Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rain, Rain go away....

Do we really want the rain to go away?I think not , when we think of the benefits of rain.Many people n this area depend on the rain.The problem for them seems to be that the rain has come "out of season".Here in NNY we are surrounded by many farmers, and those that make a living with livestock, cattle and the like.This crop/ harvest season as a doozey for many, if not all our local farmers.This summer yielded little rain, and the results were no crops or very poor quality result.I remember the summers past where there were fruit/ vegetable stands on every corner. farm and empty lot.This year the were very sparse, and if you were lucky enough to stumble upon one, the product was either less than satisfactory or none at all.So while were were basking in what would be fall like weather for the rest of the country , over the summer, the farmers and their families have suffered.
So it makes me wonder what do they think of all this rain we are getting now?Do they think..."sheesh....now you come."Or is a welcome sign that winter is on its way, and encourages them to make preparation for a NEW harvest.Letting all that has and will die, die, and preparing the ground for what is to come in the new season.I would think that the answer would be directly related to their attitude.
What do we do when something that we need and or want does not come when we want it to.When it decides to come, it is in abundance, and we feel like we don't need it now.how can the rain/snow season be effective for the farmers.Well here in the North country, I would imagine, that the sooner we can get the ground tilled and prepared for winter, when spring comes around...it's planting season.But if they remain discouraged because of the lack of rain, and the results it produced, then I think it will cause them to procrastinate on the job at hand.Keep on keeping on!
The book of Ecclesiastes is a more notable book in the Bible that speaks about seasons in life.To every thing there is a season and a purpose for it under the heavens.So for those of us that believe the Word of God is true, then we should be encouraged when new seasons in our lives are being manifested.I believe that God has ordained everything in my life to happen, I just have to be in the right place, and do my part.Sometimes my part is not lived up to, or even completed!The good thing about God, is that he is a God of change...yet he remains the same!Oxymoron , I know!I cannot tell you how much God seemed to have changed HIS or my plans midway, or added a twist or turn there.My relationship at times with God has been and is like a fun roller coaster!Just when I thought it was over...he said...."one more time around!" All I could do was raise my hands in submission and excitement and enjoy the ride!In the natural, I am not a roller coaster rider...at all.I do not understand the excitement about being scared, unsure etc.But in Christ, I think it is awesome, and scary when he takes us on these rides.
So, for those of us here in NNY wondering where the rain is coming from.And when the snow will fall(supposedly today)I say, enjoy the ride!Let what needs to die in your life die.Do this is preparation for a new harvest of God's peace, love, joy,and happiness!
To everything there is a season and a purpose for heaven....even the season you and I find ourselves in.

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