,acting as one.It's more like the domino effect.similar , but different and unattached. The thing is dominoes fall down when pushed...down...down till the end! People that lie constantly, won't stop lying until THEY believe YOU believe them! Dominoes pushed till the very structure becomes nothing. Are the lies worth it?Do people that lie , lie so much that they believe THEIR truth, and it is established?If you spot a lie..any lie, you know many more will follow, and dysfunction, (dubbed poop)is surely in the mix!
Whatever it is in people's head to cause them to lie,manipulate things or people , or not be true to themselves is poop.Plain and simple...POOP!Nothing clean! Waste! Useless, no good for the Spirit , Soul and Body!When you love who you are, and know that security is in God, lies(flies) and its buddies(other flies) will have no poop to squat on. When one's motives and intentions are clean, and clear from a constant life of dysfunction,manipulation, deception and pride, lies or flies go searching for someone else's poop. Flies or lies don't have to travel long or look hard for mess to feed off of, all a fly has to do is use its sense of smell.A lie Preys on dysfunction, smells it far away.
DySfUnCtIoN according to Melisster's Dictionary (Don't go looking for it at Borders, I own the only copy!): operating contrary to what it's intended purpose is , extremely distorted.functioning out of selfishness.
Just had a thought: Is it possible that one can have poopie lives or poopie tendencies, and no flies be present?Yes, but you have to be motivated to cleanse ASAP!ll
Being the resident diaper/ potty expert I know:That a poopy diaper does not emit much of an odor unless A.There is sickness (virus) B.. it has been sitting D. air hit it .or E. Too much poop for the diaper...that's when u get "up the backers"!
Now being a preacher, I can preach this backwards and forwards.The Gospel according to poop!Dawn your Jesus goggles with me...go deeper! I will give you the sermonette version:In all these situations, unless improperly disposed of, the flies are not around swarming on little Johnny's hiney!(why lil Johnny?, he gets used for everything)
***Free nugget***Good things about bathrooms are that they are private(unless you are a mother), has water for cleansing, items for wiping and drying, and flushing for disposal!And if your anything like me, your bath is a haven for peace and relaxation as well .It dubs as an Executive Library as well.(ty Glynnis). One can watch tv, get clean, and read...all in the same place!This reminds me of my relationship with God I did not say church/ religion. The Bible says that we are washed whiter than snow, through the BLOOD of Jesus.(Rev.7:14 Message Bible)So, it takes blood to cleanse....oxymoron ,I know! It takes the blood, Jesus' blood. which represents sweat,no pain no gain attitude,and intentional laying down of one's selfish motives,the ultimate sacrifice, to be cleansed.Expounding on the bathroom analogy:
It takes being in a private place (self examination), willing to be cleansed( a desire to be better..prosper), whether through flushing stuff out ( a voluntary know , the easy stuff!Just sit down!), washing it away (getting in deeper and allowing the Word of God to penetrate and change YOU...takes more effort on YOUR part), or wiping it off(surrounding oneself with friends and loved ones that will encourage you to do the right thing, and their encouragement will result in a natural rubbing off of waste...what fellowship does light have with darkness? We know iron does sharpen iron!).We CAN be rid of poopie living! Nothing is sadder than someone that needs cleansing, gets to the place to be cleansed, and doesn't let Calgon take them away!.It reminds me of a saying...."__________thinks they crap don't stink!"
News Flash:All poop stinks, and we all have a little poop in our lives.It is no good.....the quicker you get rid yourself of it, the shorter the time the smell linger.Try not to let the crap in your life linger...SELF Evaluate!
(I read a REALLY good poem recently about a unhappy life being like that of a glass filled with dirty would fit perfectly here )

Well, I do thank God it's Friday for many reasons.The obvious, I get to sleep in tomorrow.Well not exactly, got a lot of running around to do, with kids in tow it I will make for and adventure!Friday's are weird for me, because I can be dog tired during the week, or part of it, but on Friday, I am able to stay up late.(hence the long post) Maybe it is because I know I don't have to get as up early the next day.Although my alarm clocks that have a human feel to them, and full of energy will wake, at the crack of dawn.Knocking at my door , wondering, "awe doin to stool?"or "Can we have some beckfess?" " Are you kidding me?"..."go back to bed"..."I tell you what...go ask Maam".Which starts the subconsciously attempt to linger in sleep land as long as possible.
