Thursday, October 30, 2008

As The World is Bold and Beautiful with All My Children who are Young and Restless

Not bad for someone who does not watch soaps..But I do hold down a couple...ok a few reality tv shows, and talk shows...well a variety of shows..I like tv..(some) I escape for me.Not in a deep sense though, just relaxing ME!
Life in a large family is fun, exciting, challenging, compromising , and NEVER a dull moment !With the gang I have over here, I am constantly wondering,"who is the quiet one?"I know who can be quiet,as a means of control*wink*, I know who has a Eddie Haskell kind of vibe, making people think he's quiet(yet full of Dennis the Menace),I know who is quiet, in spirit..only because she in I deep thought(soon to ask a random question or make a random statement...random to the rest of the world), and God help us all if the last anonymous lil darlings are quiet.Stop EVERYTHING...where are they and what are they into???? We'd make a funny, interesting and at time controversial tv show.keeping up with the B&**&^%, or Life with the B&^%%$, or the Flavor of B&^^%$*'s, more...Survivor...oh they have that one...ok....The Utter Truth.
I often compare me/my life in humor and humility, as well as exhaustion as that of a cow getting milked.Once my day takes off one person after another requires , demands or requests my attention...for something.On most days, it is ok...and even a blessing...ok ALL days it's a blessing.I don't know I'd do without them.The Bible speaks of a woman in her home, and the roles she plays in it.But when I am already tired and have to offer , yet another utter to some one else...I am like come cows milk dry up?I am sure the nipples get agitated...If I had a cows costume I'd wear it most That would be funny.Greeting Carrie at the door...."moooo....What do you need today?"as I hand her my utter.This would be required, while I am wearing the costume, in order to hear her , or anyone else's request.
Does anyone every ask the cow if she wants to get milked?Fat chance is there to provide a service and dog gone we need milk!
Then there's the kids ALLLLLLLL day never ends.And when you have an average 9 kids in the house at times during the day, I need a cow's costume with like 20 utters."Can I have a snack?", "What's for dinner?", "Did Uncle V call?", "Can I go?", "Can I come?"," Can you fax this ?", Buzzzz(that's the im), "you've got mail"...(text), name a few.About the 6 o'clock...I am done, spent.But guess what, like the energizer bunny,or cow, I have to keep on going...dinner, homework, baths, etc.
To their credit, we have raised them to be pretty self sufficient, so they know what to do, just don't always do it.
Well being that this is the first week since the deployment I guess I am still getting adjusted...huh?
On most days it's all good.I can keep up, especially since I have formed a bond with the treadmill...on which I am suppose to be on now. But today, I seemed to be drained.I really am not doing anything outta the ordinary from when Vannell is here,but I am tired.I need a long vacation, but I want to get paid.Hmmmmmmm think I can get cloned?Gosh the thought of two of me' thanks.I look forward to the holidays where I will be getting rest, and lots of it. So today my thoughts are random and coming from the heart of Beef! Random cuts....
If you were running or president, what would they find out about you? What s it about a warm shower that refreshes you? How many days till we vote...sheesh? You mean no more snow ? yep...random, as ever....... Would it matter if I skip my workout....nope don't want to do that! Isn't it strange / cool when lil tots repeat what they think you said they miss say the tense, Mouse was singing the scale today,"do, re, you, faaaaaaa" cute How many calories have I burned typing? I wonder when the next snow fall will be? Do kids have have a mommy time radar?That goes off when they sense you are having some down time. If a soda was left in the woods from camping and explodes in the winter from the cold, does it make a sound?...leave a stain in the snow? If train a is leaving the station at 3:00............................
note:If you are among the wonderful milkers...don't mind me..keep milkin' know I love ya!Milk keeps ya body healthy and strong, and as long as my utters let out milk....keep on expressing ....just take it easy on the nipples sometimes.

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Gurl, I LUV ur bloggin. U keep on doin what you doin....U no u will have a loyal following!!

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