Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas....

Had a Jolly Christmas, as jolly as it can be without Mr.Claus home.We decided to go with a very economical, and responsible Christmas(as usual) but especially this year.Because we have so many many why did I say it like THAT.Because we have more than one to buy for, I am accustomed to buying things early.My favorite is Wally World when they have the discount toy isle.There is where I get started.I buy here and there.So the bulk of the toys that were gonna be bought were already bought.The funny thing is buying them while the children are present.This usually involves the aid of the older children.Grabbing the item, paying for the item, and dashing to the truck.

So what were we gonna do this year for Christmas?Our children have or has had every electronic known to man.If they don;t have it, they don't need it.So I got the brainy idea to do room makeovers this year.It was time.Some people needed beds, they all could use matching comforters, painted walls and the like.We could not see ourselves spending like nuts knowing that some people are homeless and hungry , more so than ever this year.

So operation room make over without them knowing began.The hardest part was getting them to CLEAN THEIR ROOMS.Fred Sanford junior, was the worst.I have never seen a pack rat as young as he.The object was to get them to clan, declutter, so all I had to do was decorate and paint.Simple plan.Well sure enough, the girls was done.It was a bit hairy at times having Gemini depart from her 16 years of hall passes, emo journals, and God knows what else.She thanked me later, stating she would have never decluttered without my help.I mean the child had ONE glove...where was the match?Empty or darn near empty lotion, soap, you name it...

Then there was Allyn.The guy that sat around looking like he was doing the same, only to find out, he stuffed everything in his closet OR made up an excuse as to why he needed the EMPTY fish tank in his room.Or the stereo that does not work, yet he wants to take it apart.

OHHH come on people, don't you know what I am trying to do here..for

Well after shopping, sorting, wrapping etc...Christmas eve got the best of them.They all turned 2 all of a sudden.You know the old adage, if you go to sleep early, Christmas will come.

So you have Gemini freakin out caus she can;t sleep in her bed.Calling the larger of the two couches in the basement.Allyn stokied cause he doesn't have to sleep in his room, and have it be discovered , until its too late that he has not cleaned it.Cerah so excited, sh can't sleep, yet she wants to.Peanut was out first, and the babies....I don't know how they go them to sleep.Although the boy was up pretty late.He ended up holding them hostage with Cailou.

The makeovers were welcomed and best of all, when asked for a list of things they wanted,, Cerah wanted a room make over, and Gemini concurred on her list.Along with a lap top, ANOTHER coach purse, Christian Dior glasses, a laptop, clothes, purses,jewelry, ipod touch, Rant phone, .....the list was massive......yet remains so small and insignificant in her brain...
The makeover is complete(walls need to be finished)Whose idea was it to paint circles on half the wall anyway?I willpost pictures as soon as we are done.
Daddy, we missed you , and as you know the day was NOT the same without you here.Tinkering with training wheels, and eating play food, and loading music, and playing with drum sets, and radios, and turn tables, sitting next to me on the coach chillin as we enjoy them playing with their toys, making the holiday calls, and enjoying the holiday meals.The kids enjoyed everything, especially the makeovers.We love you and miss you, and see another holiday's passing as one day closer to you being home...."See" you New Years!
New Years
Winter Break
Spring????*fingers crossed*
My Birthday...heaaaaaay
Mother's Day...You KNOW what I want and where I go to get it...yep there...
End of School Year...."Schoolz out for Summer!"
Fourth of July
First Day of School
Our Anniversary
And you should be home riiiight about

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