Friday, December 12, 2008

Thank God it's Friday!

This week has been an emotionally draining week.Not in a bad way, or emotionally Debbie Downer way, just a week where I REALLY had to think, and reason, and day this week, I didn't get to sleep til about three, only to have to wake up at five.For no apparent reason, just surfing the net, playing games, then watching tv.I am the type that once I pass the 1:00 hr. I can stay up all night.Yeah, so it's FRIDAY!!! I get to sleep in tomorrow...if I choose.I know I am gonna go work out, but not sure what else after that.Same thing for tonight.

VanTelle had a bout of the poops and sore throats this week, so they did not go to school twice this week.They are home today.It is amazing how quickly they and you as well can adjust to a new schedule.
Those two are still as comical as ever...and busy as ever.The newest thing with Vannell is upon bedtime, naptime, or anything related to sleep....he is hungry.He could have just eaten something....don't matter.He wants a snack, a bar, a cookie...and my favorite...milk....but not the white one, the red one...(Kool Aid).So lastnight, I layed them down, and told them good night etc....and he was off..the whining, and crying, and I had an idea...ok...are you hungry, go get carrots...NOOOOOOOO! was like well get some cheese, or salad....Nooooo! was his that didn't take long to difuse..But then he took on a new form of expressing displeasure....yelling to the top of his lungs.Great!Iyts Thursday, and I am tired, sore from working out, and just somply annoyed....and now he wants to start.Did I mention all this took place while in MY bed....again.So needless to say, he was kicked out and put in his room, in a matter of seconds.

Wow...right now they are taking delight and joy in smellng eachother's under arms as well as Radiant'"I smell goooood!".....I washed up all by myself" says Shantelle.Now the voice of reason, for once...Radiant just said," ok guys we dont have to annouce it.

So yeah this week we had sore throats,diarhea, and a teething baby....yaaaaaay!

Did I mention the snow???????
Oh my family came in for Thanksgiving and they REALLY wanted it to snow.Well it did, and they go to play in the snow...and it snowed the next day, and the next, and even the next.All the way until the day they left(the Monday after Thanksgiving)Well a week later, I had to call them and have to retract their request to God for snow.It has not stopped snowing since they left.We get a break ...minor, but a small break here or there....but for the most part daily, even if its a dusting, we got that makes for sloshy treks to school and back.Shoveling,and just plain ole...ugh....why?I really am wondering who it was that thought it was funny and or acceptable to assign us to Fort Drum after Hawaii....not funny.I must admit though, I am past the complaining part and have adapted to the snow, the cold, and the deployments.It is what it is, complaining does nothing but make all of the above drag on, and appear worse than they really are.

So yeah...its Friday, and I intend to enjoy the rest of my day, as I have the begining of my day!
Looking forward to my workout, and coming back home and chillin out.It's gonna be one of them pepsi,a good movie or book, warm pj's and a sensible snack.....Nothing more, and nothing less.

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