Wednesday, December 17, 2008

23 to Life.....................

Ahhhh I bet you think I am talking about a sentence someone got for a crime am talking about I am 23 lbs away from my first weight loss goal! I am giving time to get these final 23 lbs off...and I am living now, and will continue to have life and have it more abundantly. There is NOTHING like setting a goal and achieving it.When I started this journey, I was 205 lbs....I was still reppin the big girls, lookin cute and maintainin' my sexy, but um....I was not healthy...I felt it.fatigue, shortness of breath, and fueling my body with empty carbs and sugar....and just as sedentary as I wanted to When I started this journey, it was a dare...I always get to a certain point and quit.Whether it is a dress size( I surpassed it), or a poundage on the scale(surpassed it)...but this time, I told myself I HAD to do it...and finish it...for me....for my health.I take care of sooo many people, and am there for many more...and I need to be a better , healthier person for me, and others will reap the benefit for it as well. I remember preparing for a message on day, and I was struck by a thought, I am encouraging others to get over their fears, and inhabitions, and overcome through discipline lifestyles and things that besets them from achieving what they want in life.And as clear as day I heard," but you don't do it yourself...."I thought, how am I gonna say that, and I don't want to tackle this FAT demon....oh what a you, it may be lieing, or stealing, or procrastination, but for me, it was the snackin on junk, sugar is my friend, fried foods oh my,I ain't exercising let alone liking it so leave me alone...FAT DEMON!So I challenged myself to set a goal(the same one I have had for years...and meet it....regardless...) So now I am months later, a smaller portion eating, sensible snacker, exercising daily...and loving it....HEALTH It has become a part of who I am now.When I don't workout, I miss it.When I miss a day, I actually make it up, and or work harder the next in the world...Its all good though. I have not concentrated on the scale...because I can become obsessed.I have not obsessed on dress sizes, because I know that size is up to to the interpretation of the designer....So I focus on how healthy I feel.The energy I have, and the power to endure. Right now I am mad at the treadmill because I have upped my workout, and my legs are aching a good ache know?Its telling me....I'm are working and making a difference... So I encourage ANYONE reading this blog....don't give up on any goal.Start small...challenge yourself, and keep on keepin on. So yeah I have sentenced myself to 23 to Life....Life as I knew it before has changed.23lbs to a met goal.23 lbs to even more confidence in knowing I can do what I set my mind to.23lbs farther away from horrible diseases...23lbs lighter in order to LIVE*LAUGH*LOVE.

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