Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Wednesday.....With Jesus, you're over the hump!!!

Wednesday are called hump day, old people are stereotyped by a hump, camels are known for their humps and unfortunately nothing too positive is associated with a hump... even a day of the week.Wednesday, "hump day" is what most Americans call this day of the week that is after Monday and Tuesday...hmm What makes Wednesday so different???
Wednesday is treated like that one piece of chocolate in the box with the pink mystery filling, or the sock that is left over from laundry; tossed from room to room on any given day, at any given moment.Wednesday is tolerated like THAT one friend that has jokes that no one understands, or Chemistry JCC...and its labs.... Poor Wednesday.....sheesh.....people are conditioned to regret Monday's, accept Tuesdays, and struggle through Wednesday.Well, I have a different mindset about Wednesday, everyday for that matter!Wednesday is another day on this earth, to love, to live and to share Christ with my life!!!
Taking into account that we all have days or moments where we just don't feel like it, or as I say," don't feel like being bothered."These are days when my husband proclaims in a questionable tone," yall better leave your Momma alone now...LOL"( yes, he laughs in the end...hence me questioning his intent...LOL).
OK!!! Back on subject!!
Except the days that just aren't filled with emotional fireworks, Skittles, smiley faces,Jesus t-shirts and armbands, why would we set ourselves up on Tuesday to have a mindset of defeat on Wednesday?Life offers unforeseen challenges, disappointments and struggles, so why do people choose to place themselves in position that is inferior....hump?
To be in a hump, or humped over is not a posture of superiority, and to approach Wednesday with the mindset of "humping" through the day, is emotional defeat; before the day begins!!!People just kind of get through Wednesday...instead of TGIW or HAPPY WEDNESDAY, or even planning parties on encourage people to see the days of the week differently-
The mind is a terrible thing to waste,and is also a route to your spirit.So if we say Wednesday is hump day, instead of " (Wednesday) is the day that the Lord has made, I WILL rejoice and be glad in it"Psalms 118:24, then we are setting ourselves up for defeat.It's like someone determined to be mad, you know that person!I was that person from time to time....the grudge holder....silent treatment!Why are we giving Wednesday the silent treatment?Wednesday does not stand a chance to be a good day in many people's lives, because of the preconceived notion of " humping through the day."

I challenge you, like a good round of wrestling, to see your days on this earth differently.Rejoice in life, and the fact that you are living!Even if life is not what you want it to be, perhaps if you change your mindset about the simplest things, such as the days of the week, you might be inspired to change! With Jesus, life is not without struggle, but with him, we've already won.So if that's the case, we have no humps to get why give ourselves one???
So while America is wishing people well on their "hump day" I am happy it's Wednesday!!!As I type this, I am watching classic Sesame Street with my youngest and oldest sons.Guess which one is humming along with the music?Life is not perfect, but I am full of joy and peace...and choose to love all the days of the week.....:)


mamad83 said...

This is great.... And tell Allen to get a hobby... lol or at least teach the little one the words of the songs. lol .... Love yas

mamad83 said...

my bad.. Allyn

watchgolfonline said...

Love it! I won't look at Wednesday any other way then another opportunity to live laugh and love....thanks baby!