Rerouting the Toddlers(name is patented)It is a challenging, strategic, yet funny(once everyone wakes up and finds out who got them the snack, or "breckfass", or whatever the request is. game where you send them (V and S) on a mission to another family member to get what they ask for, or play with them, or whatever.While you remain doing whatevr it is, sleep, typing, talking on phone ......that requires your full attention. This works best when you are the only busy person ,sending them on a " go tell..." mission.The funny thing is my babies are too smart, which leads to then hovering with their nagging whine until you fold, and give them your attention.So who is getting rerouted here?
Today was a good day for me. I got a lot of things accomplished, until i got the old
Yahoo yodel, notifying me that a certain soldier was on and requesting my im'ing skills be put to test . I kept on forgetting it was Halloween.I did have my younger two home today....well they are more like middle .Their classes were having parties, and parades in celebration of this national holiday.Well,my children have never dressed up in Halloween costumes, or tricked or treated.(Now the way some of them TRY to walk out the house at times might resemble a participant in a costume party)We usually go out to eat,(this year we brought in) or we've done things at church, Hallelujah Night.For many years this was never been an issue, because they were home schooled .So when I got the notice that there was gonna be a parade and party, I thought , "what do they do with the kids that do not participate in Halloween , for various reasons?"So I sent a note into the school, and asked the teacher that very same question, and her reply was , "well we send them to the office for 40 min, while we have Mardi Gras(ok she didn't say that part) but, she sends them to office, and then R will be let back in class for food portion." I don't think so! O.K. I have no problem with people choosing to dress up ,and celebrating the day, the party, or the parade, not even sure what an alternative to her going to the office would be, but I will not, and would not subject my child to that.So I made the executive decision to keep her home! She didn't mind as long as she had her fingers, a snack , and some school work!(she is trying to convince me to home school her again.)
So that leads us to discuss child number 2, C.Well same scenario, parade(Mardi Gras :), food etc.Same note sent.The reply I got from her school,intermediate level, is that she will go to the _____class.i forgot the class name, but basically the indoor suspension class.Wha??? your sending a good kid, who just chooses not to participate in the activities, for personal reasons ( which at her age, it's more like her parent's reasoning, and convictions),to a class where harden criminals are...rotflol.ok not harden criminals, but definitely delinquents, at least once.I don't think so!C stayed home.Now C is the child that LOVES candy,sugar(we have our very own ELF) so as stated above,she is not feeling the personal conviction right protesting loudly, or disrespectfully,just wishing she were there to have at the bountiful supply of candy.This coming from a child that has sugar stored in her cells for emergencies.So I dared not tell her that her little siblings got a drive by candy drop on their way out the pre- school door.An adoring "friend" insisted on giving thing one and thing two, I mean V and S a share of his goody bags.Quite smitten with S, his mom said that he insisted on giving her one, well the way my two roll is, if you give to one, the other is gonna look out for his/ her "cut buddy".S is a stickler for that. Ok, It was almost like an Air Assault infiltration, as the Mom secretly passed us the goody bag.Discreetly, because , she whispered"You know we are not suppose to have Halloween stuff here!" It took all of me not to lol as she said this almost bent down to the 3yo's level trying to stop him from making the drop too soon.Stopping his little hands from taking the little party bag filled with Halloween favors and candy.Backpack danglin open, kid clearly in distress, I want to give this to my friend S! Mom whispering..."keep walkin K", his mom whispered..."we are almost at the door" we're out the door.K was tired..I guess so...Air Assault is hard, clinging onto his goody bags, while dangling onto the straps on his book bag as if they were repel ropes.Helicopter mom making sure he gets in and out undetected.So...he SAT on the main step, blocking anyone that thought they were getting in or leaving.
Ok, so Like...what?Are they gonna suspend lil K for handing candy out AFTER school, on his way out the MAIN door:not the classroom door Pre school delinquent....what a rebel! Well operation complete, candy devoured,S was satisfied.It was all good till S almost choked on the vampire teeth, either that or she almost was a candidate for a good Halloween " What not to Include in a 3 yr old's goody bag.Choke Hazards ofHalloween " story on News 10 Now .I can read the headlines...Little Tot with Vampire Teeth Lodged in her Mouth:Parent's Don't Celebrate Halloween! So as it relates to Halloween festivities, and it was an eventful day! Next year, when I go to get V and S from school, I will be sure to wear camo and put on my face paint!...cause never know.I/ we may be a an insider to Halloweengate!
Have a Wonderful Weekend!

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