Wednesday, December 17, 2008

As my World Turns With All My Children

So as one can imagine...I am a pretty busy woman.(exhibit A...i wrote this awhile ago,,,why isn't it posted?)One question still remains unanswered concerning our children is, Who is the quiet on?Ok really every family has a quiet one.You know that one where when you are making introductions you might say, "and this is (insert name).....she's our quiet one."....well in our household....we got jipped.We had our sights on Radiant, because when she was a baby she NEVER cried and when she did it was soooo soft, you had to lower the volume on everything and listen intently to see if it were her.So I knew , I hit the jackpot with that one.Her older brother was not even in the running.That boy began talking at an early age and has not stopped since.He may PRETEND to be the quiet one....but I have Eddie Haskell's number...Don't let him fool ya.Then along came Cerah, she always was the first girl, and when her Daddy came home from Korea, he made up for the year he missed of her life.And so that was that.I have been asking this question for a long time.Then we have I really knew she was the quiet one....ROTFLOL......ok, when we brought her home she was a whoppin 6 lbs.I remember having to pad her car seat.She hardly cried, and was always serious...until she saw one of her siblings or her Daddy.But she was not a loud baby.So I had my hopes on her being the quiet one in the household of dramatics...actors and actresses...So yeah...that was until she decided to talk....We thought Shantelle has a speech delay, and when we got her evaluated the lady may as well had said, " you idiots, aint nothing wrong with this girl, she is the baby of the family and yall are saying and doing everything for her, so why else does she need to talk...she can point like she is doing!"But she was sooo nice about it.She observed her, and heard her talk and watched how she interacted with the family, and she said, you know I think she is ok speech wise, maybe you all should wait another year.Maybe you should encourage her to talk and ask for things before one of you get it....well that ended THAT....she has been talking, mothering, and fussing ever since.
Sooo no quiet one....
So the 9 year old has taken up the smart mouth's is the actress of the bunch, and I think she channels one of the characters she sees on Disney, and in turn has to get in trouble for the smart mouth stuff she says.She had a good fit the other she could not take a ride.Well , ok...I understand disappointment, but when I got home, my mother was standing guard over her, and told her to apologize etc....well come to find out Radiant must have thought she was auditioning for the best actress role in a melodrama....maybe it would be called,"Suicidal Rage"...My mother said for minutes this chick rolled on the floor, yelled, screamed all kinds of crazy stuff, and rolled some more, she went there with the I hate yous and all.So much to the point she scared the little...and you know NOTHING scares them...well most things.Needless to say, I didn't have much to do but accept her apology for something I was not aware of happening, but its good for her nerves anyway....And then after ALL that, she settled down and guessed started humming and sucking her fingers...what the world?!

I swear Man man and Mouse think they are teenagers.They want to stay up with them, eat with them, speak like them, etc.I must admit, to be so young , they can hold their own.For the most part.

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