Sunday, October 26, 2008

Technically Thankful

You know your spouse is deployed are on our way to take a shower, and you run back to make sure All computers are on.Instant messaging settings on, volume high, and a status message that is personalized to your loved one.(not caring who reads it and what they think)Afterwards, you run and grab cell phone as well as the house phone.
It is amazing how you go from loosing your cell phone daily, not caring whether the house phones were charged, and being invisible on yahoo to sleeping with every form of telecommunication, and leaving yahoo on 24/7
I am very thankful to yahoo, micro-soft, Time Warner Cable and the likes.I have been through several deployments, and as the years go by, the advancements in technology have been remarkable.I remember in 1995 when he left for Korea, all we had was a house phone and a phone card.We learned REAL quick that collect calls from Korea is not the way to go.So we got phone cards.This allowed us to talk daily, or whenever we could get cards.We were not fortunate or rich enough back then to have a computer, and the option to im was not there.Now we are cooking with grease with a several desk tops and three lap tops...(should O mention that out loud?)lemme had happen was.....ok dh(dear husband) and I are both computer savvy, and like our own computer space.So we both had desk tops.Well he has a lap top...or two and I have min.So now we have one for most rooms in the house....sick?! I like to think of it as placement therapy
12 years later, we have been involved(involuntarily) with the testing of computers and their peripherals.The best advancement so far has to be the web cam.This has allowed us to stay connected and see each other like nothing else.It is awesome for Dad to see his babies walk for the first time, although he is in another time zone, many miles away.Sometimes we would have Daddy leave the cam on, and it was / comforting just to watch him sleep.Christmas via web cam, kissing via web cam...hilarious. My favorite...which is bound to happen...discipline via web cam!
So I want to take the time to say thanks to Logitech, micro-soft, and the likes!Cordless phones...a God send!
So this season, my life as I knew it has changed.Going from loosing my cell phone just about daily,using yahoo sparingly, and sleeping with nothing but my husband to.....being attached to the hip with my phones...and having yahoo on BLAST throughout the house!
What I failed to mention is that is a feeble attempt to perhaps sway the technical vibes to your loved one, you insist on being attached to the hip with these things, as well as spending most of your down time in front of the computer...knowing at any moment they are coming online.Regardless if you KNOW that they are sleeping or

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Cookie said...

yes because im not used to being able to get on the CPU and know my cousin is there in stead of having the away or busy message on!!!!