Thursday, April 21, 2011

I'm availaable...IF you need me....even though I KNOW you NEED me.

So, I was talking to my husband today....not really a good thing on just about no sleep, coupled with the social, personal, and educational responsibilities that keep me going like a plane on auto pilot.Anyone that knows me knows I am a night owl. but I tend to take that term to the enth in hardly no sleep.
My theory is that so much can and should be done at night!!!
Banking, Christmas shopping, school...everything should be available at night...once my kids go to sleep....ALL of THEM....even "a Jenae" as she refers to herself; when people ask how many children I have...I respond five kids and she says...."and a Jenae"
The thing is... I am available to so many people throughout the day, that by the time, I'm not needed or's pretty late....Now of course I can and do make myself available, but not with action.Meaning I am available...but I'm not interested and am not going to watch you jump on one foot while singing the latest show tune you made up, or listen to one more story that leads into another, or look and this, fix that, sign this and taste...or smell THAT!!!

That leaves me motionless...BUT I'm available....THAT makes me feel good...:)

Like when I put on my earbuds ...blast smooth jazz and leave my door open for kids to come in, looking up, smiling and nodding....unaware of their real needs...uninterested for the most part.Unfortunately...the person...usually the youngest and his sister the drama queen......gets my attention enough to where I take ACTION and remove my earbuds...and lend my full attention. back to my first though....availability, conversation with husband....LOL....I'm focused...I'm focused!
So God commands his people to : Go, prove,seek, test. try, study, pray and a whole list of other VERBS that require action and a position of action in one state or another.
For some reason, many people have the notion that we are to be available...and they leave it right there..." I'm available Lord", " Use me lord...I'm here" are a few thing we hear all the time.
The truth is...God is waiting on Go, teach, tell, serve, pray, DO...DO....DO!!!!
This takes us from the first position...that mirrors what I described above..... but effective am I when I KNOW they not only need me to be available...but to meet a need or want.

As I type this, losing my train of thought...( 2 hrs of sleep will do that )..Contacts dry...just got finish teaching a ZUMBA class...tending too the kids, putting air in the tire,praying for my husband, finding the universal remote...and losing the codes paper, listening to Allyn tell me about..something....Allowing the Wii to be more game....and getting a peek a boo like " Hi Mommy " from Radiant..Cerah asking to hang out in my room, telling her no, then feeling bad...ALL in the last hr...I want to challenge you to not only be available...but get into action...for your family, friends, community, and most importantly God.
Someone needs to hear/read this and at the least...this is my space in cyber space I get to yap on as much as I like....:)
Saying you're available sounds real good...and looks good on paper...BUT what are you doing to make a difference in ONE person's life...that you KNOW has a need...or a want?

DISCLAIMER: Let's not over complicate this and super size it spiritually..(McDonalds fries on the brain....I passed them up today...I miss those things...)..This may simple mean,,helping a neighbor, calling a friend, writing a letter,, giving someone money or just's the little things you do to show how much you care...and it's the little tings that shine the most

I've always been mindful to look for opportunities to be a blessing to someone else.NOT that it always happens...but for the most part..I am VERY mindful and take is a thankless position to be in...with MAN...but I know where my reward is
So folks....Yes, I'm THAT lady in the store that butts into your conversation to answer your questions like, "where's the bathroom, or how does this look...and I've even settled marital tits in stores..(Let him get the IPAD....I got works well!!!.....LOL...yes...THAT"S ME"-As the old folks use to say, I never meet a stranger....


Melissa said...

The typos here and there are ridiculous..I am straining my eyes...oh well.....I know I can spell...LOL...besides ...I can't see at this world!

thekingpin68 said...

Hello, Melissa

I like the humour with your blog.

Blessings to you and family.