Thursday, December 4, 2008

Soooo, you may be wondering what kept me from updating my blog.I started off posting daily with stories, updates and things that were useless, but funny.Well all I can say s life.While I intended on posting daily,and having a funny daily, I knew in the back of my head that it was not gonna happen.So now that reality has kicked in I will start where I last left off.

One thing I do want to say in recognition of the laughter post is is that we need it, and need to do it often.Laughter makes things better, and ok.I loved the quotes about laughter, and life.What would life be without laughter....?????I do it often, sometimes at others, I crack myself up the most though!

Well my household is coo coo as ever.The babies have rested their argument for bringing their book bags home daily.Now it's a slight shrug of the shoulders, and ,"no...I want to leave my book bag here." Well isn't it funny how when you don't make a big deal out of something, the matter doesn't matter anymore.Don't get tooo happy, because now the argument is about snow boots, mittens and whether a sweater matches an outfit....what the world?(you are 3 years soon to be 4)Daily I have a discussion with Man Man about why he cannot wear those snow boots (that double as astronaut in training boots) with his regular outfits.I cannot allow this dude to be decked out to the nines and then down to the feet, THE MOON WALKER BOOTS....awww come on.....You know how the story ends .....he ends up wearing them to school, and not changing into his regular
Well today, I got him to wear his shoes and carry his MOON WALKER BOOTS.We will see what tomorrow it is promising buckets of snow!
*****Shantelle is still the mother of the .The funniest thing happened the other day, well funny to me.And if you knew Ms.Thang you would lol as well.As you may know she is known for fussin and correcting all the other children in our family, and those that are not a part of the Berrien immediate family.Well during one of her funny moments of telling others how much they don't "run things"/......her little body let out the loudest , air bubble, poot, fart as we call it.It was hilarious because first of all, she does not do that out loud(little lady) , and she was sooo busy getting on them, she was interrupted with the very thing that caused her little self embarrassment.She paused....and looked up, through those bangs(that needed to be cut) ....and tried to hold it in....but with the laughter of others int he room ...she burst out in the most heartiest laugh.It was sooo funny....cute ....and funny.
*****Gemini, is Gemini , not a thing has changed with her.She comes home, eats , sleeps, maybe calls her sisters, eats, does a little homework, naps and snacks, then pretty much sums her day up.UNLESS she has a moment to expound her vast knowledge ooooooof makes it a point to point out a fact about anything we may be discussing as a latest thing was when Cerah was rehearsing the classification...methods I called them...Well Ms.Gemini, HAD to not only give the definition of a method, but submit unto us that, genius, order, etc, etc...was something other than the methods of
*****Cerah is excited about being 12....a pre-teen.She continues to be smitten by this lil cool kid...who shall remain she turned 12 a couple of days before Thanksgiving.I remember giving birth the day before Thanksgiving, during a Texas ice storm, while my husband was deployed to Korea....yeah I have some stories for ya...She is growing up to be such the little lady.We still have to work on some grace.I think when she grows into that body of hers she will be fine...heck she is fine now...she's mine...
She is stoked about trying out for the chorus, and she has a concert soon.She actually made chorus, and auditioned for a solo.The kid has guts...more than I ever had at her age.She is the one that tries everything, and does not care if she fails.....tries again.She is the one that teaches herself to ride a bike, swim, read, and write in cursive....a real go getter!
*****Radiant.....all I have to say is where id Disney NY...really...she needs a show, a stage, lights , camera, action...really...I am
*****Allyn, Eddie Haskell is making his parents proud right now, he is making excellent grades and is behaving in school.Well he has always behaved, but ya know....there is always something...
He is looking forward to something...ohh Christmas....which I am not discussing right now.I need to get that tree up....maybe tomorrow!

Vannell is doing well in Iraq.We have the Internet and web cam, and phone calls, so I will not. we shall not complain....My update pictures are motivating him to loose weight.He has actually.he looks good. He had the chunky persuasion going on for a

I have been hittin the gym hard....harder than ever!I added strength training, and walking longer at a swifter pace.I average 2.5 40 min...I don't know or care if that is "good or not, but it good for someone who was not and did not like to workout.I am loving the energy, the weight loss, and the way I am able to clear my head on that treadmill.I can get on there tired, mad, aggravated etc...but after a good workout, a warm shower....its all good....I love it.It is helping get though the stress , strain, whatevers and what-nots of daily life, and deployment.Emotionally sound....i didn't say I am ok...sometimes it does get hard...when things coming at you all at once, but i know that GOD IS IN CONTROL...and like one of my favorite songs says...His eye is on the i know he is watching over me.If God takes care of the birds,fish, I know he will do the same for us!
So this is a mini recap until tomorrow.I have to update on Thanksgiving, my family coming in, the there if definitely more to come!

Remember:With everything going on in the world today.Breeding fear, hate, uncertainty, we have to find a solid ground to stand on.Solid principles, solid moral convictions, and a solid base for family.People are loosing their minds it seems.Doing things out of fear, and hate and straight up impulse.I thank God for my faith.I always say it...and will continue.It is faith to believe in a God we cannot see, It is faith...I got it...I believe....I see the evidence.But what I will say and continue to say is that , i'd rather believe in God, and his love than anything else.Where is the LOVE today?Where is the PEACE today.I pray daily for peace and that I see God's love daily.It is not easy always.I was QUICKLY humbled today as I had been thinking about having to pay this, and give here, and buy that.....and was quickly reminded how blessed i am.Blessed to have a husband that was alive.Money to be able to pay bills.Cabinets of food, transportation, healthy children etc.Leaving the kids school today, I noticed that a father , whom I thought had deployed to Iraq with Vannell was back.After speaking about the deployment, and he dropped a bomb like....bam...(we were speaking to the teachers about Man Man's attachment issues at home, and how he was ok, at school...etc...) well the Dad went on to say, "well at least your husband is not home for the reason I am home....he went on to say noone should be home for that reason....Well since he had a band aide on his forehead, I assumed he was injured and concurred, he was like...i was not injured...I'll never forget getting that knock on the I assumed the worst, a IEd, a blast whatever...well something just as bad happened...his home on post burned down....nothing was humbled immediately.All I could do is ask him what I could do to help.forgetting about what I need, and want, I had to ask there anything I could do for him....his reply..I am thankful that I have my family....we can't complain..we will take whatever.....And I have the nerve to be in a tizzy about Christmas, and a Winter Ball and the fact that my husband is alive and well.....but in Iraq......NADDA....

ohh Shoot Maam..I always forget about Maam.She would probably say right now...that's ok...just put the old lady in the corner and forget about I do...sometimes.Maam is busy with work etc.Nothing new and or indifferent.With the characters I have here, it is soo easy to forget about her....they offer the comedy relief

Untile we "meet" again!

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