Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Snow's all in how you view it...whatchu gonna do wit it?

O.K. So I woke up this morning, very happy to see that there was a 2hr delay.This meant that at least one daycare child would not come, and one (my Baby Sarah) would be late.I LOVE to sleep in.The rest was a toss up.I don't know how I made it in this field this long .I am not an early morning person.I do not listen well in the am as well....One can say that I don't really kick in till about 10:00am.It is so bad that I will have to ask people what they said to me once I downloaded the conversation at a decent hour....decent meaning about 1:00.I do my best work in the evening though...(get your mind out da gutta!)If my life could be ran as it is during the day, but at night , it would be great.For me...I don't think it would be beneficial for my daycare parents
So , we get a two hour delay.Which means life goes on, just two hours later.How nice.I guess the delay is for the DPW workers.In order to ensure the roads are clean and safe.Also, it allows the powers that be to observe weather conditions , seeing what effect it may have on the commute of students, and the general public.So, you, I, we,and them...(children) wait....sleeping, lightly, but never the less sleep, waiting to see if the status will change from 2 hr delay to cancellation of school!In my home, as soon as the 2 hr delay is made, bets are started on the cancellation.Heck we place soon as summer seems to be over.(note to my Christian bro and Sis: not literal bets...:>) on when the first snow will come and various weather related predictions.
Does life give us two hour delays?Are there times where you know you have to be somewhere, or do something, but for some reason it gets put on hold.A new turn in life, a decision that needs to be made, or a quest that needs to be conquered. Is the hold to prepare the way for you?Or is it for observation, protection for you, in order to insure your safety while on the journey?In the book of Daniel, the Bible gives an account of a story when Daniel prayed to God.He did not get an answer .After a long wait, he had a visit from an angel of the Lord, which announced, "your words were heard...the first time"The angel went on to say that Daniel's prayers were heard even though he did not get an answer or a manifestation of the prayers.He went on to say that he would have had an answer, but there was a "war" or fight going on between good and evil, as it relates to Daniel's prayer.In essence a delay is not a denial!
Do we enjoy 2 hr adults ....NO!We want what we want, when we think we ought to have it!!Even as adults, we have 2 yo
Once the 2 hr delays turn into a total cancellation, the kids are elated.Why????They will, nine times out of ten, have school the next day!So why the heck are they happy.....SLEEP IN!!!!Well I know these lazy bums...I mean darling little angels over here, love the cancellations so they can sleep in.Depending on the age, the next thing is to play in the snow!So the are excited about the cancellation for rest, and recreation!!!!!!!!!WOW!I should learn from them.The Teenagers have the plan, sleep in, eat, eat again, and sleep !I tell you, when God denies me what I think I should have, I get UPSET!I get over it, but I am still human.Should we be so trusting in the system, or our Heavenly Father that when he announces, cancellations, we are excited, because we know it is for our good!
The thing is , when the cancellation is announced, usually, the weather does not look like it is that bad.The environment usually does not look hazardous to the point where the buses can't travel, and that one should stay off the roads.Ohhhh but when the reports start coming in....I prefer, are you thankful, once the video, pictures and reports start coming in..Cars in embankments, power outages, and the like.So just because MY immediate area is not effected, does not mean the community as a whole is able to handle the commute and demands of a regularly scheduled day! could it be that when we get a cancellation in life, that God KNOWS EVERYTHING and EVERYONE involved in making our way prosperous!!!

So I think we/ I need to take a note from kids.When life hands us a 2 hr at peace...sleep...knowing either destiny is yours in 2 hours our in 2 hrs you may get a cancellation!And when you get that cancellation...sleep in....and play!The reason why the cancellation was made is sure to come...if you are looking for it.Have fun in the process.......
Like Playskool...Play *Laugh*Grow
The videos above are from a date Vannell and I were on in Rochester, at the STRONG MUSEUM of PLAY. we had a blast! Playing in a television studio.We made cooking shows.It had to be one of the best dates we've ever been on!The funniest thing was to see how people looked at us...looking for our children....that were not there!We were the kids that day!
visit it's well worth the commute and the money!

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