Monday, December 29, 2008

As The Donut Change

So I broke down and got the donut!Not the kind one can consume in about two bites.But the one that it takes at least 12 months to get the case of deployment.You see , me and the donut(most people for that matter) have a love hate relationship with the donut.He tells you like it is at the onset of deployment.Usually it is not welcoming.As time goes by, he raises your level of expectancy, and excitement to the point where you begin to adore him.Ahhhh the donut!

The most memorable thing about him, is his uncouth and sometime blunt way of telling you,"you have a long, long, way to go".....This is what you don't want to see.Soo, what you usually do is check it monthly, and if you belong to a message board, or forum for other donut post your donut status as of the last day of the month.Those rounding the tail end of deployment are usually first to post, in all caps, and neon colors.And not to mention, the cute saying at the bottom......"Leaving on a jet plane"....Arrrh....I ...musn't hate on the person posting their joys of and ending deployment.THEN you have the people that post,"I HATE the donut...Ughhhh when will it change..." is torture, and yet another thing to help us get through a year, or six month, and even fifteen months of separation from loved ones.

What is the donut?

The donut is an excel program created by military members that helped them track their deployment over seas.Along with tracking the time you left, and the "tentative " date to return, the excel program also calculates and gives a pie chart as well as the percentage of time past as well time to go.All this while having whitty sayings at every stage.

Well I happen to be at " Still have a long, long, long time"

Really?Thanks, didn't know that.Rest assured the saying get funnier, and promising as time goes by.As stated before, the one most people like to read it "leaving on a jet plane", and something to the effect of boots on ground.

So while I am hating on the donut right now, I will be cherishing it in a few months.Waiting for the 50% milestone, the saying to change , then RR(I need to get another one for RR specifically)

So tune in to the next time to As The Donut Change...

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Jill AKA busymom said...

I have spent nine deployemnts and one geobachlor tour ignoring such devices as the donut...denial works so much better for me:)bioutsiv