Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Let It Snow...Let It Snow....Let It Snow....

Sooooo it seems that the snow will not end.The Farmer's Almanac has predicted that this was gonna be a snowy winter.Winter has not even gotten here yet, and it has been ALOT of snow!It all started about a week ....well no the week of Halloween...and has not stopped since.
I had family coming in for Thanksgiving,with great anticipation of snow, they were excited to come and visit Northern New York.They are from Miami, the place where snow is not an issue.People in Miami buy boots, for fashion.I remember growing up and having boots on with jeans and a shirt, in the middle of 80 degree weather.The winters there are VERY mild, and usually, a day where it gets down to 50, calls for long johns and a coat.Not a thick coat though, we don't have them down there.
That reminds me of when we first arrived here, and I was preparing my children for the "harsh" winter months.I very proudly went out and bought the light, fashion boots that I was accustomed to in Miami, and one pair of fleece gloves.I was set.They had a coat...( I knew to get a thick one) and their fashion boots...and A PAIR...of fleece gloves.Well my neighbors and friends that had been in snow, and experience specifically the snow here in NNY...laughed at me for weeks, days, and we still laugh about it.First of all, the fashion boots do no good for their feet in sub zero weather.I was so proud though.But naww we had to save them for the milder winder days.Then it was the issue of the gloves pair per child...including the infants...My friend had to school on the fact that gloves go to the same place socks go to....and never return.And as a result of that it is always wise to have a few pairs of hats and gloves for the children.
How quickly I learned that one has to be more than prepared in this winter.I am usually armed with a shovel, brush, and de-icer for my vehicle, and I have several cubbies and closets full of hats, coats and mittens.Mainly for the younger children.
Something has to be said about the teen-agers and their need to be fashionable over warm.It is very common to see these kids walking around here with no gloves and sometimes no hat.All for fashion...HA....I don't think so!
.........................So yeah ...back to my family.....they actually prayed for snow and a white Thanksgiving...they got it....alot..even up to the day they left.SNOW!...Now my issue with this has not stopped snowing since.I made a call to my people, and told really can stop praying for snow now....we got it...we have ALOT of it here, and it looks as if it will not end.AND it is not officially winter yet????
Two hour delay today, and a winter warning tonight, and another one til Saturday night.This has been the pattern.We may have had one day off, but it remain steady..whether light or lake effect, it has been coming down.
Well somewhere in the cycle of life some farmer, animal, someone somewhere is happy, because the snow is helping them and their way of the Bible talks about seasons and times, I am reminded that this is a season in the four season rotation.We live in a climate that has all four seasons...which I love....and as things are dying, and hibernating,and hunkering day , they snow will melt, the sun will shine BRIGHTLY, and we will hear the birds begin to chirp,and the signs of Spring will appear.So as much as I would love to join in the complaining brigade..I choose to enjoy the snow.I have learned to enjoy the silence of the falling snow on a cold winter's night(it is a very eerie sound to hear...when you look out your door, and see snow for days, but hear no sound),I pause for the little bunnies, and what nots that I see in the back yard, and I am still amazed at the sight of the Northern Lights that sometimes are displayed here....awesome!
So just as sure as my name is Melissa, and as the Earth remains, the seasons will come and go, some longer than others, some milder than others, but in the end it will accomplish what it was suppose to.When you complain about it, it seems longer and harsher, when you embrace it and ride it out, Life doesn't seem so bad!


vannell said...

HI Missy... this is my first time leaving a comment on your blog... I am so excited when I get one of your blogs they are entertaining and funny and well...I can see my family through the updates.... I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU I hate that i'm missing the snow and the opportunity to play with my kids.... I am glad they are enjoying thier experience with old man winter..... Talk to yall later...kisses

your husband


Jill AKA busymom said...

Well Miss..I am from Western NY, Buffalo to be exact and I could have told you before you left SUNNY HAWAII that you were going to need more than boots that made a fashion statement and light sassy