Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Your Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Our Minds.....where is it?Really???Can we touch it, can we locate it on an anatomy test?Perhaps you can, but I have not been able to.It makes for a new way to look at the phrase,"I gave her a piece of my mind!What does the mind do, and why did God give us each a mind?A different mind.Our minds are all so different.From the contents,(he's an air head, hard head) the packaging of(he's a fry short of a Happy Meal), to the way that it down loads and processes information.(He's a human calculator,shes a little slow)We have soo many ways to try to comprehend the complexity of our minds.I believe we haven't touched the surface.My minds is like a fast forwarding film.I can literally hear one word or phrase,"hot dogs"....and it will flash , in a matter of seconds from hot dogs, to a visual of one with mustard , to when I craved them when I was preg with Allyn, to morning sickness when I was pregnant with Allyn, to my grandmother's sickness, to when we use to shop with her, to......you get my point.By the time 3 minutes are up, I will more than likely be thinking of something totally unrelated to the hot dogs....lol.This is why for ME...long prayers are not good......I have to fight to stay focused.Sometimes when I am praying but especially when others pray.I guess I am a thoughtful person...always thinking of something.Some people mistake, my quietness, as snobbishness, or and attitude, actually I am observing,processing and thinking about random stuff.(I guess that's where Cerah gets it from!)Always in thought and because I am always in thought I am always listening .That quiet, still tap in my being gives me an answer to a dilemma, lets me know what Debbie Downer or Fabio is up to, helps me find my cell phone, and quite often giving insight to the questions I have about me, life, and human nature in general.See......... a poopy diaper regulator caaaan be a little deep?Never underestimate the power of the poopy diaper regulator!"Power to the PDR!"
What I find most amazing is how our minds are easily made up, good , bad or indifferent.I know for me, if I don't like it, want it, or not interested, unless I "change my mind", I will not budge.Convictions.....a made up mind on the positions of moral and personal issues, formed through personal relationship with Christ.(Melisters Dictionary...again don't try Borders I own the only copy:)The Bible says,"Let this mind be in you that was also in Christ Jesus."....where does it say that?....you find it......lol......What is the mind of Christ?Am open mind, a determined mind, and made up mind , an adaptable mind!The ability for our mind to adapt and change , I think, is one of the most underestimated gifts of our bodies that God gave us.Some stress about a mole on a cheek, or the lack of the perfect nose, DD's or no letters at all.But when was the last time you had a talk with a friend and was like,"Man, I want my mind like yours...made up, adaptable..." or "Man, your mind looks so good on most days...I am having a bad mind day." Ever heard someone say,"Is your mind real?" or" boy your mind is purky !"...I know I am around kids most of the time, but I have never heard that before.Not in the context of what I am saying......
So my mind's made up...about a lot of things, and I cannot and will not go back!"whatchu talkin bout Willis????
Well the CONSISTENT, gym going, treadmill using(instead of using it as a clothes hanger), Pilate's doing, calorie cutting ,WATER DRINKING....person you see now, was not always here.I never had a weight problem and developed a serious one after my last baby.Mr. weighed a whoppin 10 lbs.( 1 ounce shy...heck with a quick labor, no meds(too late), and about 5 pushes, I think I earned the right to say he was 10 lbs.He was huge...oh my goodness...ok stay focused....*bows in the moon light position*ok I am not suie if that is really a yoga position...but it sounds good.Where was I...reading back...oh ok...Yeah so, I weighed a whoppin 200 lbs after i had him.Thus the start of a lax cycle of weight loss/ never really gained.A flimsy routine os on the treadmill a day, and to the gym for 10 min here, and walkin at a snails pace there.There was a time, that I would HATE to workout.And water forget about it....but something happened .....I got tired of feeling sick, tired of feeling drained, not fitting my clothes(yes that too...).Now you know Imma rep da big girls...or let me say I USE to....ok stay focused....made up mid.So yeah.I told myself this was something I had to do.For health reasons first and foremost.Secondly I wanted to feel good about myself and feel good about life...the clothes rewards comes along for the ride.So i was able to tell my mind...we are gonna do this and FINISH and MAINTAIN...its a lifestyle.No more excuses.I sometimes have to talk to myself into excerzing daily....its funny...because like I said before, I do answer myself!So after a long day, I am tired, I want a shower and bed...thus begins the conversation:"Man I miss my workout...I know!!!...I actually crave working out....I cant believe it...well if I don't go I will regret it......yeah you don't want to do that....I knooow....well I wonder if i lay here( in bed)and do sit ups, will that count.....you need to get up...where are your shoes....ok my shoes are over there..oh gosh I need to make sure my music is on point, because I need t get through this...ok i am dressed, looking good...haaaay,
ok imma get on here, and I am walking slow....(and it goes on from unmotivated, to a high intensity workout and before you know it I am done! Happy and done!The amazing thing is that I am able to talk myself into doing what I don't like, or want to.. but is good for me.Tell me our minds aren't awesome!
What a powerful thing it would be if we would do that with HALF the things in life, our relationships, finances, or profession...etc.I think that the world would probably be a better place.Everyone would be about doing better regardless of how they feel about it.Who says doing better and maturing is suppose to "feel good, taste good, or look good"When the going gets tough, the tough get going,.....not running away, but get going joggin that mind to remain focus on the mission at hand!
Think of the things we would get accomplished, on time....lol
Think of the many people we would inspire to do the right thing ....Think about how much further in life you or I would be.If only we would have made our minds be changed and do that very thing we are running from doing...We tell ourselves many things to get by.for example...Like 3 years after Peanut was born, I was still carrying a little "baby fat" and not the jeans...I would say,I don't look bad...i just had a baby....lol..... three years later ...are you kidding me??? But we tell ourselves stuuf to make the decisions we make seem ok.Hey I can have this piece of cake, and ice cream....I deserve it.
On a lighter note I have to constantly tell this mind of mine that today ....(yesterday by the time this posts) was / is not Saturday.My mind is having a time comprehending the whole...holiday in the middle of two work days thing.I mean it is like the calendar is playing monkey in the middle with the holidays.

So anyway, I think that my, our mind is one of the most underestimated parts of our body.We tend to focus on the part of the body that is tangible, or that you can "see " functioning.What have you told yourself that you couldn't do?Would never do?Where do you allow your mind to go?What have you adapted your mind to compromise with?What situation or relationship have you allowed your mind to be made up about that is contrary to what you know is right?
Think on these things.....

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